You know what bothers the fuck out of me?

When I tell people I ship Bucky and Steve, I get varied reactions. But when ever I get a negative reaction, they always have the reasoning of, “It’s not like that.” Well, why the hell not? I am the first person to say forced representation sucks, but they’re is no forcing them together. Steve is incredibly over protective of Bucky, and Bucky of Steve, and all Steve had to do to pause a brainwashed, broken, and rewired Bucky was say his name. “But not in a gay way.” Again, why the hell not? Sure they could be really good friends, but (and here we get to the part that REALLY GETS ME RILED) we ALL know, if one of them was a girl, the majority opinion would be COMPLETELY FUCKING DIFFERENT! So because it’s gay, it’s suddenly not okay, amd girls can’t have guy friends because that’s just “not the way it works.” WHY CAN’T WE CHANGE THAT?

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A little callout for parents out there

Your child knows themself better than you do

Do not ever deny your child if they’re saying something about their mental state, sexuality, gender, or whatever.

Yes, they are your child. They will be forever. They love you, love them back, for who they are.

You might have given them your genes for their physical form, but you did not programmed their mind.

And the mind always wins

Okay, two things

Friendly reminder that Rick Riordan didn’t make Apollo bisexual. Apollo has been bisexual since literally forever

Now, can we please appreciate the fact that Rick Riordan took Apollo, a bisexual god, and wrote a book in which he’s the main character? And wrote him openly bisexual through the entire book instead of just ignoring it or mentioning just once?

Can we, please, appreciate the fact that there are so many people who are not going to buy this awesome book just because there’s a bisexual main character and two boys dating?

Can we appreciate what a gift to us Rick Riordan is?

And, please, if you can, buy the book. Because there are so many homophobes and biphobes who won’t. Please support the book and the author if you can

Also, it’s an awesome book, why wouldn’t you want it?

Edit: Someone added the name on the book on their reblog and a couple of people asked so I’m just gonna say it here for the ones who want to know. The name of the book is The Hidden Oracle and it’s the first one in a series of 5 (I think), called Trials of Apollo

Un-friendly reminder that Ted Cruz supports and is supported by Pastor Kevin Swanson, who has openly called for mass extermination of LGBT individuals as well as Christians attenting LGBT weddings while holding up signs that say “gays should be put to death.” The pastor also supported Uganda’s original Anti-Homosexuality Act, which requires the murder of all openly LGBT people. By refusing to distance himself from this wicked man and even accepting his endorsements, Ted Cruz also seems to be supporting these atrocities. When you support him, you are sending me a very clear signal that you want me and others like me to be punished, or even killed, just for existing. If this man gets elected, he will do everything in his power to take our very lives. Please don’t let that happen.