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Be more chill audio

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Dear Evan Hansen-(Colton as Evan 5-3-17)

-(Anotha Colton as Evan)
-(MLB as Evan)
-(MLB as Evan Asa as Larry)
-(MLB as Connor)
-(MLB as Evan, Garett as Heidi, and Colton as Jared)
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Hamilton-(San Fran)

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-(Chris Jackson last performance of One Last Time)

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-(10-27-13 Adam Kaplan/Jack Tommy Martinez/Crutchie Audio)
-(8/4/13 Adam/Jack, Liana/Kathrine Audio)
-(11/28/12 Corey/Jack, Caitlyn/Kathrine, Julie/Medda Audio)
-(9/04/12 Jeremy Jordan’s Last)
N,P& The Great Comet-(Oak’s first)
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Wicked (Mandy Gonzalez)


Wicked Audio or vid of Chelsea Emma Franko

Any Newsies I dont have Specifically Ben Cook as Crutchie audio

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Heathers w/Thomas Sanders 

Probably anything I don’t have lol

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I’m so sorry for everyone who missed the take me home era

Pocky Day

This one-shot is inspired by Hiro Mashima’s picture he drew for Pocky Day 2017. I do not own Fairy tail or this picture, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Some people can’t seem to grasp the concept of staying in their lane. Erza finds out the hard way that sometimes it’s better to leave things alone. Canonverse.

Rated T for foul language, blood, mild violence, and adult situations.

Genre: Humor, Romance

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy (Nalu)

Word Count: 3.5K

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Pocky Day

“We need to figure out which guy Lucy likes.”

Cana and Mira looked over, giving Erza a questioning glance. They looked over to Lucy, seeing her sitting at one of the tables. A book was in her hand while her spirit, Plue, wobbled about the table. Their gazes turned to Erza, Cana choosing to ask, “How do you plan on doing that?”

“Let’s do a pocky test!”

“A pocky test?” Mira asked, her tone skeptical. “What’s that?”

Erza’s eyes gleamed as she explained. “We make her and a guy eat a stick of pocky together to see who makes Lucy blush the most!”

Cana and Mira shared a look before shaking their heads. “That’s… that’s not a real test,” Cana said, but it was too late.

The requip mage was heading from table to table, asking if anyone had any pocky. When she found a pack of chocolate pocky in Levy’s possession, she snatched it away, ensuring the girl it was for a good cause. By the time Erza returned to the bar, a small crowd had gathered, Cana and Mira filling them in to Erza’s shenanigans.

“It’s not gonna work,” Macao said, shaking his head. “That girl blushes at everything.”

“Shhh,” Kinana swatted at the old drunk, “it might work.”

Erza grabbed a few sticks of pocky, waving them for everyone to see before heading to Lucy’s table. The celestial mage looked up when she saw someone approaching, offering Erza a smile.

“Hey Erza. How are you— What are you doing?!”

Erza dragged Lucy to the center of the room, looking around for her first victim. She found him sitting at the bar, a piece of chicken in his hand. “Natsu!”

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Like I Do | Enoch O’Connor X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

A/N: I don’t even know.

Characters: movie!Enoch/fem!reader. Jacob is mentioned.

Warnings: Smut.

Word Count: 1912 words.

(Y/N) couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen a new person since she’d arrived in Miss Peregrine’s loop, she’d grown used to the routine, and Jacob’s arrival was a big deal for her, in a good way. The girl was grateful to see a new face among her friends.

As soon as she saw him, she felt tempted to start a friendship with him, and that was exactly what she did, spending the rest of the afternoon with him and Emma, even if the girl had to have gone to help someone with something, leaving Jacob and (Y/N) walking in the garden while they talked. The girl didn’t think that much could come of it, at least until she got into her boyfriend’s room, Enoch.

It wasn’t hard to realize that something was wrong, from the moment she stepped on her feet she noticed that he seemed to be ignoring her presence there, making the girl frown. He was sitting on his bed, staring at the floor, as if it was a super interesting thing. What was that about?

“Hey.” she said, slowly approaching him. Enoch slowly lifted his head toward her, pretending to realize only now she had entered the room.

“Oh (Y/N), to what do I owe the honour of your visit?” he asked, his voice revealing the obvious anger he felt at the moment. “Wouldn’t you rather be snogging that Jacob kid?”

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Coming Home Drunk; Tom Holland

Originally posted by spdrparker

  • pairing: reader x tom holland
  • warnings: nah
  • words: 1900+
  • summary: tom knows exactly what to do when you come home intoxicated after a night out, but he doesn’t really understand anything that comes out of your mouth (still adores you though)
  • a/n : i actually had a lot of fun writing this sudsdfhifjoi
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TAGLIST: @davros2004 | @cynderros | @manyfandomstohandle | @aussie-mantle | @honestlypeter | @clairesrainbow | @kennedy-christl | @bitchybaeeeeeew​ | @chasingsuperheroes​ | @kaiyaisbae​ | @spideyology​ | @alexander-william-gayskarth​ | @cyb4r​ | @jjgirl4797

- to those on the taglist, i weren’t sure if you wanted to be on all of my fic’s tag list or just Rich Love’s so i added everyone to be safe. if you only want to be on the one for Rich Love then please shoot me an ask saying that, so I won’t include you on any more one shots/fics! thank you, i love you all - 

Your arm was lazily slung around your best friends’ shoulder, her choice not yours. You watched the ground in front of you, counting the number steps you took. You managed to reach 23, or maybe 24, before your friend suddenly stopped, causing you to stumble backwards. Her hand on your waist was the only thing that kept you from falling to the ground.

