I am not hopeless at rocks! I mean, I am not *good* at rocks yet, but I got some of them right! Progress!

im watching master and commander again (legit reasons: i need to pull quotes from it) and the scene where the officers are discussing Nelson over dinner, and one dude says that Nelson always would say “Never mind the manoeuvres, just go straight at ‘em.”

and after watching some documentaries on Nelson and the British navy when Nelson was around, that strategy makes a lot of sense. But it only made sense to the British. 

During the Age of Sail naval battles were fought by just blasting canons at the other and sniping people from above until one ship could not take it anymore and surrendered (sinking a ship was very difficult). 

And in the late 1700s and early 1800s the British Navy was faster than anyone at firing their canons. They could fire two to three times faster (90 seconds between shots compared to 3-5 minutes) than the spanish and the french because the spanish and french still used fuses on their canons while the british used flint-locks (which were developed to fight the americans). It got even worse for the French when the british kept killing their sailors so the men at the canons steadily became untrained army men, who were even slower, while the british got faster. and at close range you dont need to take time to aim. 

One tactic of the french and spanish, especially when battle was between only a few ships, was to STAY THE FUCK AWAY from british ships and fire on them from a distance because only at a distance was it a fair fight. They would also try to aim for the masts and sails to try and stop the British from getting close. 

anyways, i love the current history unit in my class but I must now switch to physical biochemistry and suffer through crystallography homework 

Archaeologists cannot, of course, rule out the possibility that extraterrestrial visitors have influenced the course of human development to some degree, any more than biologists can exclude the existence somewhere on earth of a herd of purple unicorns.
—  Trigger, A History of Archaeological Thought

SO i’m writing a paper.

Well, two papers but whatever

And like everyone has their weird thing about papers right? So my weird thing is NEEDING to have a perfect introduction before continuing. Once I do the words just come and it’s magic I don’t even know.

SO for my creative nonfiction class we have to do peer editing in groups and my group was like - you know, I think you should change your intro.

So I ignored the fact that this goes against my very nature and I’m like YEAH SURE NO PROBLEM but now I’m just sitting here WITH MY FINGER ON THE ENTER KEY I HAVE 40 PAGES OF BLANK PAGES MY BRAIN DOESN’T WORK THIS WAY HELP