“I feel like everyone is against me, but no one ever makes fun of me, mainly because they think I am a psycho. There is one kid above all others that I want to kill. I want nothing more than to put a hole in his head. The one reason I don’t: hope. That tomorrow will be better. As soon as my hope is gone, people die” -An excerpt from Kip Kinkel’s journal


Have you heard the voice? The case of Amber Tuccaro

On August 18th 2010, Amber Tuccaro (20 yrs old) from Mikisew Cree First Nation in Alberta was staying at a motel in Nisku near Edmonton, Alberta, where she was visiting, along with her one year old son and a close female friend after arriving from Fort McMurray. Hoping to catch a ride into Edmonton, Amber got into a car with an unknown male and unfortunately, never returned back to the motel that night and was later reported missing by her mother.

Mishandling’s of the case were apparent from the beginning as the RCMP did not consider her a missing person. When first reported missing by her mother, RCMP asked her if “Amber ever went missing before.” And had made the assumptions that she was just probably out partying. She’s going to come home or that she’d call. This could not be any more further from the truth.

Amber was not considered a missing person until long after she disappeared and only after one month the RCMP removed Amber’s name from the missing persons list, despite no one seeing her. RCMP also destroyed all of Amber’s belongings that were found in the Nisku motel room, without informing the family.

The night Amber went missing she received a phone call from her brother, who was being held in the Edmonton Remand Centre at the time. Amber, while still in the vehicle with the unknown man, answered the phone call. The Centre her brother was at began recording all outgoing calls made by inmates in early 2010 and had recorded 17 minutes of audio of Amber interacting with the male.

2 years later and still no sign of Amber, investigators, at this point, had now considered Amber’s case a homicide and asked for the public’s help identifying the man’s voice on the recording taken that night and put up billboards around the area with a headliner reading “have you heard the voice?”. 

Transcript of the chilling call

Amber - Where are we by? 

Unknown Male - We’re just heading south of uh, Beaumont or north of Beaumont. 

Amber - We’re heading north of Beaumont… 

Amber - Yo, where are we going? 

Unknown Male - Just… (Inaudible) 

Amber - No, this is a… 

Unknown Male - (Inaudible)… The back roads. 

Amber - Are you fucking kidding me?  

Unknown Male - No, I’m not kidding you. 

Amber - You better not take, you better not be taking me anywhere I don’t wanna go. I wanna go into the city, okay? 

Unknown Male - One end of the street. 

Amber - Yo, we’re not going into the city are we? 

Unknown Male - We are. We’re going… 

Amber - No, we’re not… 

Unknown Male - Yes…

Amber - Then where the fuck are these roads going to? 

Unknown Male - To 50th street. 

Amber - 50th street? Are you sure? 

Unknown Male - Absolutely. 

Amber - Yo, where are we going? 

Unknown Male - 50th street. 

Amber - 50th street? 

Unknown Male - 50th street.

Amber - East, right? 

Unknown Male - East. 

Amber - (Inaudible)… Over now. 

Unknown Male - (Inaudible)… Gravel. 

Amber - (Inaudible) 

This is the only part of the 17 minute recording that was released to the public and RCMP have stated that this was the only time in Canadian history they released an audio recording to the public in a murder investigation. You can listen to the call here.

On September 1st, 2012, only four days after its release, horseback riders found Amber’s partial skeletal remains in a farmer’s field in Leduc, Alberta. The police have stated the remains being found just days later was a “total coincidence.“ 

Remains of four other women were found in the same area as Amber’s. They were within a few kilometers of each other in Leduc County.

  • Edna Bernard went missing in September of 2002 and her body was found the next day.
  • Katie Sylvia Ballantyne went missing in May of 2003, her remains were discovered in July of 2003. 
  • Corrie Ottenbreit went missing in May of 2004, her remains were discovered in April of 2015.
  • Delores Brower went missing in June 2005, her remains were found in April of 2015.

This information has made many come to the conclusion that these women were possibly murdered by the same man and that a serial killer is out there walking free. Amber’s mother has set up a Facebook account in hopes to find her daughter’s killer. She posts the audio of her daughter’s last known words very frequently in hopes someone recognizes the man’s voice.


Similarities Between Dennis Nilsen and Jeffrey Dahmer

• Both were gay serial killers

• Both frequented gay bars

• Both were in the army. Dahmer was a combat medic and Nilsen was a cook.

• Both had alcohol problems

• Both were in denial of their homosexuality. Nilsen tried to reassure himself that he was bisexual and dated a woman to prove this. Dahmer dated a woman as well, and his murders were seen as a way to rid himself of his homosexuality.

