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Theory: Carrie is working for the UN. Saul and Dar are more trusting of each other than ever, and are dealing with the Allison fallout. Otto is back (unpopular, I know). They wrote the finale with this in mind and didn't realize the character's unpopularity until after it aired. They had likely already promised Sebastian a role. He is funding Quinn's recovery, since the CIA won't do it bc he was undercover. Quinn is upset with Carrie. Pt 1

Pt 2. He’s upset with her because she’s allowing Otto to fund it while pursuing her. He’s also upset she let him live. He has a personality shift from the hemorrhage. I think he’ll want to change his life in someway big. Not sure how. Carrie will be involved with the CIA from fallout from the attacks. They will be pursuing her all season with no conflicts of interest like S5 or issues with Saul. It will feel like a pull between UN/personal life, Quinn, Otto (not sure how), and the CIA.

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Carrie /Quinn 7 day ship challenge!

Day 1: When did you start to ship them / Why?

Day 2: Favorite season 2 moment;

Day 3: Favorite season 3 moment;

Day 4:  What is your favorite carrie/quinn fanfic?

Day 5:  What song screams carrie/quinn to you?

Day 6:  What do you consider their hottest scene?

Day 7:  What are you most excited about seeing in the carrie/quinn ship in season4?