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I really get what you wanna say and Suns words at Kala were a bit… well, nice, but kind of missed the real problem for me. But, ya know, I understand that there are differences between slurs in how bad they are, but isn’t that kind of the point? Words have a power to hurt and they hurt different people differently. Isn’t it kinda… wrong to say “yeah, he is in less pain than her” or the other way around? Doesn’t that invalidate that they ALL were hurt by those words?

You are wrong. The difference between Lito being called a f*ggot and Wolfgang being called a Nazi is not just the degree to which they are personally hurt. They are completely different statements.

If someone calls Wolfgang a Nazi, they’re saying, “You’re German, and therefore I don’t like you.” Whoever wrote that graffiti for Lito saying f*ggot was saying, “You’re gay, and therefore I don’t like you, and the rules of my culture and my government empower me to commit violence against you without repercussion.” Calling Wolfgang a Nazi is mean. Calling Lito a f*ggot invokes the vast system of violent oppression against him.

I’ve been called a lot of names in my life. One time at music lessons when I was eleven, a boy called me a penis and made me cry. That was mean. I wanted the other music kids to like me and when that boy called me a penis it was pretty clear he didn’t like me.

When I was seventeen, a close family friend said a homophobic slur to me. It was the first time anyone had said anything like that to my face. It was mean. But it was also worse than mean. It reminded me that in the immigrant culture that my family friend and I are part of, her behavior was considered perfectly acceptable by many if not most people. I realized that if she were my mother instead of my family friend, she might have tossed me out on the street. I felt the full force of the crushing homophobia of the United States as well as the country she and my family immigrated from.

Do you see the difference? This is not about whose feelings are more hurt. This is about which words are mean and which ones are metonymic acts of violence.

Why should gender matter in the sns relationship? Guess what. It doesn't.

So I’ve seen people who hear the “If Naruto or Sasuke was a girl everyone in the fandom would ship it” answer with a severe denial of being homophobic because gender has nothing to do with not liking sns, following the argument that if anything the fandom would hate it even more as shown by the negative reactions that follow whenever one of the girls in Naruto series is abused or hurt in any way.

Now excuse me as I try very hard not to blow up in rage and frustration as I explain why I think this is all, alow me to say with all due respect, bullpoop.

What they fail to understand is that the “everyone would ship it” part is kind of an exaggeration and was not meant to be taken 100% seriously. We don’t assume that EVERYONE would ship it, just that a part of the fandom that doesn’t like it specifically because they are both guys would probably like it just fine if it was a het ship.
The first part of their response is valid. It’s not weird if someone just doesn’t like a ship, because they find it too abusive for example, regardless of whether it is het or homo.
But the second part of the responce is not only irrelevant, as I will explain shortly, but it also kind comes in contrast with the first part of the responce. The very fact that there would be apparently VASTLY different, compared to now, opinions about sns if either of them was a girl is so wrong in so many levels it makes me want to puke. 

As a girl who likes to think of herself as an equal with any other guy out there I have a question. To assume that should one of them be a girl, the relationship would be considered much more abusive from the fandom, than it is considered now when they are both guys, suggests that the relationship as it is now should be not considered JUST AS ABUSIVE AS HETERO SNS WOULD BE. Why is that?
I can understand the “gender has nothing to do with it, I just find the relationship too abusive” argument just fine. I can easily accept that.
But THEN the “if one of them was a different gender, then we would hate even more cause then it would be even more adusive” argument makes me feel all kinds of disturbed.
WHY would abusing a girl be worse than abusing a guy? As in WHY would abusing a guy be any less hated than abusing a girl?
Why should the difference even exist in “oh these guys abuse one another I can’t ship it” and “OH MY GOD the guy abuses the girl this ship is HORRIBLE”.
If gender is not a factor then regardless of whether the ship is het or homo shouldn’t the reaction be the same when any signs of abuse are shown? You can’t tell me that you don’t care about the gender and then immediately afterwards tell me that the gender does in fact affect your opinion. 

The equality between Naruto and Sasuke, the fact they both stand on even ground with each other means that even if one of them was a girl, neither of them would be in a less or more favorable position compared to the other.
Their relationship would be neither LESS or MORE abusive. Gender wouldn’t affect their dynamic wouldn’t affect their feelings, their past, it wouldn’t matter at all. They are more than able to defend themselves against one another. But that also doesn’t make it hurt any less.

Conclusion: the second part of the response is not so much about homophobia as much as equality between genders. Or lack thereof, cause apparently girls are so much weaker fragile little things and need to be protected at all costs unlike guys who are not hurt, are sturdy as hell and are not worthy of protection against abuse. Not saying girls should not be protected if needed but why should a guy deserve any less?
Like. Grow up, girls can be strong, they are not incapable of defending themselves and guys are not completely made of steel, they can have weak spots and vulnerable moments. It’s not all black and white.

So yeah this whole response is messed up. And if the sns antis want to prove gender plays no role in their opinions if not the very way their minds work, maybe they should be more careful of what bullpoop they let come out of their mouths every once in a while.

Extra: What would those same antis have to say about sasusaku where THE GIRL manipulates, guilt trips (naruhina also comes to mind here) and generally constantly harasses THE GUY in her efforts to conquer him? (I’m not ignoring every way Sasuke has also hurt her, just reminding people he is not the only abuser in this ship). Cause I HAVE actually come across people saying that if genders were reversed in sasusaku and naruhina, the ships would be hated cause maleSakura and maleHinata would be creepy stalkers and not cute girls in love.
Point is, I think Sakura and Hinata can easily be seen as creepy, manipulative, abusing stalkers instead of adorable characters desperately in love even if they are GIRLS.
That’s what it means to have an opinion about a ship completely unaffected by the gender of the characters involved.

No, punching a neo-Nazi in the face does not make someone “just as bad as them.” Punching someone in the face is NOT equivalent to preaching, practicing, and supporting white supremacy, eugenics, racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. Get your “Hug a Nazi and smother them with love,” bullshit outta here. 


Please, read this heartbreaking news. I guess we have to spread these stories. People have to know what can happen if someone’s blinded by hate. 

His name was Itaberli Lozano. He was 17 when was violently murdered by his own mother for just being gay. 

Our fight is not over as even countries with gay rights are still full homophobes and haters.

We all praying you’re resting in peace, angel.



Queer rapper Mykki Blanco says she was threatened with arrest for boarding a flight

  • A police officer threatened queer rapper Mykki Blanco with jail time for nothing more than boarding a flight, Blanco claimed this weekend.
  • According to Blanco, she was napping on board a flight from Toronto, Canada to Detroit, Michigan and awoke to find her co-passenger had called the police to ask why Delta Airlines allowed “someone like me” to sit beside her.

  • Blanco added the responding officer told her a report would be filed, despite her not actually doing anything criminal. Read more. (2/19/2017 5:22 PM)