• Both killed because they wanted companions that would not leave them

• Both craved control over their victims

• Both were fond of animals. Dahmer had a dog and a cat as a child and fish as an adult, and was horrified after seeing a classmate run over a dog with his car. Nilsen had pet pigeons as a child and was extremely upset when a vandal killed them. As an adult, Nilsen had a dog that eventually became his only companion. 

• Both performed sexual acts on corpses

• Both cooked parts of their victims

• Both had close relationships with one of their grandparents. Dahmer was close to his grandmother and Nilsen was close to his grandfather.

• Both stored their victims’ bodies in their apartments and had neighbors that became suspicious of the smell emitting from their homes

• Both were almost caught by the police. Dahmer was almost caught when victim Konerak Sinthomphone was able to escape his apartment and run into two girls who called the police. Dahmer was able to convince the police that they were lovers just having a disagreement.  One of Nilsen’s victims woke up while being strangled and called the police, but the police did nothing, thinking it was a domestic disagreement as well.

• Both depersonalized their victims

• Both were cooperative with police

• Both appeared distant to those around them


While studying law for his upcoming murder trial, Ted Bundy became distracted by a particular female paparazzi who he’d allowed to take pictures of him. When he’d read enough, he closed his books, went over to the camera and bared his teeth in an exaggerated grin, making the woman collapse in a fit of giggles. The photographer later said the serial killer was “The most attractive and charming man I’d ever spent 10 minutes with.”

Richard Ramirez Interview Excerpt
Richard Ramirez Interview Excerpt

“I believe in the, in the evil in human nature. This is a wicked, wicked world, and in a wicked world wicked people are born. I’m not gonna blame society, my race, or people, or anything. It is up to the individual like myself to keep on knocking on whatever door they want to get into. As far as Satan is concerned, I believe in a malevolent being whose description eludes me, but I have felt powers that are evil.”

We’re told, everybody, that all things are bad. Bad is not good and good is not bad. Bad and good go together. You have to accept one to understand the other. You’ve got to accept yourself as God. You’ve got to realize you’re just the devil just as much as you’re God, that you’re everything and you’re nothing at all” -Charles Manson


19 year old Herne, Germany resident Marcel Hesse was apprehended on March 9th, 2017 for the murder of his 9 year old neighbor Jaden, pictured on the top right. Hesse stabbed Jaden 56 times in a cellar, and proceeded to upload pictures of himself on WhatsApp standing next to the victim, stating that he “killed the neighbours child, doesn’t feel bad tbh, my hands bleed a lil which is the only thing annoying me. Actually wanted to get a girl in here so i can rape her.” Authorities have discovered pictures uploaded on a 4Chan forum as well, showing him with blood on his hands, brandishing a knife, and washing the murder weapon. Hesse also uploaded a video of him carrying out the gruesome act on the dark web for others to enjoy. A dark web user notified the police, which led to a manhunt for the killer. Reports indicate that after the murder, Hesse went over to his friend’s house, identified as 22 year old Christopher W., and spent the night there. The next morning, Christopher confronted Hesse about the manhunt, causing Hesse to stab him 68 times as well as set fire to his home. The killer was ultimately caught when he walked into a fast food restaurant and shouted “call the police, I’m wanted.” Hesse is a martial arts fanatic and was rejected by the German army due to his instability. Authorities claim he has a “lust to kill” and that he appeared “extremely ice-cold, emotionless.” As described by his sister, he is an “absolute psycho.” Hesse apparently stated that he had originally wanted to take his own life, but decided to murder so he could end up in jail.

June 15th 1995: O.J. Simpson tries on a new pair of gloves similar to those found at the crime scene of his wife’s murder. Despite compelling evidence, the actor was never convicted for Nicole’s murder. The iconic photograph above shows the dramatic demonstration that devastated the prosecution when the gloves appeared too tight for Simpson’s hands. His defense attorney simply said: “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” - And this seemed to remarkably sway the jury into finding him innocent.

Serial killer Ted Bundy seemed to enjoy his newfound infamy. While his charm and arrogance in court certainly garnered him a lot of attention, it would also contribute to his downfall. Psychiatrist Emanuel Tanay stated that: “when I was asking him, ‘do you know that you are facing the death sentence?’, he could intellectually acknowledge it, but he sure didn’t act like a man who was facing a death sentence. He was acting like a man who did not have a care in the world. He was cheerful and acted more like a man who was not in jail but was onstage. He was not motivated by a need to help himself. He was motivated by the need to be the star of the show. He was the producer of a play in which he was playing a big role. The defense and his future were of secondary importance to him.”