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Munakata 2020?

He’s got my vote.

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in lsw, fushimi looks up mikoto after the fire bottle incident and it said the ones that can't handle the red king's flames die. is that just internet lies, or is there actually some truth in there? and if it's true, how does homra feel about it?

I’ve always kinda wondered about this one, actually. In MOR I think it was mentioned as well, that anyone who can’t pass Mikoto’s test gets burned into ashes, but is there any proof of that ever actually happening? Considering in R:B there’s a thing with random Homra members doing what they like without Mikoto’s order and presumably having little respect for him it seems like just about anybody can get Mikoto’s power. Maybe the whole thing really is just a rumor, cooked up by Mikoto, Totsuka and Kusanagi to be sure that people don’t just try to join Homra to get awesome fire powers, they have to be willing to risk their lives to get it. (If it wasn’t a rumor though imagine poor Kusanagi’s face the first time Mikoto immolates someone in his bar. Friends help you move, real friends help you sweep up the ashes and cover up all traces of the guy you technically just murdered.)