What are the odds?

Less than 1% of the world’s population have gender dysphoria

Less than 1% of the world’s population have kleptomania 

Less than 1% of the world’s population have schizophrenia

Less than 1% of the world’s population suffers autism

Less than 2% of the world’s population have multiple-personality disorder

Less than 1% of the world’s population have delusional disorder.

Less than 8% of the world’s population are homosexual-bisexual.

YET, 3 out of 5 people you find in Tumblr have at least one of these conditions(and 1 in those 3 have at least 2).

…Either someone is lying, or Tumblr really is a place for weird people.

I was watching the Stonewall Uprising documentary and the name Marsha P. Johnson was not mentioned once considering she was a leader of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. So I felt like posting these Polaroids of her taken by Andy Warhol to show remembrance of her as the significant trailblazer that she was in making the Stonewall Riots happen. It’ll be 46 years since the riots on June the 28th and 45 years since the first gay pride march took place in New York City as a result of the Stonewall Riots. Thank you Marsha. RIP. 


LGBT Hero: Alan Turing

His name was Alan Turing. Most people still don’t know who he was. That must change. Turing was a prodigiously gifted British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and computer scientist. In fact, Turing is considered the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. He designed the programming of the world’s first commercial computer. He was also the inventor of the Turing Machine in 1935, a device which even to this day all digital computers are modeled on. Crucially, he was central to the building of The Bombe, an electro-mechanical machine which greatly helped in the breaking of the Enigma code used by the Nazi’s during World War Two. By 1942 his team was decoding up to 39,000 Enigma messages a month. This rose to 84,000, or about two messages decoded every minute. 

Winston Churchill said that Turing’s work shortened the Second World War by at least two years, saving millions of lives. Turing also helped decode the Fish cipher used by the German High Command to transmit messages between Hitler and senior officers in the field. So Turing was an architect, many would say the architect, of the modern world - and he was living in it decades before the rest of us.

Alan Turing was homosexual. He was quite fearlessly homosexual in an era when it was still a crime. When it became known he lost his security clearance. In 1952 he was convicted of acts of ‘gross indecency.’ They gave him a choice between prison or a process they called 'chemical castration.’ The barbaric and pointless process of being injected with female hormones - it gave him female breasts, it rendered him impotent - proved so traumatic it eventually led to his suicide in 1954. He was 41. 


Cameron Monaghan 😏🔥

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

baby i want to leave marks where only you and i can see, handprints on your hips and little bruises in-between your thighs.

i want you to bite my neck and do things to me we will never forget. press your hips against me, eat me whole.

i want to tease you. i want you to tell me what to do so i can hear your quickened breath in my ear.

i want sweat to drip down your arched back as you yell my name loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

i want to be able to still taste it in the air when we finish and i lay coiled in your arms.

i need to see the fireworks behind her eyes.

so prove to me that you love me by fooling around with me like you hate me.

—  @lustfulgore
Во-первых, это очень большой шаг для человечества, и это
шаг, определенно, вперед. А, во-вторых, русская общественность так не считает. И
я в полном замешательстве. Даже нет, не так. Мне стыдно за то, что русская
общественность ведет себя, как скоты средневековые, когда огромная часть
человечества делает шаг к более светлому и гуманному обществу.

Эй, гомофоб, ненавидишь Гитлера? Так вот, он презирал и сжигал
евреев только по национальному признаку точно так же, как ты презираешь и
пишешь свои странные пасквили против геев и лесбиянок просто потому, что они
родились не такими, как ты.

Да уж лучше, блять, исчезнуть как с вид с этой планеты из-за
банальной человечности, чем штамповать своей пиздой идиотов, которые будут
портить и отравлять жизнь другим десятилетиями, просто потому что ты воспитала
их, основываясь на своих предрассудках, дура. 

Многие спрашивают меня, почему я в своих выступлениях, видео
и стэндапах резко негативно выступаю против религии. Да вот поэтому. Потому что
люди, чье мироощущение ограничено десятью правилами и двумя книжками, в которых
куча логических дыр, устаревших взглядов и тупо противоречий, начинают очень
воинственно менять жизнь окружающим.

И можете хоть обосраться в комментариях, обзывая меня,
блять,  геем… плевать. Мне просто хочется
верить, что не настолько все плохо в нашей стране. Хочется верить…

Hey, guys, I just wanted to show you a russian youtuber talking about legalization of same-sex marriage in usa so you would know that not everyone in Russia is intolerant and homophobic as we are said to be and there are a lot of people who support equal rights. Don’t listen to stereotypes and have a nice day


Tim McIlrath - Rise Against

‘’No matter what walk of life you are, you’re welcome at our show. And if you’re a person who would not want a person who has different sexual orientation at a show with you, then actually it’s you who isn’t welcome.’’

Imagine there being an apocalypse or something, and the only people who survive is a lesbian woman and an asexual guy. The woman says something like “maybe we should try to repopulate the Earth”. They stare at each other for a few seconds, and then they both burst out laughing. They live happily ever after, having occupied some formerly famous building and scavenging food from wherever they can find it. They die of old age, after redecorating their “house” and painting every wall an outrageous colour, finding every packet of coffee left in the nearest city and storing it, and recording the story of the end of the human race just in case. Slowly, nature takes over even this last refuge, and the only thing left to show they were even there is a lesbian and an asexual pride flag slowly billowing in the breeze on the tallest part of their home. Earth is probably better off without humans anyway.