homies hit up

174. In slytherin/hufflepuff friendships the slytherin would be like “yo homie hit me up with those baked goods” because the hufflepuffs are like right next to the kitchen you know and the hufflepuff being like “alright fam I gotchu but only if you sneak me into your common room to play intense board games with the rest of your house”

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Hey homies, hit me up if you like;

-the 80’s in general
-80s new wave/post-punk-synthpop/pop/hair metal/glam rock music
-80s movies
-Cult Movies
-Rocky Horror
-Donnie Darko
-Heathers (both the movie and musical)

Because I need more blogs to follow and also friends would be wonderful! Thank you buds 💕


For the homie who hit me up yesterday working on OLC. Try it out chall. Tag me. I’ll make you videos like this. Boom.

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