Basic Witchcraft Substitutions

“I’m a secret Witch and don’t have access to herbs. What can I use instead of ____?”

“I can’t afford a cauldron, what can I use instead?”

“I can’t get ______, can I use _______?”

So I get this kind of question a lot. Witchcraft in the modern day, especially Witchcraft as it’s practiced by younger people and/or people on social media Witchcraft groups, has a certain aesthetic around it that tends to popularise expensive cauldrons, gem-studded wands, expensive black velvet shawls, and all the other trappings of a field that has become caught, like so many things, in the web of materialism and a desire to be identifiably “Witchy”. Now, please understand that this is not an inherently bad thing - common aesthetic or cosmetic themes are a trope common to many cultures and subcultures around the world and through history. They serve as common binding elements, giving people a much-needed sense of community, a sense of belonging, and a certain amount of morale boosting that might otherwise be hard for a person in a somewhat shunned subculture to achieve. 

However, for those who are unable to make this kind of subculture connection apparent for whatever reason be it societal, financial or otherwise, or for those who wish an alternative presentation and practice of the Craft, this can sometimes be problematic. Many Witchcraft resources online assume that a Witch has free and open access to certain things, such as a metal cauldron, a ceremonial athame, a certain number of expensive herbs or crystals, or other such tools or components. Since this isn’t always practical, here is a simple substitution guide for you, giving a non-exhaustive list of potential, basic substitutions. 

Please bear in mind, this list only gives example substitutions - other options are also potentially possible! 


Most knives, especially things like letter-openers that are not used for eating. It doesn’t have to be sharp, as athames should never be used for cutting - that’s a boline’s job

A boline is simply a sharp knife that is used for cutting spell ingredients and the like. Any sharp knife will do, just cleanse it appropriately before and after.

Most bowls, though metal or fired and glazed clay is best as these materials are both fireproof and waterproof. Flowerpots or ceramic mugs can work if nothing else is available!

Any glass will work, however something special and with a stem, like a decorative or ornate wine glass, would be most suitable. You could also use a special or ornate mug, but one either without a handle or with two handles would be better than one with a single handle.

Coloured candles
If you don’t mind the lack of colour, white is a good “general” colour. However, if the colour is essential, consider tying coloured ribbons around the base. Do not melt crayons into the wax, however - this can clog the candle-wick and cause it to explode, potentially violently.

Look up the associations for that stone, and see if any more common ones would do. In a pinch, consider instead writing the intentions on paper and burning it, or using stones from around your area that you feel have an appropriate energy.

Deity statues
If your deities would find it appropriate, it may be possible to simply write their name on a candle, or inscribe a basic god or goddess figure into one, and burn that in place of using a statue or idol of your deities.

A grimmoiré is really just a book that’s written in. Any notebook will work, no matter if it’s bound in singed leather or in a plastic spiral-bound homework book.

Again, consider possible alternatives - if sage isn’t available, rosemary is a good protective. If you don’t have feverfew for a headache charm, consider willow leaves or bark.

Pentacle table top
A pentacle drawn on a piece of paper will work well as an alternative, or you could consider using something like water daubed into a pentagram on the table top.

Ritual or altar cloth
Cleanse and bless any clean, appropriately coloured fabric and it will work well. A bedsheet is an ideal altar cloth. Black cloth is reserved for Samhain or funerary altars.

A wand is simply a channelling device for your own innate energies and abilities, so anything that channels will work. Something like a stick that’s been blessed will do, as will any rod made out of metal. 


