So I am starting fresh and decided to do my current measurements and some “before” shots. I also signed up today for the Body Transformation Fitness Challenge on Reddit /r/BTFC which is for 12 weeks, just to give myself a bit of a timeline goal.

I am setting a goal that by the 28th August when the challenge ends I will be down 10kg which I think is very doable considering last year when I did the Michelle Bridges 12WBT I lost 18kg. I also chose 10kg (instead of say 15kg or 20kg to really challenge myself) because unfortunately I don’t have much money lately and a lot of the time amazing fresh “healthy” food costs $$$ and that stresses me out and I lose motivation so instead I will focus on making sure I exercise and eat as well as I can without it using up small amount of money we have.

exercise goals are: complete C25k. I have had a love hate relationship with this program mostly because everyting I start it something happens and I have to stop e.g. injury, sickness, time etc. But this time I am determined to do it all the way. It is for 9 weeks 3 times a week. I am also going to get more into my weight lifting with stronglifts 5x5 which is also 3 times a week. I need to get some liquid chalk as I was having issues with grip and I don’t think my gym likes normal chalk. I have no idea where to buy in Melbourne so will have to look online.

Anyway here are my starting measurements:

Weight: 137.2kg
Neck: 45cm
Chest: 127cm
Right Arm: 44cm
Left Arm: 42cm
Waist (at Navel/Belly): 133cm
Waist (at pants waist band): 132cm - I decided to measure my waist in two areas just so I can see how my pants waist line goes and if there is much difference
Hips: 143cm
Right Thigh: 88cm
Left Thigh: 85cm

I am going to start my gym days tomorrow (Friday) and make my regular gym days Mon, Wed and Fri and will try to keep a log on here so if you don’t see me log my training on these days send me a message lol

saw this recipe on facebook, sounds yum!! will have to try it out

8 broccoli patties

2 teaspoons vegetable oil
2 cloves garlic - minced
½ onion - chopped
1 (12 ounce) bag frozen broccoli - defrosted
¾ cup panko breadcrumbs
½ cup sharp cheddar cheese
1/3 cup parmesan cheese
2 eggs - beaten

preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Lightly grease a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil.
Heat the oil in a small pan over medium heat, add in the garlic and onions. Season with salt/pepper to taste. Sauté until onions are garlic are tender, set aside to cool.

Add the broccoli to a kitchen towel. Wrap the towel around the broccoli and squeeze out the extra moisture. Pour the drained broccoli into a large bowl.

To the same bowl, add the panko, the cheeses, eggs, and salt/pepper to taste.
Mix together and form into patties, place on the prepared baking sheet.
Bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes. Flip and bake for another 15 minutes or until browned and crispy.

homofitsual asked:

hey man, great blog. I am just starting to do weight lifting in my workouts and I am a complete noob at it, pretty much learning it by myself from any info I can get from the internet and trying to follow the starting strength program. Any tips for a newbie who is just starting out? Cheers, Brett

Well I’m still a noob. I just started within the last year and I am hardly an expert. A little advise from nobodies like me are great but I would urge you to only listen to people who are certified or have some sort of degree and know what they are talking about. A lot of bros on tumblr just talking out their ass.

I personally am doing the stronglifts program. It’s free and seems to be a solid program for a beginner. If you check it out and want to talk more, just let me know.


This is a TED talk video by Lizzie Velasquez who was called “the ugliest woman in the world” and is quite inspirational for people who struggle with self esteem and body issues you can’t change.

So last week I did my assessment with one of the trainers at the gym and we worked out a weights program for me to do myself. We are starting off using just the weight machines for now to build up the muscles, I get another assessment in 8 weeks and we can then change up the routine so hopefully by then we can get onto some of the free weights. The program at the moment is:

5min Warm up on X-trainer
Chest Press
Chest Fly 
Reverse Row
Lat Pulldown
Shoulder Press
Leg Press
Leg Extension
Side Cable Pulls
then finishing some intervals on the bike for fat burning

This is 3 times a week with a days rest between. on off days I will be doing my own cardio, which I’ve decided will be C25K and any cardio group fitness classes like Spin Cycle or body attack. I also plan going to 1000 steps at least once a fortnight and build up to once a week.

