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If any of you could please please help me, that would mean so so much..

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It’s really really easy and takes like 2 minutes total.. It’s really safe and it could help me a lot.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to message me. There’s also some info in the comments section of that post.

I’m using this to help get away from my abusive mother. I realize it’s hardly anything, but it’s better than nothing.

Although the post linked has a lot of notes, I only ended up receiving $4. 

I could really use your help. Thanks.

Muslims hate gays because every Abrahamic religion has something denouncing homosexuality.

Muslim, Christian, Jewish. The difference is who our prophets were, and who was the Messiah. I am a christian, I believe Jesus was our savior and died on the cross for us (Jews believe he was only a prophet). I don’t believe that Muhammad was a prophet (mulsims believe he is the number one prophet, and christ wasn’t the savior)

We, at the end of the day, bow our heads to the same God. The difference is, who is the savior of our people. But in each of the three religions, the Abrahamic God condemns homosexuality.

Trust me, Muslims were hating Gays long before the crusades, and we didn’t really fight with them until they were at the walls of constantinople and the Pope was afraid of Rome falling to them, so he rallied the Christian nations in a war for God. Muslims started the Crusades, sorry us white people won the war. -u/Thy_Lord_Castiel

Dear Tumblr,

I wish I could say one thing to everyone, on both sides of every argument:

Hey you know the people you’re arguing with, they probably consider themselves good people, they probably at least attempt to be. And you know what. You probably consider yourself a good person or at least attempt to be.

I wish more people would realise the other side, the ones they argue with so much, are for the most part just people. They may not hold the same beliefs or have reached different conclusions in their lives.

But they are just people.

Like God damn if you just attempt, even if you disagree, to understand why someone holds a value there’d be debates and conversations not death threats and labels thrown around.

Do you truly believe every anti-feminist is sexist and racist and so full of hatred for everything different?

Do you truly believe every feminist is equally discriminatory as their counterparts? That they are all as sensitive as you imagine?

Do you truly believe Conservatives all care only for wealth and hold no compassion whatsoever?

Do you truly believe Liberals are all weak willed and lack any understanding of the world?

Even things I whole heartedly despise, like discrimination I try to understand. Not because I agree, not because I am in any favour of such a belief. Instead because to argue without understanding is futile.

I’m ranting at this point but my Lord I just wish we could come to accept other view points without hatred and anger, but with a need to understand why someone doesn’t believe the same as you.

Who knows maybe you’ll manage to question your own beliefs along the way.

i fail to see how the MLK marches and the women rights marches were revolutionary, but LGBT+ marches and BLM marches are “whining” and we need to “except” it and “stop looking for problems”.
—  a millennial fed up with your shit
Why Is The World's Gayest Sport Stuck In The Closet?
Men's figure skating has always been caught between its public image and its conservative culture. But with anti-LGBT policies haunting the Sochi Olympics, the sport's biggest stars are under more ...
By Blair Braverman

This article is out of date now (written before the 2014 Sochi Olympics), but I imagine not that much has changed in two years.

I promise if you watch Yuri!!! On Ice and read this you will have very painful feels
A new photobook captures gay life in post-Stonewall L.A. and SF
In 1969, photographer Anthony Friedkin began documenting the drag queens, hustlers, and activists in gay L.A. His newly published The Gay Essay is an extraordinary document of a tumultuous era.

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Hi! I came out as bisexual a while back and my mom was extremely disappointed. She said it was okay as long as I didn't have a girlfriend. Then I had a girlfriend for less than a week before she found out she was straight. That made me sad because I really liked her. I'm really worried she's going to tell my mom or hers (and her mom probably doesn't have a good opinion on it either) but either way my mom will find out. I love my parents and don't want to ruin our relationship. What do I do?

I think it’s really sad that they feel you can’t have a girlfriend! It’s really not fair of them to decide your life for you!! But I keep thinking they might “get over it”? I obviously don’t know your parents but maybe they’ll get use to the idea of you having a girlfriend and accept you for who you are. I know this situation sucks and I get really mad at your parents but maybe if you keep talking to them about it they will start to understand more?
If they don’t, I would wait till I’m old enough to move out and then live my life as a want to and leave it up to them if they want to be apart of it or not! ❤️❤️

The last time I was in a psych ward, the psychiatrist assigned to me asked if I’d ever been “confused about my gender.” I was just starting to use the word “genderqueer” on myself @ the time so I told him that. He remimded me that he’d diagnosed me with BPD during our previous session and that “people with BPD tend to get really confused about what their true sexuality and gender is, so it’s really common to go through these phases before you come back to who you really are.” Ever since then when I come across stuff on BPD I always cringe when I read that it’s a common symptom to “have confusion” over your gender/sexuality. Bc yeah maybe its common but this is psych-speak for “these silly BPD folks have no stable self-concept so they just take on a bunch of different identities for kicks.” Like first of all LOTS of people go through “phases” re: sex and gender bc those things are fluid!! Second having BPD doesn’t make your identities any less valid. Third of all FUCK all psych professionals who continually attempt to confuse LGBT folks about our mental health, identities, and self-perceptions.

This is a poorly and hastily written post but yeah anyway shoutout to all my ppl who are navigating their gender and sexual orientation while dealing w BPD. I love you 💕

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"without trans people lesbians wouldnt get to have LGBT or “LGB”," erm, WHAT?? i cannot even begin to make head or tail of this.

Oh no, that’s the new thing the straight kids calling themselves “queer” like to claim. That transwomen started the Stonewall Riots (untrue, drag queens and lesbians mostly did) and ipso facto that means transwomen started the gay rights movement and made gay marriage happen so we OWE them our sexual compliance or something. 

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How old are you? I find it kind of sad that you argue with kids on if being trans is bullshit or not and just call it "the truth". Let people be who they want to be? It isnt giving you multiple diseases if you call a trans man "he."

Let people be who they want to be, the genderists cry, while being completely unable to even produce a basic definition of “woman” and “man” under their ideology and while harassing lesbians for being homosexual!