Im disappointed at what they did to the Bowers gang in the movie

I understand that you can’t have all the details in a movie adapting  a 1000 pages book. But they left out all the humanizing traits of Belch and Victor (or dehumanizing in the case of Patrick) and even Henry

So in the Book:

Belch:  Sacrifices himself to save Henry, he decides to die so his friend can live! imagine a 13 boy making that decision, He definetly was a loyal friend and didn’t follow Henry only out of fear.

 His death went from sacrificing his life for his friend to die at his hands…the exact opposite… and that is what i hated most of all

Victor:  Approached the losers with the initial attempt to join them but changed his mind and instead warned them of Henry’s growing brutality. 

Patrick: One of the most interesting and evil characters in the book:  In the novel, Patrick is notoriously difficult to scare because he thinks he is the only real person in the world therefore he has no sense of fear, so much so that IT had a hard time figuring out which form to take.

Henry:  The gay scene with him and Patrick give us a glimpse into the gay sexual repression that happend in the 50′s he may be gay but knowing that his father is extremely homofobic (among other things) he may have hated himself for thinking there is something wrong with him. And oviously is a very difficult situation to be in. and a lot of teenagers with unsuportive families and friends have been lead to commit suicide

as and adult:  he to apologised to Belch for leaving him to die at the hands of It. showing that he really cared for him

what i hated the most of all is Henry killing Belch and Vic. That for me was the worst

they were bullies and assholes but they were friends and cared for each other 

Power Rangers/One day at a Time AU

• Elena goes to the same school as the six friends, but she was never noticed because she is that “annoying” girl (Abuelita’s words) that no one really can bond with;

• Than Josh, who is like, the only one on the school who really knows Elena and how amazing she is, encourages her to come out at the school, and know more LGBTQ+ people there;

• She kinda does it in the wrong way, like, in the middle of the cafeteria, the girl just screams “I’M A LESBIAN” because she felt very brave to do it in that moment, and then everyone is just silent like “WTF”, but Trini feels like she can be supportive and shouts back “GIRL ME TOO”;

• From that day on, Elena and Trini hang out together all the time, sometimes just the two of them, others with their friends, and they share SO MUCH IN COMMON they can’t even believe how they never knew each other before;

• Trini hangs out a lot at Elena’s house:

– Lydia loves her right away because 1) she may not be cuban, but her Spanish is fluent and 2) she watches those cheesy telenovelas (don’t tell Kimberly that, she will make fun of her girlfriend for the rest of her life);

– Penelope first thought that Trini was Elena’s girlfriend, and she never heard from her daughter or Trini that the girl is gay or whatever, but her gaydar is getting better and she FEELS that girl’s vibe. But, one day, Trini brings Kimberly to a movie night with Elena and Josh, and Penelope understands that “yeah, that cool girl is not with my daughter, she is in love with another girl though, KNEW IT.”

– Alex kind of had a crush on Trini and gets pretty upset that the girl is dating someone else and is gay, so he moves on, but “there will be always a room for you in my heart, my love”;

– Schneider always feels intimidated by Trini, and she tries so hard to be very sweet to him, but “she’s got a SCARY resting face, like I said something homofobic or racist or both”;

• They also hang out a lot with Trini’s friends:

– Billy is so exited because he shares his love and care for nature with someone, and he and Elena spend HOURS talking about good ways to protect the planet with simple actions;

– Kimberly loves her because Trini loves her, she would never go against her girlfriend happiness. Also, Elena’s hair is AMAZING and she loves to braid it and play with it;

– Zack at first seconds guess Elena, but then she tells him about how much she loves Buffy and he is like “I LOVE THAT SHOW” and they bond right away. Josh kind of become friends with Zack and Trini and Elena secretly shipp them;

– Jason likes her a lot because she is a hardcore Trimberly shipper, and they share what they know about their relationship (he LOVES to talk about how he got the girls together);

– Tommy at first is very friendly with Elena, but after a while she just can feel the butterflies every time the other girl gets exited about one big project she is being part of, or thinks about how beautiful her smile is, and after MONTHS keeping it to herself, she tells Elena, who responds like “I’m so gay for you, Tommy Oliver” and the next day they are just holding hands and smiling and being so cute (Josh call them Tolena, Zack thinks it’s lame and it should be called Olvarez).

Sometime I heard the phrase “Dios creó a Adan y Eva, no Adan y Esteban” which in English means “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Stephen”

I hate that phrase aksjaks

But it was fun to think that Malcolm would say it and Colin like “SHHHHHHHUT UP”, my Malcolm is homofobic! A big problem for Shriggy akaanskm Pixel Colin hates Malcolm!