homies hit up

i really want a mumu that’s based on the 12 main greek gods. like some modern college or town plot or something where each of the characters is more or less based off the of greek gods. and we could add some of the smaller or lesser known gods and base plot lines off of greek mythology stories and then add our own ideas. like please give this to me.

Hey homies, hit me up if you like;

-the 80’s in general
-80s new wave/post-punk-synthpop/pop/hair metal/glam rock music
-80s movies
-Cult Movies
-Rocky Horror
-Donnie Darko
-Heathers (both the movie and musical)

Because I need more blogs to follow and also friends would be wonderful! Thank you buds 💕


For the homie who hit me up yesterday working on OLC. Try it out chall. Tag me. I’ll make you videos like this. Boom.

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