SO i’m writing a paper.

Well, two papers but whatever

And like everyone has their weird thing about papers right? So my weird thing is NEEDING to have a perfect introduction before continuing. Once I do the words just come and it’s magic I don’t even know.

SO for my creative nonfiction class we have to do peer editing in groups and my group was like - you know, I think you should change your intro.

So I ignored the fact that this goes against my very nature and I’m like YEAH SURE NO PROBLEM but now I’m just sitting here WITH MY FINGER ON THE ENTER KEY I HAVE 40 PAGES OF BLANK PAGES MY BRAIN DOESN’T WORK THIS WAY HELP

  1. He wanted to tell a joke but no one was letting him speak. Sucks to be him.
  2. I tried to drive a car once. I crashed it. I don’t drive anymore.
  3. As long as I wear this suit I can pretend I’m actually successful.
  4. She needs to climb the ladder faster. The zombies are coming.
  5. To do this homework I had to copy some text. A lot of it actually. Where’s my reward.
  6. He was trying to grow some vegetables in his backyard but he didn’t know anything about how to do it so they all died out.

Look at me doing my English homework

friendlylike replied to your post “PAPER IS TURNED IN.”

#so proud

Aww, thanks.  ^_^  There were things about it that were good and things about it that were less good, but I think I handled the assignment pretty well, given the fact that it was a different style and set of requirements than I’m used to and hit on a lot of my weaknesses.  And I definitely learned a lot from doing it, which is what really matters.  This is not the kind of assignment that translates easily into something publishable, because it was at kind of a weird length, and it’s not in my area anyway, so I don’t need it to be.  But yeah.  Learned a lot.  Figured out a couple of things about my planning process that could be better, got to experiment with a couple of different ways of embedding and working with scholarly sources that I haven’t tried before, and figured out some stuff about doing research at this level that will help in the future.  Also figured out how much my current note-taking strategies (and lack thereof) don’t work.  So… not sure how to MAKE them work, but it’s still good to know what to work on…

Anyway, I feel like this sounds negative and nitpicky but I’m not as down on myself as this might sound.  Like… writing is one of those things that you learn to do by doing them.  And when you learn how to do things by doing them, you always end up with a mixed bag of good and bad and skinned knees and getting where you meant to go anyway.

I’m happy with the paper, even though it’s not perfect, and I’m feeling pretty good about it as a learning experience, even though I’m exhausted and it made me miserable the whole time I was doing it… :P

The thing I’m translating/reading right now just talked about “derf Neptune” and I really wanted to write it down as “derpy Neptune,” or something, but it actually means “bold Neptune” or “fierce Neptune” or something along that line.  Unfortunately… :P