Chapter 11

caput, capitis, consul, consulis, nemo, nullius, nemini, neminem, nullo, nulla, ego, mei, tu, tui, is, ea, id, idem, eadem, idem, amicus, amica, amicum, carus, cara, carum, quod, neque, nec, autem, bene, etiam, intellego, intellegere, intelexi, intellectum, mitto, mittere, misi, missum,sentio, sentire, sensi, sensum


  • caput, capitis- n. head, leader, beginning, life, heading, chapter
  • consul,consulis- m. consul
  • neomo, nullius, nemini, neminem, nullo, nulla- no one, nobody
  • ego, mei- i
  • tu, tui- you
  • is, ea, id- this, that, the, she, it
  • idem, eadem,idem- the same
  • amicus, amica, amicum- friendly
  • carus, cara, carum- dear
  • quod- conj. because
  • neque, nec- conj. and not, nor
  • nec…. nec/neque….neque- neither….nor
  • autem- postpositive conj. however; moreover
  • bene- adv. of bonus, well, satisfactorily, quite
  • etiam- adv. even, also
  • intellego, intelegere, intellexi, intellectum- to understand
  • mitto, mittere, misi, missum- to send, let go
  • sentio, sentire, sensi, senum- to feel, percive, think, experience


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seriously i cant get over how good togashi is at creating these central organizing bodies like the spirit world and hunters association and at first glance youre like, hell yeah these are the Good Guys they are right and they have the best of intentions for everyone because thats what they do. but nope, nope we learn that the spirit world has this horribly toxic idea of black/white good and evil and they depend on these humans for governance and imbue them with power and they declare them enemies the moment they begin to question the preestablished narrative. same with the hunters association, we saw how they saction genocide and horrible treatment of radicals, how they have no intelligent governing body to prevent atrocities from happening, the hunters system is horribly flawed (seeing as illumi and hisoka were both able to get licenses when everyone KNEW they were fucked up), the entire chairmens arc itself was a lesson in how fuckin awful the governing system is.

honestly i just adore the way togashi weaves these webs of deception, nothin is what youd expect. he turns the typical archetypes on their heads and leaves you questioning literally everything. if you cant trust the people in charge then what is there to depend on? a government is more than any single hero can be so what does that mean to those trying to make a better world?

Ignore me; just trying to get myself to finish my work.

Shit you need to get done tonight

  • Write up your response for CS (Disclaimer: Still need to check with instructor on how exactly to format it please answer my piazza post plsssss.)
  • Complete the thought question for psych
  • Do as much of your CS assignment as you can before this weekend
  • Help with dinner
  • Figure out who you’re supposed to email your CS essay to

Tina Modotti 

Until her sudden – and some say mysterious – death at 45, the Italian-born artist lived an extraordinary life, morphing from silent-film actress to model, muse, photographer, Mexican revolutionary and (possibly) spy. Yet it wasn’t until the 1990s – when a cache of her photographs was discovered in a farmhouse in Oregon and several platinum prints, Roses and Calla Lilies, were auctioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars in New York – that her own photographic legacy and incredible story would come to light. (more)


reasons to use the alive 2007 album as your essay writing soundtrack:

- repetitive enough not to require active listening
- engaging enough to keep you from zoning out entirely
- you can time it so you’re handing in your essay while this song reaches the thirty second mark
- you can immediately start partying afterwards

SO i’m writing a paper.

Well, two papers but whatever

And like everyone has their weird thing about papers right? So my weird thing is NEEDING to have a perfect introduction before continuing. Once I do the words just come and it’s magic I don’t even know.

SO for my creative nonfiction class we have to do peer editing in groups and my group was like - you know, I think you should change your intro.

So I ignored the fact that this goes against my very nature and I’m like YEAH SURE NO PROBLEM but now I’m just sitting here WITH MY FINGER ON THE ENTER KEY I HAVE 40 PAGES OF BLANK PAGES MY BRAIN DOESN’T WORK THIS WAY HELP