Why does it seem to be currently trendy to be homophobic?

I’ve seen quite a few posts recently that involve some sort of “gay” centric joke. Some of which are too far, some are fine, some are just not funny. It dosen’t really seem to matter. 

But then the comments will say things like:
”You’re ruining it for all the other gays out there you know.”

“We gave you rights and this is what you do with them.”


“This is the type of thing that makes me openly homophobic.”

This is so fucking stupid it almost hurts. 
A lot of the time these jokes aren’t intended for people who aren’t homosexually orientated and might not make sense. So judging it as someone outside of the intended audience is stupid enough in itself, but even if it IS terrible, judging an entire group of people who are ONLY linked by their common sexuality because one of them posted a crap or disgusting joke on a website is absolutely ridiculous. 

But I mean this is a very small problem in a very broken society and the more I think of it the more I can’t be fucked and I just want to go smoke a bowl hey. 

anonymous asked:

Hi so I have to questions? 1 is it possible to be romantically attracted to guys and girls but only be sexually attracted to girls? 2 if it is possible and I'm not weird for thinking that😂 what would you call that, like what could I label as

Yes it’s totally possible, the label depends on your gender, but biromantic homo/hetero sexual is what would fit if you’re a girl/guy. If you’re  non-binary that’d be biromantic womasexual.


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In just a few days in México there will be a movie coming out that is against homoparental adoption. It’s an horrible movie that reproduces stereotypical homophobic behaviors, throws shade to the homosexual community making us look like we have an agenda trying to convert little kids into homosexuals. It’s just so wrong, biased, and closed minded. Just in a nutshell, I would love your help about throwing some light in this case so the world knows about this, so we can let them know that we are not confused and ignorant individuals, we each have our personalities and our goals. We are not just a stereotypical look.

Being LGBTQ is normal

O(∩_∩)O Being bisexual is normal.

O(∩_∩)O Being homosexual is normal.

O(∩_∩)O Being pansexual is normal.

O(∩_∩)O Being transsexual is normal.

O(∩_∩)O Being asexual is normal.

O(∩_∩)O Being queer is normal.

O(∩_∩)O Being gay is normal.

O(∩_∩)O Being lesbian is normal.

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