TEHRAN, IRAN - Gay Iranian youth drink and smoke marijuana during an illegal party inside a house in Tehran, Iran. Homosexuality is illegal in the Islamic Republic, punishable by lashing or death. In 2006, two gay teenagers were executed in a high profile hanging in the northeastern city of Mashad, which sparked international condemnation. When the photojournalist working on this story asked his subjects if revealing their identities would endanger them, he was told that they “were already at the mercy of the government, and it was better for the outside world to know who we are”.

A historic nuclear deal has caused much speculation about what changes it may bring to Iran. As revealed in these photos, how Iran appears on the surface is often in striking contrast to what happens at the boundaries of official sanction.  See more from ‘Inside Iran.’ Photos by Getty Images Reportage.

  • drake bell:has been calling Justin Bieber gay/a girl since like 2012
  • drake bell:has always been transphobic, posting photoshopped pictures of Bieber with make-up on several times
  • drake bell:very casually tells a belieber to go die, even though all she did was defend her idol without being mean to drake
  • justin bieber:hardly ever defends himself, even after 3 years
  • everyone:O.M.G Drake is soooOooOOo R Eal people!!1! drake u are the man HA HA HA HA Very funny
  • drake bell:"Sorry...still calling you Bruce."
  • everyone:WOWowOw this is so surprising ?? but :// i never knew Drake Bell was transphobic..wow i used to respect him but now I lost all of my respect for him.. OMG. i am so sHocked !
Reblog for...

The kids out there who are afraid to come out, even if the same sex marriage was legalized. Reblog for the kids who have to sit silently as their parent(s) act homophobic. Reblog for the kids who gained the courage to come out today and were yelled at and most likely beaten. Please know you are not alone. Please know we love you so much for being you. 

its pretty simple guys

heterosexuality is a thing

homosexuality is a thing

bisexuality is  a thing

pansexuality is a thing

polysexuality is a thing

demisexuality is a thing

asexuality is a thing

any type of attraction is a thing

as long as its safe, sane, and consensual, any type of attraction, relationship, crush, and love is an okay thing

you being one of these things does not make any other of the things less of a thing

some one else being a thing does not make the thing that you are any less of a thing