D4C | Chapter 1 Investigation | Atsuko Fujimoto

He was a failure. His resolve wasn’t strong enough. It wasn’t strong enough to attract a killer, but it was strong enough for the killer to-…

He feels great regret, great remorse. The killing was unnecessary, inexcusable. He feels shame, deep shame.

He knocks on Atsuko’s door once again.

It’s time to reconvene.

Hopefully, she won’t be distraught about the symbol at the crime scene. If it was the case, he would merely know how much trust he can instill in her.

“Atsuko, we need to talk.” His voice was calm and caring, but at the same time was paired with a serious undertone.

Serial killer Ted Bundy was always aware that there was something wrong with him. Once, before flying to Seattle, he phoned his girlfriend for support. He was crying down the telephone and having trouble speaking. When he finally pulled himself together, he said: “I just can’t seem to connect with people. Sure I can hold doors open and smile and be charming, but when it comes to basic relationships I just don’t have it. There’s something wrong with me.”

Trans WOC Keisha Jenkins Assaulted and Shot in Homicide

Black transgender woman Keisha Jenkins was beaten by six men and shot in Philadelphia. Authorities still do not know whether the homicide was a hate crime and motivated by Jenkins’ race or gender. 20 trans and gender non-conforming people have been murdered in 2015, not including Jenkins, and 16 of those victims were black. Jenkins is the second trans woman to be murdered in Philly after London Kiki Chanel in May.

“Ramirez laughed a lot, and joked with his attorneys, even cackling loudly during crucial testimony. Once he laughed loudly during a young widow’s testimony and caused several spectators to cry as she tearfully described how her assailant had raped and beaten her while her slain husband lay nearby. Sometimes, Ramirez sneered openly at the prosecution”

This wasn’t the only mischief Ramirez caused in the courtroom. The killer got a kick out of staring down witnesses at the podium with his dark, fear-inducing eyes, enjoying when they became flustered. The judge noticed this behavior and ordered him to “stop-stop now!” Ramirez challenged this, and once again stared down the witnesses. The judge became irritated, and ordered the bailiff to put a stop to what he was doing. The bailiff took a hold of Ramirez and yanked his head in the other direction, to which Ramirez responded to by attacking him. The infamous Night Stalker was soon held down by courtroom guards and taken back to his cell. 

“The only negative thing about murder is, when you kill someone they can no longer suffer…”

- Varg Vikernes, who is Norway’s most infamous killer. Vikernes murdered his friend and fellow band-member in 1993 after they had an argument over a girl. He stabbed him and then tossed his blood-stained clothes into a nearby river.

Prior to the murders, he was a known arsonist who had a favourite target: Churches. It’s estimated that he burnt down 8 churches because he “hated Christianity”.

Due to Norway’s lenient prison system, Varg is now a free man after serving only 12 years of a life sentence. Whilst incarcerated, he was allowed to write books and even record two albums, which were a huge success.


Upon entering Richard Chase’s apartment, investigators were met with the following:

•Walls covered with blood, as well as the floor, ceiling, and kitchen utensils in the same state

•A smoothie blender on the counter, caked with blood and containing rotting organs

•Animal body parts wrapped in aluminum foil in the refrigerator

•Victim David Ferreira’s brains in a Tupperware container inside his refrigerator, as well as other parts of his body wrapped in Saran Wrap

•Several of victim Evelyn Miroth and victim Teresa Wallin’s internal organs inside of the refrigerator 

•Pet collars

•Diagrams laid out on the counter depicting human organs

•Newspapers, with numerous dog ads circled

•Pieces of bone in the kitchen

•A calendar with the word “today” written on the dates of the Wallin and Miroth murders, as well as that same word written on 44 more dates in the same year

June 15th 1995: O.J. Simpson tries on a new pair of gloves similar to those found at the crime scene of his wife’s murder. Despite compelling evidence, the actor was never convicted for Nicole’s murder. The iconic photograph above shows the dramatic demonstration that devastated the prosecution when the gloves appeared too tight for Simpson’s hands. His defense attorney simply said: “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” - And this seemed to remarkably sway the jury into finding him innocent.