homicidal unicorns

Mazel Tov Sasha Velour!

Okay. So. I understand why so many people wanted Shea to win, and I mostly expected her to tbh, but let’s not act like it’s unfair that Sasha won. Each were in the top 7 times, each was in the bottom once, and each turned it the fuck out. You can argue about the number of wins, times in the bottom two, etc., but in the end it’s about the big picture, and I thought Sasha and Shea were both incredible.

I love Sasha so much. Every look she turned was unique and unexpected… honestly can we just address her renaissance-era, homicidal unicorn? Every time she walked onto that runway her look was creative and polished - what else could you ask for? 

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Also, people who say Luke is weak…when Vader threatens Leia and Luke slipped vaguely downward, he had Vader down in thirty-eight seconds.  (@Ragnell checked the timestamp.)

But yeah, Luke is the weakest of the Jedi.

(Luke is as much of a monster as Anakin, he’s just a good one.)