Blessed be,

– Juniper

i like lance and also procrastinating on my homework

alternatively titled: it was 11:00 pm last night and i couldn’t sleep so i kept thinking about lance 

anyway, everyone who has ever watched voltron knows lance hasn’t had a character arc yet, while almost every other main character has (pidge, keith, hunk, allura, shiro.) coran hasn’t had one yet, either, but that’s not the point.

every main character (including coran this time) has been given a reason to fight against the galra…besides lance. and by “reason,” i mean a personal one, not just “the galra are bad.” pidge wants to find her family, keith is galra and therefore has a personal connection to them, allura and coran’s planet was destroyed by the galra, shiro was captured and tortured by them, hunk saw the horrors of the galra’s colonization up close and bonded with a victim of the galra, and lance…

what is lance’s reason for fighting the galra, other than the fact that he was there at the right place, right time to find the blue lion, with no way back to earth?

he has no personal motivation to be fighting. lance didn’t have an arc, or any backstory, connected to wanting to defeat the galra. he was just thrown into everything because a giant blue space cat chose him as her pilot. lance has absolutely no reason to stay and fight the galra. 

which kind of ties to the whole thing that lance is almost like a placeholder. anyone with enough skill could be the blue paladin. because lance has no drive to be it. he doesn’t have any connection to any of this. 

what does this mean for the plot, though?

well, this could go one of two ways. either lance is given a reason to be a paladin, some personal connection to the galra, or…he really is a placeholder. i’ll let you interpret that as you please.

all in all, my point is that lance, as compared to everyone else, has no reason to be part of team voltron.

hey!! lately i’ve been seeing tons of resource masterposts and i decided that i’d be easier if all of these masterposts were combined into one mega masterpost!! i couldn’t possibly link them all but i also added tons of my own links, this took absolutely forever so please, enjoy! :~)


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Typical Love Story ; Part.2 - Peter Parker

Request: I got over 90 which absolutely blows me away, thank you soooo much!

Words: 3354

Warning: None, not as sad as part 1 but still pretty sad, and heads up this is in no way representing how Michelle is in the film because I have no idea how they will present her. Let me know if you would like a part 3!(:

Part 1: http://potter-imagines.tumblr.com/post/148256280315/typical-love-story-peter-parker-imagine

Tuesday morning was spent making thousands of calls canceling appointments, going through return policies, and coercing your worrisome mother into dropping the topic of Prom entirely.

The prepossessing Prom gown mocked you continuously. It lied untouch on a pink hanger awaiting a dance it would never see. You hated to sound pitiful and attention seeking, but the dress made you feel like a princess. The material clung to your body in all the right places sending more of an alluring vibe than scandalous. Cinderella blue covered the bottom skirt end of the dress and the top portion was silver underneath with blue laces decorating the chest. Your mom returned the dress despite how much she tried to persuade you into keeping it.

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a mix for “this homework has to be done in 6 hours and i’m just starting it” type situations


summertime sadness (cover) -rizzle kicks// fantasy - alina baraz & galimatias// 1996-the wombats// bust your kneecaps - pomplamoose// sex (acoustic) - the 1975// learn me right - birdy & mumford and sons // the big bang - rock mafia// paper sails - stu larsen// soak up the sun - sheryl crow// moonshine - bruno mars// island in the sun - weezer// latch (acoustic) - sam smith// beautiful goodbye -maroon 5// put your records on - corinne bailey rae// curtain call - aiden grimshaw// tightrope - walk the moon// be with me - foy vance// take a walk - passionpit// chocolate - the 1975// the xx - the xx// disconnected - 5 seconds of summer// come on get higher - matt nathanson // high for this - ellie gouldling// lay me down - sam smith// gold rush - ed sheeran// i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys// that girl - justin timberlake// mr. brightside - the killers// white noise - mnek x disclosure// this love - maroon 5// sweater weather (acoustic) - the neighbourhood// i see fire - ed sheeran// staring at the stars (acoustic) - passenger// rhythm of love - plain white t’s// tongue tied - grouplove// everything - michael bublé// heartbreak warfare - john mayer// neon cathedral - macklemore and ryan lewis// cooler than me - mike posner// human - the killers// 

How I Read Tokyo Ghoul

You will never see this picture the same way again after reading this.