Gotta have a plan to get places :-)

So I am starting to do weekly mini goals for things I want to achieve that aren’t necessarily big but are definitely important. So this week I have 10 mini goals I want to try achieve:

  1. Be in bed by 10pm ready to sleep by 10:30pm and up at 7am for the next 7 days.
  2. No screens from 9:45pm, meaning no laptop, TV or smartphone - can only use smartphone to listen to audio book while in bed before sleep every day this week.
  3. Drink 3 liters of water every day this week.
  4. Do all 6 workouts this week.
  5. Stick to 1800 calorie limit for this week.
  6. Keep kitchen clean and tidy everyday this week.
  7. Only drink water, herbal tea and limit of one coffee per day (no diet cool drinks etc. excludes protein smoothies).
  8. Complete 200 push ups over the next 7 days. Push ups in this weeks workout routines are separate and not included.
  9. Do 1000 Steps Kokoda walk trail at least once this week.
  10. Everyday write a list of 5 things I am thankful for and 5 things I want.

next week I will update on how I went with these goals and then list another 10 mini goals. There might be repeats of goals but some might change (like the push ups).

Late dinner... damn daylight savings warping my sense of time

I’m Cooking the broccoli quiche I posted earlier, it’s in the oven and smelling divine!!! Made a few adjustments to the recipe like using puff pastry instead of the wraps because I didn’t have any so isn’t as healthy as it could be. I also added some onion and mushrooms. Will post a pic when its done!

A Fresh Start - The new Homofitsual Blog - Follow Me!

Welcome to my blog Homofitsual (v.2). My name is Brett and this is basically a reboot of a blog I started in late 2012 when I started my weight loss/fitness/healthy lifestyle journey with the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation program (12WBT). It was a way for me to track my progress and was a way to help me keep on track, by talking about my experiences, problems and victories but was starting to get messy and difficult to manage as it was just a secondary blog to my main blog so messaging and automatic tagging were a problem, also I kept having a glitch where posts I meant for my main blog (which is more about interior design) kept appearing on my fitblr blog. So I created a brand new tumblr account changed the name of my old fitblr to www.homofitsual-old.tumblr.com so I could name this blog homofitsual but unfortunately that does mean all my followers I previously had need to re-follow me on this blog so please please do that if you read this. I will reblog this post it a few times over the next week or so on my old fitblr so hopefully everyone will see it but I wont be posting anything new on that blog, it will be more there for archive purposes.

Anyway I also needed a bit of a fresh start for 2014. I wont go into it too much but I didn’t have a great year in 2013 and my journey suffered significantly. My starting weight in late Nov 2012 was 133.6kg (295lbs) and during the 12WBT I lost 18.3kg (40lbs), (click to see the before and after pic) which I was so proud of. I then lost about 3kgs more but then a lot of extremely stressful things happened in my life and I ended up where I am today, pretty much where I started (please note this was not a result of 12WBT program not being an effective program for keeping weight off, this was just me and my bad situation). However I have learned a lot over the last year, about fitness, diet and myself, about what I can do and also about my weaknesses, which gives me a good head start.

Anyway I will do another post in the next day or so fully introducing myself again for everyone and also talk about my goals. I am thinking of also starting to do Vlogs maybe once a week, something i have never done so that will be interesting… basically I want to be a bit more open and honest and personal than my last blog. I also want to interact more with people on here so please say hi anytime!

So cheers to new beginnings and not giving up.

No pressure because I get to make the decisions. I'm in control...

It’s 11:45pm as I write this and I have not down a workout today, or yesterday. Normally I would be freaking out, going into hiding from the world and just avoiding anything so I don’t have to confront it but something has changed in me recently and I think it’s a good thing.

For the last couple of days Ben and I have been cleaning/sorting/organizing our house for a rental inspection that was today. It’s always a little stressful when we have inspections because we aren’t the kinds of people who have weekly “cleaning days”, we are guys and to be honest can be a bit lazy and so the house tends to get pretty untidy and unless we have guests coming we tend to just leave it until it starts to bug us. BUT we want to change that so over the last few months we have been on “Operation Downsize & Live Simply” slowly reducing the amount of stuff we have by selling, throwing out and donating a lot of stuff we just do not need to make things easier for us to keep the house tidy and clean and its honestly been working. It’s kind of an overhaul of the whole changing my life for the better thing that I have going on. So having the inspection today gave me a kick in the behind to really take it up a notch by cleaning out our back storage room and our spare room that had become a dumping ground.

