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ok so my friend used to make fun of me bc i really really loved benny a whole lot and he's still my fave character from fnv and bc she made fun of me for it i felt bad for liking him but bc u like him i'm!!!!! really happy that i like him too!!!!!!!!!! also the tops is my very fave place to go in the strip it just makes me feel so at home............ idk just thank u for talking about how much u love benny it makes me happy !!!!!

aaaaAAAWWW PLEASE;_; FIDOSJKLFKDSKLFJ god i understand.. i feel a shame about my love but honestly… u cant help what the heart feels… i feel so much abt him i cant contain it i hate him
ALSO ME TOO I LVOE THE TOPS;_; fuodslkjf the strip and the more alive places in nv make me feel rlly homey ;_; and when im in the desert too.. im home
TY THO;_; I NEED SUPPORT in this… i feel rlly embarrassed abt how public i am being i feel pathetic im glad it help u;_;

Moved into uni in England today 🌅 📦 I’ve been sorted into the best college (Collingwood) & my room is so homey and lovely. The best advice that comes to mind for me when starting at a new place is: “Don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself and know that that’s good enough. Don’t try to be someone else.” Also, these joggers have been with me through thick & thin and I’m happy I packed them.