Unpopular opinion but klance will never happen. Not because its a bad ship or anything, but because it’s clear as crystal that the team behind voltron are utterly incapable of presenting adequate lgbt (and racial) representation. And have no desire to do so.

Don’t believe me? Well we only need to look at shiro and his absolute shit show of gay representation to deduce that they’re pretty much using him for queerbait and to draw lgbt viewers in for higher views and profit. If they weren’t they wouldnt have brought up his meaningless romance, killed one partner and then thrown him with another random person he has no on screen development with.

It’s great you have all pushed for more lgbt representation, but at the end of the day, the lgbt representation in voltron still has a lot to be desired.

My gf’s best work friend is a [bisexual] first generation immigrant and there are a lot of English words she’s not familiar with.

I just got a text message that consisted of a photo of bruised knuckles and the caption

“I taught her what the f-word meant and someone called her it so she punched them.

She is my hero”

I wish I had better words to write down. I wish I could express everything I feel, but I can’t.

Today, my people cry.

Brazil just elected a facist, racist, misogynist and LGBT+ phobic president. Our minorities are scared today. Today, we truly saw how hate is present in our country. The next years will be hard. We will be scared, of course.

But we will resist. Next year would be the year of my life. I’m going to college, I’m going to learn to love myself. But today, I’m scared.

I’m a minority. I’m in danger. But I won’t give up. I’ll never be silenced, I’ll never let my voice be taken. I’ll keep fighting not only for me, but for my people.

We won’t be silenced. We will keep fighting and we will keep resisting.

He is not my president.

Ele não. Ele nunca.