All of my wigs! When I have the time I do these… run around the house pretending to be different characters trying to fix my voice so I can properly voice act…

As said in the previous post! I am going to step up my commission game to buy a Hetalia China cosplay! I want to try to earn at least $150 dollars by the end of next month~ I don’t think I can do it but then again I think I can! 

My hair is perf for Yao and I want to do thisssssssssss! So here are my prices!

Want a pony, chibi, and or sketch? Totally just send me an ask or a little note and I will exchange my paypal email and get into details about the commission aru!

Feel free to ask any sort of questions!

  • The Great and Powerful Brandi

This is a little snip it of “Aiyaa Four Thousand Years” one of China’s character songs about Japan.

Memorizing and practicing for that Angel Beats Parody we’re doing… I… I can’t measure up to Yui or Iwazawa… But uploading this cause I can! I don’t think you want to hear the attempt at the man voice… This is bad enough.

  • No...
  • Brandi...no
  • Brandi stop it...

Well y'all know about my Ask China blog on here right? Yeah. I’m over here trying to read some *cough* fan fictions and well dA is just not working for me every time I try… then I made this…

I don’t have a panda to vent to but… I always have my phone! Tell me if I sound right. I maybe Asian but I don’t have that accent.