Do your homework in natural light!

If the sun is bright enough, do it! You don’t even have to go outside if you can’t or don’t want to! Just open your window! I practice this as much as I can throughout the school year and with summer assignments. It just makes me so much happier! It also feels more open and not like I’m closing my self off to get work done.

semi hiatus

I know this is really sudden, but I really need to get off tumblr and do my homework. I only have one week left of classes and I still have 3 late assignments to do, and two that I can still do on time. This also means that I won’t be writing as much. I’ll try to do a couple of my drabbles, and I’ll queue up some posts, but that’s it for me.

see you in a week!

Thank you nice person

Quietly sitting for four hours
In that famous coffee shop
Writing notes and typing one of my final essays.

Trying to finish before closing time
(Still not done)

I was given a free,
whatever I wanted coffee, to go when they closed.

I’ll be up a few more hours for sure
Working at home.

Hopefully I finish!
Thank you barista at Starbucks!!
I did need the extra caffeine.

Homework Time || Amy & Rosemary

Amy Gomez stood up from her bed and stretches before grabbing her homework that she needs to finish. She was glad that her best friend hasn’t starter her either and was more glad that she doesn’t have to finish it alone. Amy walks out of the girls’ door-room and checked around carefully to see if there’s any fourth years girls around. Once she was sure there wasn’t any, she quickly went to the common and left the household to head out to the library. As she walks down the hallway she hoes that she wasn’t getting there late. Amy never likes being late to anything at all.