SO i’m writing a paper.

Well, two papers but whatever

And like everyone has their weird thing about papers right? So my weird thing is NEEDING to have a perfect introduction before continuing. Once I do the words just come and it’s magic I don’t even know.

SO for my creative nonfiction class we have to do peer editing in groups and my group was like - you know, I think you should change your intro.

So I ignored the fact that this goes against my very nature and I’m like YEAH SURE NO PROBLEM but now I’m just sitting here WITH MY FINGER ON THE ENTER KEY I HAVE 40 PAGES OF BLANK PAGES MY BRAIN DOESN’T WORK THIS WAY HELP

  1. He wanted to tell a joke but no one was letting him speak. Sucks to be him.
  2. I tried to drive a car once. I crashed it. I don’t drive anymore.
  3. As long as I wear this suit I can pretend I’m actually successful.
  4. She needs to climb the ladder faster. The zombies are coming.
  5. To do this homework I had to copy some text. A lot of it actually. Where’s my reward.
  6. He was trying to grow some vegetables in his backyard but he didn’t know anything about how to do it so they all died out.

Look at me doing my English homework

Chapter 1

Vocabulary + Endings

me, nihil, non, si, saepe, amo, amare, amas, amat, amamus, amatis, amant, moneo, monare, monas, monat, monamus, monatis, monant, cogito, cogitare, cogitas, cogitat, cogitamus, cogitatis, cogitant, debeo, debere, debes, debet, debemus, debetis, debent, do, dare, das, dat, damus, datis, dant, laudo, laudare, laudas, laudat, laudamus, laudatis,laudant, servo, servare, servas, servat, servamus, survatis, survant, conservo, conservare, conservas, conservat, conservamus, conservatis, conservant, voco, vocare, vocas, vocat, vocamus, vocatis, vocant, video, videre, vides, videt, videmus, videtis, vident, vale, valete, vales, valet, valemus, valetis, valent, valeo, valere, (conjugations differing from vale and valete?), quid, erro, errare, erras, errat, erramus, erratis, errant, volto, voltare, voltas, voltat, voltamus, voltatis, voltant, terro, terrere, terres, terret, terremus, terretis, terrent, bis, cito, salvo, salvete, salves, salvet, salvemus, salvetis, salvent, lente


  • me- me
  • nihil- nothing
  • si- if
  • non- not
  • saepe- often
  • amo- i love, amare- to love, amas- you love, amat- it loves, amamus- we love, amatis- yall love, amant- they love
  • debeo- i owe/ought/must, debere- to owe, debes- you owe/ought/must, debet- she owe/ought/must, debemus- we owe/ought/must, debetis- yall owe/ought/must, debent- they owe/ought/must
  • cogito- i think, cogitare- to think, cogitas- you think, cogitat- it thinks, cogitamus- we think, cogitatis- yall think, cogitant- they think
  • moneo- i advise/warn, monere- to advise/warn, mones- you advise/warn, monet- she advises/warns, monemus- we advise/warn, monetis- yall advise/warn, monent- they advise/warn
  • loudo- i praise, laudare- to praise, laudas- you praise, laudat- she praises, laudamus- we praise, laudtis- yall praise, laudant- they praise
  • do- i give/offer, dare- to give/offer, das- you give/offer, dat- she gives/offers, damus- we give/offer, datis- yall give/offer, dant- they give/offer
  • servo- i save/preserve, servare- to save/preserve, servas- you save/preserve, servat- she saves/preserves, servamus- we save/preserve, servatis- yall save/preserve, servant- they save/preserve
  • conservo- i conserve, conservare- to conserve, conservas- you conserve, conservat- he conserves, conservamus- we conserve, conservatis- yall conserve, conservant- they conserve
  • vale- bye, valete- goodbye (more conjugations?)
  • valeo- i am strong, valere- to be strong (more conjugations?)
  • video- i see/understand, videre- to see/understand, vides- you see/understand, videt- it sees/understands, videmus- we see/understand, videtis- yall see/understand, vident- they see/understand
  • voco- i call/summon, vocare- to call/summon, vocas- you call/summon, vocat- he calls/summons, vocamus- we call/summon, vocatis- yall call/summon, vocant- they call/summon
  • quid- what
  • erro- i fuck up/wander/go astray, errare- to fuck up/wander/go astray, erras- you fuck up/wander/go astray, errat- she fucks up/wanders/goes astray, erramus- we fuck up/wander/go astray, erratis- yall fuck up/wander/go astray, errant- they fuck up/wander/go astray
  • volto- i fly, voltare- to fly, voltas- you fly, voltat- she flies, voltamus- we fly, voltatis- yall fly, voltant- they fly
  • terro- i terrify, terrere- to terrify, terres- you terrify, terret- he terrifes, terremus- we terrify, terretis- yall terrify, terrent- they terrify
  • bis- twice
  • cito- quickly
  • salvo- i am in good health, salvete- hello/to be in good health (salves- you are in good health, salvet- she is in good health, salvemus- we are in good health, salvetis- yall are in good health, salvent- they are in good health)?
  • lente- slowly


the 5 things of verbs 

  1. person/pov- 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  2. number- singular or plural
  3. mood- indicitive/subjunctive/imperatives/infinitive (ASK ABOUT THESE)
  4. tense- pluperfect/perfect/imperfect/present/future/future perfect
  5. voice- active/passive