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I just found your blog! Great job on your fics!! Would you mind doing a thing with either Soldier 76 or McCree with this prompt: “This is what I was trying to avoid! All of this!” I got it from one of the posts you reblogged :)

How about both? 

(Sorry these are so bad lmao I’m getting back into writing. The Jesse one went a different way than I wanted so if you’d like a rewrite just let me know!! I tried not to make them too similar ahh)

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Sing for Me

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Pairing: Taeil x reader
Genre: fluff, barista!au 
Warnings: none
Word count: 1,473 

Truth be told, you were never the type to be overly crazy over coffee. Yes, you liked it and it came in handy when you needed some extra energy to finish a project or even binge watch a couple of seasons of your favorite show. But you were never the type of person that couldn’t function without it. 

That was until your friend had dragged you all the way to this secluded little coffee shop that you had to try. The interior was very nice, the lighting low casting a yellowy light in the room, making it look warm and cozy. A big old jukebox rested against the brick walls, with a big stack of vinyls next to it. Instead of chairs, there were small brown loveseats, that really added to the homey feeling of the cafe. And your friend was right, their coffee was great and so was their chocolate cake. 

However, that was not the reason you kept going there. You had set your eyes on the cute yet mysterious barista. All you knew about him was that his name was Taeil and that he never smiled, not once. Even when you told him tragic coffee puns, his lips wouldn’t even twitch. So you were set on getting him to smile and maybe ask him out on a date too. Whenever you went there alone you always sat on one of the stools at the bar, pestering the good looking barista but only getting short or one worded replies.

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A little preview on something we’re sort of working on, I guess?

The amount of time me, piyocchi​, mythrilrain​ and aquacatz11​ spent thinking about this cafe AU actually amazed me and I regret nothing

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🦄! -(groovygags)

Meet Wish Starlight (she/her/they/them)! She is a unicorn toon who works at a small yet homey cafe in Minnie’s Melodyland!

Wish is quite a kind and trustworthy unicorn and is always trying to keep a positive light on life! This unicorn is always trying to lend a hand, but they never bite off more than they can chew.

While Wish can be a bit ditzy and forgetful at times, often causing them to run late or forget something, she is a hard worker and is sincere at what she does~ (These are just a few of their traits you can flesh them out more if you want!)

Sometimes, when Wish feels as if a toon deserves it (more often it is a child), she will hand them an enchanted coin that she created and, when tossed into a fountain, their wish will come true!

I hope you like them, Groovy! x3