Bedtime without a little...

I always miss having a little the most at bedtime.

Like, tucking someone in, reading them a story, talking to them until they fall asleep… It all seems like it’s for the little. You know, making them feel safe and relaxed, but it does the same for a CG. The homey, close refuge right before falling asleep… It’s like building your own world with someone, like the sun setting creates this perfect place where there’s just you and them in this sweet asylum of love and innocence…

It’s bliss.

Lol Waking up find jurina sr. And shimazaki salty queen haruka, who dont know the puppy is in SR, actually CALLING her and ASKING her out

Dude, its paruru, paruru the homey child! Whove spend her entire summer lock herself in her room watching gibli. she wouldnt call people or ask them out if she dont really really really and really … Like reaaally want to


Exquisite Chalkboard Inspirational Calligraphy by Valerie McKeehan

Hand letterer and illustrator Valerie McKeehan is behind the charming chalkboard boutique Lily & Val, where she offers a range of stunning chalkboard creations since 2012. The handmade calligraphy melds the world of art, home decor, cooking and other wholesome charms with a series of romantic and inspirational literary quotes.

Meticulously hand drawn, with no digital alterations, McKeehan’s designs contain a vintage, homey sensibility. Although chalk is a difficult and fragile tool to work with, the artist loves to compose with the playful instrument because it provides a nostalgic effect. The “dustiness” and texture chalk makes the artwork feel rustic, intimate, yet refined.

Inspired by retro patterns, florals, atmospheric and indie coffee shops and spaces, each piece holds a delightful and cozy appeal. You can find her collection in her Etsy shop.

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