When you WOKE and smoke. 😤😌🙄
  • Homie: *passes the blunt* aye bro, you heard that new Future?
  • Me: ha, ha. Naw. To be completely honest bro, he's problematic. *hits the blunt*
  • Homie: ????? my Nigga... what??
  • Me: Think about it my G. He weird. His name future but he be livin in the past. He backwards. Cheated on his fiancé, left his family then said no other man can love his baby. That's Odd. & what's up with all the slut shaming? Everybody knows that slut shaming is really a form of government and societal population control, ran by the misogynistic ghost men that own this country. Future a pawn and don't even know it
  • Homie: *looks at me while stuck in a state of Awe and realization while reachin for the blunt* damn...🤔