Anyway long story short our house is nice and tidy, a lot less clutter and feeling peaceful… but only after about 3 days of hard work. Yesterday I was on my feet from morning until about 9pm getting it all finished and was exhausted plus I needed to go to bed early because of course today I also had my motorbike licence test early in the morning on the other side of the city so had to be up at 5:30am. 

Now I could have made some different choices yesterday so I could of done a workout, like doing it in the morning before I got into cleaning. However I made the choice not to because I know my body and my mind, even though after a workout I feel great I still need to chill out for a while afterwards because I am exhausted (but good exhausted) and I just did not have time yesterday to do that. I was hoping I would of finished cleaning earlier so I could do a workout but it just didn’t happen and that is life sometimes.

Today I really didn’t have a choice to do a workout in the morning, like I said I had to get up at 5:30am already theres no way I could get up at 4:30am to workout, get ready then drive for an hour and expect to be able to pass a motorbike licence test! So I planned to do one when I got home and then maybe do another workout in the evening to make up for yesterday. Sometimes things just don’t go to plan and I’ve finally realised that is okay.

I finally got home from the licence test (I passed by the way YAY!) and it was about 11:45am. I was sooo tired from driving and riding all morning and I did not have a good sleep last night, maybe about 5 hours of actual sleep. About 10 mins later the realestate agent rocked up and did the inspection and then left, so now its just after 12noon. So organised and had my lunch (left over lasagna yum!) then I had to get back in the car to go pick up my cats from my friends house (short explanation - pets not allowed at rental house… so had to hide them for inspection *cheeky grin*) so this took about another hour out of the day and now its around 2pm.

I am just absolutely buggered so decide I’ll have a little afternoon nap with one of my cats on the bed… well it was definitely needed because I ended up sleeping until 6:45pm!! But unfortunately I hadn’t planned to sleep that long, I still needed to go to the supermarket so I could cook dinner. so I ended up doing that get home at about 8:30pm. Put everything away and start cooking dinner. Finally get to sit down to eat around 9:15pm… so by the time I finish eating and letting it all digest its all of a sudden 10:30pm and I am just know I am not doing a workout today… again. 

I used to be really stressed about things like this, when days don’t go the way I originally planned but it really isn’t the end of the world. I made those plans and I chose to do things differently because I am in control, even though events and situations happened that I didn’t account for in the end I am the one who decides what I do and the last two days I decided I wont do a workout. I don’t feel guilty because I missed my workouts, I do wish I had done them because I now need to make them up on other days but I don’t feel guilty for once and I think that’s a big step I’ve made on this journey. I’m not doing this for anybody else, I’m doing it for me and my health and I get to decide how it happens because I am in control of my choices.

Hot weather brought back bad habits...

so last week was very very hot here in Melbourne and it interfered with my training and eating cleaner. I didn’t get back in the gym or to rugby training after wednesday night, all I wanted to do was try keep cool at home and do nothing that caused a sweat! 

Now I wont beat myself up over that, it was too hot to do any training outside and my gyms aircon was broken so waiting a couple of days for it to cool down to do any training was not a big deal. However it went for longer than a couple of days. The weather cooled down late friday night so I could of gone to rugby training on Saturday but I slept in instead, I could of gone to the gym (the aircon got fixed) but I couldn’t be bothered. Last night Ben and I were supposed to get to the gym and do our starting strength training, and I was going to start my C25k training again… but I got lazy and it got late and couldn’t be bothered…

Not only did I do no training, I was also eating bad. It was so hot I didn’t want to be in the kitchen and it was too hot to wash any dishes. I could of made a simple salad I suppose but my motivation and enthusiasm had melted away so we ended up getting take away, fast food 3 times last week! it tasted great, not gonna lie, but today after having a few days to get over it I feel silly letting the heat get to me.

I have rugby training today and I am pumped and excited to be back into it again. The last few days I will just write off as succumbing to the heat and I am just getting back into it. 

