ive known this guy since i was 14 and he was 16 and i just watched his gig last night and he fucking slammed it so much. hes one of the most talented people i know and he treats me like im his little sister and the love i get from him is one of my faves because we dont see each other a lot but he makes me feel like he really does like my company even if im the weirdest person in his friends list. and all we do together is laugh, i flick his nipples (its a friend thing), and we sing pop punk songs together because we rule lol and his opinion means a lot to me so whenever he says im super good at singing and guitar or something i just flip my shit and i sang him a song i wrote recently and he loves it and wants to make it an actual song IM SO FUCKING HAPPY

Making another one cuz I started following a lot more (I only follow 164 blogs as of now) and bcuz I changed my url pls forgive this edit I did it on my phone

so here is ANOTHER shout out to all u beautiful penes I follow

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im sure im gonna make one of these again with more ppl since im always finding wonderful blogs and people here and sorry if I forgot anyone!