homicidal warning

oh also in the tow yard thing where i had to empty my car i saw
1. two elevated gangster cars one with a Hennessy bottle, and a NOS energy drink inside , another with two more massive wheels in the seats (in case u lose one? lol)
2. a burnt out exploded car that i took a picture with and now feel bad about
3. a fuckin homicide van with biohazard warnings
4. several cars filled to the literal brim with baby supplies

why was she doing this at this time of night? it was nearly midnight with most of the house either asleep or scattered around the house while she was down in the game room by herself on her knees on the luxurious couch in her short pajama set, swearing at herself for not wearing something a bit more to allow hiding any sort of weapon in case someone tried something with her. but this video game stunk of a disturbing plot, but so intriguing and it had her heart racing the entire time and that only added to the addiction of adrenaline. at the ready to run, serena stood up on the seat, ready to bolt when she heard a noise–pausing the game, she looked behind her, “someone here? sudden moves make me very homicidal, so beware!” she warned. @fckveronica

Forever In Paris

There are little things in life that can change your life in the most captivating way. Some are given, some are earned, some are sacrificed, and some of them are simply just out of our reach. Some of them could not be seen with the naked eye, but felt with the heart. Some of them need time and patience. So if you had a chance to take the risk of falling in love in a foreign country you’ve always wanted to visit, would you take that chance? If yes, then there are a lot of pain and heartbreak that is bound to happen.

And that is exactly what Y/N did.

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After nearly a year of being a fan of Erica Wester’s Welcome to Hell, I’ve finally done some fanart for it. 
I’ve decided that I’d really like to get more involved with this fandom. All the art is amazing and the fans seem so lovely. So to all you W2H fans out there, expect more art coming your way!

If you don’t know what Welcome to Hell is, I highly suggest you check it out!
This is the description as shown on Townspot.tv:

“An unfortunately friendly demon discovers that his new job, haunting and attempting to drive an apathetic highschooler to suicide, isn’t as easy as he’d hoped it would be.”

A bit of a warning, homicide and suicide are indeed themes of this short film. If that bothers you a whole bunch, Welcome to Hell is probably not for you. If you’re in the clear with that stuff, I do strongly urge you to check it out. It’s about 10 minutes long with lovable characters and witty dark humor.