So basically what I am saying is, shit happens, you make mistakes or do silly things, but it’s getting back on the horse that gets you places. I’m not going to be upset, feel guilty or hide my mistakes because it is part of my journey and it will happen again in the future but at least I know I am strong enough to not let it rule my life again. That’s the difference between the person I used to be and the person I am now :-)

Late night session at the gym tonight doing starting strength and wanted to do C25K run but the gym’s aircon was not working and was about 10 degrees hotter inside the gym than outside and I just couldn’t finish it because of the heat, ended up only getting halfway into the run (pic of me on the treadmill tonight). I like the treadmill for running because it pushes me harder and is a bit easier on my knees and shins (I get shin splints easily) than outside plus being inside means no issues about weather to worry about… USUALLY!! I tried sending an email to the gym when I got home but for some reason kept getting an undelivered message back so wrote it on their facebook page haha

Anyway Ben was a bit better with the starting strength training today. He squatted 55kg!! he is only about 66.9kg himself!! I was quite proud of him. I also felt relatively good about with my session too, starting to feel stronger already after two training sessions.

Also I don’t know what is happening but fitocracy is not letting me share my workouts on tumblr. I just spent about 40 mins trying to find out whats going wrong but I just have no options to share it so I am just going to cut and paste it in here instead. 

  • Barbell Squat
    • 20 kg x 5 reps35
    • 40 kg x 4 reps44
    • 60 kg x 5 reps64
    • 60 kg x 5 reps64
    • 60 kg x 5 reps (PR)64
  • Barbell Deadlift
    • 40 kg x 2 reps32
    • 60 kg x 3 reps52
    • 80 kg x 5 reps87
    • 80 kg x 5 reps87
    • 80 kg x 5 reps (PR)87
  • Running (treadmill)
    • 00:15:00 | 1.5 km61
    • C25K training D1W1
  • Push Press
    • 20 kg x 5 reps44
    • 30 kg x 5 reps52
    • 30 kg x 5 reps52
    • 30 kg x 5 reps (PR)

So my fiancé Ben is a gamer, he loves video and computer games particularly Nintendo. I’m not big into games, although I am a bit of a freak for The Sims but I put that down to my obsession with architecture and interior design.

Anyway he got the new nintendo Wii U console last year and recently they did a new version of the fitness game Wii Fit called Wii U Fit (really imaginative name I know!). If you don’t know what Wii Fit is google it because it is actually a pretty neat way to keep active on a daily at home. It shouldn’t be brushed off as some silly game as it can give you quite a sweat and is great for building and strengthening core muscles with yoga and balance training.

So we got to download the new Wii Fit U recently for free as a trial since we already have the Wii Balance Board (the platform thing you stand on for the game) from the previous Wii Fit game we had. Something really cool about the Wii Fit U is a new device you can use with it called the Wii Fit Meter. 

The Wii Fit Meter tracks a bunch of data from your daily activities such as how many steps you takewith pedometer, calories burned and altitude to determine if you are climbing steps. It also has the time and temperature. You basically wear it all day then you can sync it with the game and shows you the data of your day and can even compare it to things like climbing the Eiffel Tower. 

Video of the Wii Fit Meter

It’s a pretty neat gadget and only cost me about $33 from ozgameshop with free delivery (I had to get it online because I couldn’t find it in any game shops where I live). Apparently in the U.S. it is $19.99 which sux for us Aussies but we are used to having to pay more for everything. One of the cool things about getting the Wii Fit Meter is once I registered it with the trial Wii Fit U game we downloaded the game is now the full version so I don’t have to buy it!! So basically I paid $33 for Wii Fit U with a Wii Fit Meter.

For those of you who have a Wii U and a balance board you can get the trial of the game for free until 31st Jan and if you register a Fit Meter by then you get to keep the full game for free!! Otherwise if you can buy the game but will probably be around $89.95 so get onto it now if you wanna save some cash!!

I only got the Wii Fit Meter yesterday so I will do a review of it after about a week or two so watch out for that.


Had a pretty nice Australia Day long weekend… well not really a long weekend to me since I am still on holidays from TAFE lol but at least Benny was home for an extra day!

So we have our old room mate/good friend David visiting from WA and he is a pretty active guy (loves sports especially tennis). He wanted to go to a gym while he is here so on Friday we organised for him to get a casual week membership. So we all went to the gym later that night and Ben and I did our Starting Strength training, I lifted 100kg on the deadlift!! Felt pretty good, Ben is doing so much better now and is really getting into it I am really proud of him. 

