Albanian and Greek handsome men with lovely mustache and hair. Iillustrations by various artists and old photographs.

It’s been like few years, I’m still so fascinated by Albania, it’s culture, music and history… and homoeroticism of course.

Whate'er befalls us now, my lover,
Listen not to what the world says,
For the world says ‘one’ and 'two’
To separate us, me and you.

Those are my favorite lines from an old Albanian song and yes it’s addressed from a man to the young man. This song was written down by Johann Georg von Hahn in 19-th century, during his travel in Albania. Here are these songs from his book:



Twice a year Bayram’s upon us,
Therefore let us thank our Saviour,
The eve’s today, Bayram’s tomorrow,
Let our lovers not forget us.
Whoever’s Turk and fresh in faith,
May he gratify his lover.

A lovely boy to Vlora’d gone,
Then came to Berat, paid a visit,
How his cheeks like apples shone,
Or like black-enamelled silver.
The marketplace has lost its lure,
Oh, wretched me, what have I uttered?
With no money I’m an orphan,
How I’ve suffered from this lover!

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