Just realized that if I was a smarter gal I would have remembered all those times Arthur that piece of red cloth wrapped around his arm during tourneys for that gifset

I’ve made some blunders in the few months I’ve accepted myself as a chick that is in fact pretty gay:

This cute cute cute out lesbian complimented me (You look really great today, J, like really good, those pants fit so well on you) , and then legit suggested we play footsie later on when I bumped her foot. I did not realize that she was in fact, Being Gay, until so much later and the other queer friend I made was like “yeah dude she really was.”  Like this girl was wholesale checking my booty out and I just…ate my taco and talked about work.

And then, yesterday: This chick who came round the bookstore asking about book recs had said she’d come back the next day (yesterday) and get an opinion from me specifically ( i didn’t believe her), and she literally did come back to my bookstore yesterday to talk to me and buy a book off my register. Like she didn’t buy shit else. She came and stood to the side till I noticed her and was like “told you I’d be back,” and wouldn’t stop smiling and then I recc’d Wide Sargasso Sea to her cus she was reading Jane Eyre. But then this old white woman kept trying to tell me Wide Sargasso Sea wasn’t what I was saying it was and I’m like Brenda I need you to buy your keychain and vacate.

Now, she could have just been being nice and interested in books but…i just feel it. I’ve never been -nicely- flirted with before, like it’s all been lewd straight male shit and just…

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I LOVE Emily Blunt! Everyone seems to only know her from The Devil Wears Prada but she's so much more than that. So brilliant and funny. Have you see her lip sync battle against Anne Hathaway? If you haven't, I highly recommend you find it on YouTube. So great.

She is wonderful. Where I really fell in love with her was Edge of Tomorrow. She was so great in that that I didn’t even mind Tom Cruise, who normally I want to punch in the face. Also, she was absolutely brilliant in Sicario. Though if you watch Sicario, do not eat anything. At least for the first twenty minutes are so.