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the historicity of queerness in black sails, pt. 1

Hello, Tumblr! Let’s talk about pirates, queer stuff, and historical accuracy

There’s been renewed talk in certain spaces this week about queer narratives in historical drama. This has been spurred almost entirely by the series finale of Black Sails, which made the (distressingly) controversial decision to end its four-year run by giving its queer protagonists a largely happy ending.

If any show currently airing was going to take such a leap, it was always going to be Black Sails, which from the outset possessed a keen interest in exploring queer narratives. This was seen–correctly–as being something almost unheard of among historical dramas: a genre whose queer characters, if any, are relegated to the status of minor character or tragic subplot. But why is this, and why did Black Sails provoke some ire for heading in the opposite direction? There is an easy answer; an assumption lurking in the undertow of many an irate Facebook or Reddit comment: queer people in the 18th century didn’t get happy endings, did they?

This is part of a bigger question: There were no gay people then, right? In other words, characters can’t be openly gay in the show, because they killed men for that, didn’t they, and isn’t this supposed to be a ‘historical’ drama? So: how accurate is the queerness in Black Sails? Let’s take a look at some history.

Trigger warning for discussions of period-typical homophobia and a brief mention of rape. 

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What's it's like to be a YouTuber.

Internet: So you’re gay right?
YouTuber: Here’s an entire video on how I’m not gay.
Internet: So you’re gay you just don’t know it?
YouTuber: I’m not gay please stop shipping me with my friends.
Internet: *throws 500 page fan fiction with extremely graphic homosexual scenes*
YouTuber: … but… but I’m not….

YOU KNOW WHAT I LIKE??? The fact that in YOI, the whole concept of being “gay” is like, not a thing. There’s just love, everyone accepts everything, there’s not a term for a female that likes females and males that likes males, there’s just love. Honestly that scene with phichit made me so happy and the pair skating askdflk I want to live in that universe… heavy gay sighing

Also because I’m trash I’ll bring up the fact that this reminded me of Homestuck.

There was a point that Karkat pointed out that trolls didn’t have a word for different orientations and that it was dumb how humans did and asked how are supposed they keep track of everything if everything had a label considering that the only thing trolls had as categorization was very loosely defined as “best friends” (moirails), “lovers” (matesprit), “enemies” (kismesis) but even then, this was considered a fairly intimate thing to initiate, and “enemies + mediator” (auspistice). 

There wasn’t much point to this, just kinda pointing it out but yeah. This little parallel made me really happy. 

▪ Rolling Stone Remembers Heath Ledger on his Birthday (4 April 2015) on Instagram.

@rollingstone: https://instagram.com/p/1DcSm2NK3t/

#HeathLedger would have turned 36 today. “Look, I’ve experienced love,“ he said of his sex scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Brokeback Mountain.’ "I know how to love a woman — and I’ve been in love with many women, and I am in love with the most beautiful woman right now – so I know the extent of love. I guess you’d love for me to say that it was difficult, that I wanted to vomit. But the straight fact is, it was just another person. Now, by no means do I wanna fuck him, we’re both very straight and sensible. It wasn’t like Ang [Lee] said, 'OK, guys, just have fun with it — roll camera!’ We had to choreograph, it was definitely like walking on the moon for the first time. But it wasn’t…the butt of a mule: I was kissing a human being with a soul. And part of the magic of acting is, you harness the infinite power of belief. Because if for a second we stopped believing, and looked into Heath and Jake’s eyes, it would have been, 'Oh, God. OK. Hmm. This is…”

From the March 23rd, 2006 issue of @RollingStone.

Photography by Carlo Allegri.

Okay, listen up fellas:

Ian’s heterosexual (horror) scene last night was 1 minute and 2 seconds.

Ian’s longest homosexual scene (that made it to the final cut) was in 3x06, lasting the impressive amount of 12 seconds. 

While the deleted scene made it to the incredible result of 20 seconds. But, of course, that was definitely too much, so it was deleted.

Wanna hear other funny numbers?

Mickey’s longest sex scene was 48 seconds with a woman he didn’t know, and his rape scene was 32 seconds.

So I propose that, in the occasion of Mickey’s return, we demand that the writers and the directors and John fucking Wells give both Ian and Mickey a real, loving sex scene that they both enjoy, like they gave to basically every other straight character in the show, that lasts at least as much as Ian’s terrible het sex, instead of giving us another fucking joke. 

And I will personally flip the fucking internet if someone tells me that homosexual sex is “harder to fake” on camera. 

If this blog is inactive after this, you should know my very conservative aunt looked Black Butler up today.

I’m dead.




“Christian anime reviews”

“Significant objectionable content”

“There are 148 curse words in this anime”

“There is crossdressing”

I wonder if one of the instances of “Blatant homosexuality” includes the corset scene?

“You do care a little for me, I know… but nothing to speak of, and you don’t love me. I was yours once till death if you’d cared to keep me, but I’m someone else’s now… and he’s mine in a way that shocks you, but why don’t you stop being shocked, and attend to your own happiness.” ― E.M. Forster, Maurice

when i was little i didn’t know gay people were a thing which is ironic bc my sister is super fucking gay but i like didnt know that was a possibility but my first introduction to homosexuality was that one scene in naruto where sasuke and naruto accidentally kiss and then finding out my older sister shipped them. i didnt even know that was a thing that could happen it was magical. i found out about the gays because of my fucking sister’s weeb phase and i hate my life