Everyone is up in arms about whether Arima tortured Kaneki or not in chapter 67, and nobody realises the little girl is cackling like a witch in the corner. Have you all learnt nothing from Tokyo Ghoul? Nothing is ever as black and white as it seems.

Tokyo Ghoul is a piece of literature.

Tokyo Ghoul can be read multiple ways. (at the same time)

This is especially true in the latest chapters, since there is no parallel for the current arc in TG, Eto has told us that she is intentionally misleading readers, and there are severe timeline inconsistencies, I would doubt the objectivity (from the manga’s narrator point of view) of every panel from the Cochlea arc onwards.

I thought I would give you my view on how I read Tokyo Ghoul. I used to read literature so I know a little about the mind of an author. I’ll do it in the context of the latest chapter.

First, I read for enjoyment. I just take in the information as it is and enjoy the perspective the author gives us. Then I reread the chapter again to gain a better understanding of what is going on in the manga.

Mostly, I look for a few things in Tokyo Ghoul (some of this is present in other literature, but not as prevalent as in TG):

Double meanings in words. I read the English version and check it against a version from another language. The author is really good at using ambiguous words to hide the intent of characters while making it clear at the same time. Language inconsistency usually means something is going on.

Common motifs and why they occur. For example, the most prominent one “one-eyed” can be applied to a lot of people, and it means many different things in different contexts.

Whether new information contradicts old information. The author of TG loves her swerves. However, the swerves are all well foreshadowed. I look for whether behaviour in a character contradicts or changes the reader’s perception of that character as compared to before. (Think Yoshimura when he was rumoured to be the leader of Aogiri Tree and before the Eto reveal)

There is a lot of good analysis on Arima this chapter out there, so I want to touch on the less well-known aspects that are only seen with a reread of older chapters and this one. First up, this one:

Ui in a squad zero suit

Aside from it being very cool, one can see the “One-Eyed” metaphor at play. The “one-eyed” usually symbolize power, determination and knowledge. Here, the first two are more obvious, because strength of feelings = strength of determination in Tokyo Ghoul. Ui, powered by his (foster) mother‘s death, is out to kill Aogiri whom he believes mistakenly to be allied with the Tsukiyama family, his mother’s killers.

What does his foster mother have to do with this? He’s wearing Ihei’s squad zero suit. Recall all the way back to the coffeeshop invasion arc when he was saved by (presumably) Ihei, then to the Tsukiyama arc where he has a bit of a breakdown when he learns that Ihei died in battle. I propose that Ihei meant something special to him (kind of like Arima and Kaneki’s relationship), and by wearing her suit (literally Kagune, his feelings for her), it is metaphorically showing the strength of his determination to wipe out ghoul scum.

Alright. Where’s the comedy? Every part of Tokyo Ghoul has a little laugh here and there. Personally, I am very conscious of half-breed (adultery) language, and the use of the word mongrel here seems rather ironic and deliberate…. Ui might not know this but… he is half-blind to the truth of his birth.

If Ihei is the mother, who is the father? I leave that to the reader to decide.(I think he’s Arima’s “son”, he’s a bit of what would come out of a IheixArima marriage)

Your parents are dead, Bruce.

This is a highly suspect panel. I am always suspicious of speech bubbles without an owner in Tokyo Ghoul. The reason is that read wrongly, you will have a completely different impression of the manga. For example, what if in this panel it was not Arima who said “They are dead, all of them… I killed them all.”, but Kaneki who said it? Makes a bit more sense doesn’t it? Kaneki barged into the Antique Invasion, and sent his friends to V14 where Arima was waiting, and led them to their deaths. (actually no, Demon Ape was well and alive in the first few chapters, but he doesn’t know that yet)

This fits into Kaneki’s “overburdened” character he inherited from his mother where he tries to take on the weight of the world himself. (Bible parallel?) It also makes sense why Arima told him to “Take responsibility for your actions” later on, because it was his fault things ended up this way, since he ignored the advice of other people to barge into the battle.