You think she knocked on the door, but you really weren’t listening. You were still staring at the floor. You were easily distracted by the wooden paneled floor that seemed to be moving, not spinning, but moving.

The door opened, revealing a very tired and confused Tom. He rubbed his eyes but when he saw you and your friend his facial features changed from what-is-going-on to oh-boy. Tom held his arms outstretched towards you and you happily fell into them, throwing your own arms around his neck.

“I’ll pray for you,” you heard your friend say and Tom said something else before shutting the door, but again, you weren’t really listening. You had more important things on your mind. Like how warm your boyfriend was and how cold your toes felt against the floor and why were your bare feet against the floor where were your shoes?

Where were your shoes?

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Word Count: 802

Fandom: Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children

Pairing: Enoch O’Connor x Reader

Request(s): None

Warning(s): None

A/N: I’m going to say this is the Enoch from the movie with looks and age, but the Enoch from the books in personality and other character ages. (*cough* Olive *cough*) This is my first one-shot on this account, but I have much more on my personal account at @officialxdork. Enjoy! 

“Jacob? Miss Peregrine wants to speak with you,” Emma called, walking down into the basement. Jacob nodded and left with the blonde fire-pillar. I waited until I couldn’t hear the pairs of footsteps on the staircase to speak.

“They’re cute together, don’t you think, Enoch?” I asked, a smile on my face.

“Yeah, yeah. It was very cute when he flirted with you in the garden,” Enoch grumbled under his breath. He continued to toy with his lob of clay, attempting to mould a new homunculus. I let out a small sigh, looking around the room I’d seen a thousand times. The walls were lined with jars of pickled organs. Mostly hearts. A wide variety in size.

“He wasn’t flirting with me,” I said.

“Sure, you just keep telling yourself that,” the boy in the in front of me muttered, still fiddling with his clay.

“Oh, is little Enoch jealous?” I cooed, walking up to the pouting boy. He set down his work.

“Of course not.” HIs accent thickened with the lie.

“Don’t worry, Enoch. Jacob isn’t my type anyway,” I smiled, sitting on his lap. He leant back in his chair to look at me.

“You have a type?” He asked.

“Contrary to popular belief, yes. I do,” I smiled. “I like boys with pale skin and rosy cheeks. and pouty, soft lips. Perfect for kissing.”

I stopped talking for a moment to place a sweet kiss on his lips.

“I also like boys with dark hair. Preferably with little curls to run my hands through.” I did the action as the words left my mouth, resting my arms around his neck when finished.

“Oh really?” Enoch asked, a hint of a smile on his features. A very rare occurrence for sure.

“Yes. I also like brown eyes. reminds me of chocolate.” I stood up and place a light kiss on the crown of his head. He sat in silence, a cherry hue colouring his cheeks. “If you happen to meet anyone like that, tell them that a date is in order.”

I turned around and headed for the stairs but just before I reached the top, I stopped. “Oh and, I also seem to have a thing for dead-risers.” A smirk plastered onto my mouth. I’m sure his face was strawberry red in his stunned silence, but I didn’t turn around to check as I walked out of the basement.

“(Y/N)!” I heard his familiar voice shout from down the hall. I was right in front of my room. I stopped and waited for Enoch to catch up.

“I think I know someone who meets your requirements,” he said.

“Oh, yeah? Did you tell them about the date?” I asked, smiling up at him.

“Yes, and they would love to go on a picnic with you,” Enoch responded. I smiled even wider if that was even possible.

“That sounds lovely. Tell this dream boy to meet me in the garden tomorrow for lunch,” I replied, happily placing a kiss on Enoch’s pale cheek.

A smile graced his lips, showing off his pearly whites. A very unusual but very welcome sight.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and leant in close. So close, that his nose was brushing against my own. I moved in until our lips almost touched and  I could feel his breath on my face. Then I pulled away and turned to go, leaving an extremely disappointed Enoch.

The necromancer grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to him, a smirk on his face.

“You are such a tease,” he said as he leant in and kissed me. His hands found my hips while mine entangled in his hair.

“Hey lovebirds! Stop snogging and come to dinner!” A small girl’s voice said. Both Enoch and I looked up to the ceiling and saw a laughing Olive. That little spy was almost as bad as Millard.

“Yeah, you’re going to be late,” an invisible voice sounded. Speak of the devil.

Enoch groaned but I just laughed, intertwining our fingers and walking down to the dining room. An eternity with Enoch didn’t sound too bad. But the spying would get old.