Saturday I had Rugby training and it was a really good session. Our coach mentioned that I was doing a good job in the drills quite a few times which made me feel pretty happy lol. I think I am starting to feel like I might actually be able to make some kind of contribution to the team this year instead of last year where I felt like a pretty useless player haha.

Sunday (Australia Day) was a pretty relaxed day, we slept in and then went to the beach in the afternoon. I will point out that it was a nude beach, something that could seem strange for an obese person to do, however I will explain why I prefer to go to the nude beach (other than just being a nudist in general), I feel so much more relaxed, free to be me and I weirdly I am not body conscious while I am there. I think it’s because there are so many different bodies, fat, skinny, tall, short, curvy, bumpy, muscled that it just doesn’t matter. Nobody cares, everybody is vulnerable without their clothes, you can see everybody has flaws no matter how perfect they might seem with their clothes on. Also this might make me sound old but there are no annoying teenagers or noisy kids lol. I don’t think I have ever felt comfortable on a clothed beach, I can’t even remember the last time I went to one to swim and I am pretty sure I would of kept my shirt on because I felt too fat and flabby. Anyway it was a lovely afternoon at the beach with Ben and David.

Today was pretty warm but I got out in the front yard to do some gardening, which worked up quite a sweat. Normally I don’t do the gardening, that’s Ben’s job but he was being a bit of a dick about it (maybe trying to show off in front of our friend? lol) so I just did it. I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy it. I have an insane fear of insects and spiders so I was constantly scared of something crawling on me lol, but it was good once I had finished because not only did I get a pretty good workout from it was also productive. 

Talking about workouts we went to the gym again tonight to do our starting strength training and I squatted 90kg!! I didn’t quite finsh my over head shoulder presses (missed one set) because we had to use the crappy little dumbells with the curvy bar (I think its made for triceps workouts?) since another guy was using the only barbell in our little gym and then he got off and I just started squats. That’s one of the reasons we usually go later in the evenings around 9:30pm because there should be less people there and hardly anybody uses the barbell but tonight we had that guy who was hogging it when we got there then we used it and while we were finishing deadlifts another guy asked how long we would be… GO HOME PEOPLE!! lol

Oh I tried to lift 110kg for my deadlift but could only get 2 reps so went back down to 100kg and could only get 3 reps out. Was more because my hands/fingers  were slipping. There’s no chalk at this gym and I am pretty sure they will not be happy if I brought some in and made a mess. I think I need to have a look at getting some gloves or straps or something to try so I can lift heavier weights.

Ok so that was the last few days, I haven’t been eating very clean lately lol its a mixture of laziness, lack of money and having a guest stay but not stressing over it. I am drinking lots of water, getting active and trying not to stress so much because when I stress I give up and go back to bad habits of doing nothing and always eating junk.

So this looks fun! One of my rugby team mates posted on facebook to see if anyone was interested in making a team and I think I might like to do it. It’s in about 5 weeks and I don’t think I will be at a point where I could run the whole 5kms but definitely run/jog/walk it. It will be my first ever run and what a cool one to start on!


wow these guys are impressive. It’s not my goal to be this big or as strong as these guys but they are rather amazing. Imagine being able to flip a car with your own hands!!

Yesterday I made a big decision that wasn’t easy but something I have been thinking about for a while and I think is for the best. I am not going to play rugby this year. 

I am a bit surprised with myself for making this decision to be honest but thinking about for a while it I definitely think it is the right choice for me. My rugby skills have improved a lot since last season but I feel like it’s being wasted by me not having the stamina or fitness level of my team to utilize the skills and it just makes me feel crappy. I’d rather focus on my fitness and getting healthy without the stress of also keeping up with the team when I can’t at the moment.

Also the amount of time rugby takes up (we have 3 training sessions a week at the moment!) is just not viable for me when I go back to studying full time next week. So instead I am going to focus this year on getting my fitness up myself with the C25K program, Starting Strength and hitting up the 1000 Steps with my friend Dom. 

I feel pretty positive about this although I will miss training with my mates every week. I will still be part of the club by being a supporter at games, going to social events so will still see everyone.

P.S. my eating habits have been terrible lately, we had pizza for dinner last night and it tasted amazing!… but is not good. This weekend I am going to cook up a big batch of healthy meals to freeze to make it easier to eat better, plus we are on a strict budget and cooking in bulk seems to help stretch the dollar usually.