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Tag as "homeworkhelp" Do you have any tips on how to be productive and get homework done? I have OCD and ADHD and it makes it really hard for me to concentrate on my work and hand things in on time. (Part 1 of 2)

(Part 2 of homeworkhelp) I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist/therapist for a while but i still haven’t found the right medication and it could be a while before I do, so in the meantime any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I actually worked as a time management tutor at my college for students with ADHD (funny as I also have ADHD and was terrible at staying organized and focused!) I actually ended up using this strategy that I taught and coached students with, by the end of my undergrad, and I can personally vouch for its effectiveness: 

  1. If you are in college, get out all of your syllabi, if not, collect all of the info you have about due dates for assignments/tests
  2. Print out a monthly calendar for your semester, quarter or for the next few months
  3. Collect 4 different colored writing utensils: 
  4.  For each class you have, go through and write on your calendar:
  •  any major assignments and test dates (color #1)
  •  reading in color #3
  • then break down major assignments and tests that you write in color #1, and in color #4, write down smaller personal goals and due dates for them (such as for an essay, the week before it is due, you start with research, then write the outline, etc)
  •  any smaller regularly occurring homework assignments (such as review sheets) in color #2

This way you have a calendar organized by level of importance of work and can prioritize accordingly. 

You may also find helpful writing a daily schedule for yourself, every night writing out what you will do at what time the following day. 

Here is some other links that have studying and notetaking tips that may be helpful: 
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here are some more apps & tips to help you stay focused:

I hope some of this is helpful

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Would Include...

Being Stiles’ Sister Would Include:

  • Constantly arguing
  • Helping him with research
  • Him being overprotective
  • Bailing him out when he gets onto trouble
  • Covering for him when he sneaks out
  • Movie nights
  • Him helping you with your homework
  • Helping him fix his Jeep
  • Teachers not liking you because of how much you’re like your brother
  • Being there for him and helping him with his anxiety

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We are studying non-fiction journalists in my english class.  The assignment is to pick a journalist then read a few of their articles and dissect the way they write. There is one slight issue with this: I haveENO IDEA whaT JOuurnNAlist to study. Does anyone know of a -preferably outspoken (and not outspoken in the way that every other liberal writer out there is, outspoken in the way that can provoke eyebrow raises and isn’t afraid to step on a few toes (especially the wrong toes)) and does not write exclusively about politics?