Your sexuality isn’t a fucking threat to minors, okay? Since staff is deciding to be a total asshole to the LGBTQIA+ community during pride month I’m gonna spit some facts to set things straight

- “gay” and “lesbian” are sexual identities, do not reduce their meaning to a fucking porn tag. It’s dehumanizing and fetishizing

- being anything other than straight does not automatically make things nsfw

- your existence is not “sensitive content” and is not inherently dangerous

- there is absolutely no reason Tumblr needs to worry about “protecting” minors from gays especially when a lot of the content they are censoring are helpful, supportive posts for LBGTQIA+ youth

I’m so sorry that staff is literally censoring our entire community out of existence. Your sexuality is real and valid and you deserve better than to be treated like this

What they say: “I just feel like LGBTQ stuff shouldn’t be shoved down our throats. Stop forcing it in every show and movie.”

What they mean: “No one’s actually forcing me to watch anything. I just don’t expect gay people in shows and movies unless it’s explicitly labeled "LGBTQ”. When gay people appear in something I’m watching outside of that description, it feels like I was tricked into seeing people that I (subconsciously or blatantly) ignore the existence of in real life, and the growing expectation to treat them as equals is actually what I feel is being forced down my throat.“

Queer history
  • Historian: that historical figure isn't gay they are married with children
  • Me, internally: Prior to the 20th century marriage was a necessity to maintain social status and power. And due to the nature of things children were a condition of marriage. Rarely were marriages for love or representative of ones own personal attractions. Historians tend to deny sources that give accounts of homosexual behavior due to internalized homophobia. History is a lot easier to understand with only straight people involved, but the fact remains queer people didn't appear out of nowhere in the 20th century. They've been around forever and historians help absolutely no one by assisting in the denial of that fact.
  • Me, externally: Bi!!!!!💗💜💙

it blows my mind that girls are out there just being straight. kissing boys and crushing on boys and not feeling gross or predatory about their feelings. not worrying about their sexuality growing up or feeling out of place or having to sit in front of everyone they know and reveal something that might make them hate them or kick them out or never speak to them again. there are people out there who can kiss their spouses in public and talk about their families and marriages without worrying about it constantly. who can go to the movies and see people like them falling in love and not think it’s a big deal. it’s so surreal to me.