Let’s say that it IS said by Arima. Does it say bad things about him? Yes and no. It’s highly ambiguous. It says bad things if you believe that Arima is mentally breaking Kaneki. I see it in a different way. Remember what Kaneki said to Urie when he was blamed by Urie for Shirazu’s death?

“All disadvantages in this world are the result of your own weakness.”

Quick recap: Urie’s problem is that he can’t work as a team, is too confident in his power even though he has none, and ignores the power of the people around him to achieve his goals. And blames people when things go wrong.

If you believe that Kaneki was being unnecessarily cruel to Urie, sure that’s one way of reading it. Another way of reading it is that Kaneki told the honest truth. Sometimes it is cruel, but needed to help snap a person back to their senses. Much better than being put in Yamori’s playroom. Take note that Arima has done nothing to hurt Kaneki excessively, post V14. He could have easily killed him, the same way Kaneki could have killed Shuu instead of throwing him off a roof.

I don’t think badly of Urie, he did just lose a friend, so Kaneki was doing something that looks like torture, but isn’t. Same with Arima, Arima was telling Kaneki the honest truth: Take responsibility for your actions. (if you believe Kaneki said that he killed his friends), or Arima was telling Kaneki a white lie to snap him back to his senses. I think that the first reading is more probably since we don’t usually see Arima say something malicious, even if it is a intentional evil act.

Now, I gave you two examples of how Tokyo Ghoul can be read alternatively, it’s homework time.

Question: What is happening in this panel? What is the subtext (alternate reading) of this panel? How does this connect with what you know that happens later? (alarms are set off within Cochlea for no reason)

I think Arima is telling Kaneki to execute their plan to free Eto and let her kill her guards. Kaneki hides in a room to avoid being seen. The guard’s deaths are on his hands so he feels responsible for it.


Kaneki is going to free Eto. He feels bad because he is betraying his father figure’s trust. The blood of Arima and Eto’s guards are on his hands.

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sterek, "Please stay" :)

It’s been a couple of hours since the sun went down, and a couple of months since everyone came to save him from where he was held captive in Mexico. Derek’s footsteps are light and quiet through his kitchen in the loft as he makes himself a cup of tea, and Stiles’ fingers tapping away over the keys of his laptop are comforting. Derek glances over to where he’s sitting on his couch, brow furrowed in concentration, and smiles slightly.

For a while, he thought he’d move again when he first got back. The loft seemed to be just as bad as his old house, if not worse. Everyone knew where to find him. He realized pretty quickly that bad people would always be able to find him, even if he did move, because he couldn’t leave Beacon Hills, not again. The loft felt more like home than anything had in a while, anyway. He decided he wasn’t going to be chased away from his home, not again. Stiles started coming over about twice a week soon after.

It wasn’t discussed much, not at first. Stiles would simply show up, sometimes with food, and say he figured Derek might need some company and he had some homework to do, anyway. The truth of the matter was that he didn’t want to be alone on the nights his father worked the night shifts at the station, because he still had nightmares and shadows passing by just past his range of vision. Honestly, Derek didn’t want to be alone, either, not after one of his worst nightmares came back to life. So it’s worked out. Stiles comes over twice a week, does homework, and they alternate between who is responsible for dinner. It’s a mostly unspoken agreement, because neither of them have to explain themselves to one another. They just…get it.

As Derek finishes stirring his tea, he hears Stiles closing his laptop and unzipping his backpack, and turns. That’s another part of their agreement. Stiles does his homework and then leaves. Derek’s been easy about letting that happen, but as he glances at the clock and notices it’s midnight, and sees the circles beneath Stiles eyes, he can’t let him go. Doesn’t want to let him go.

“Stay,” he says, his voice echoing quietly as Stiles looks up in surprise.

“What?” he frowns.

“Stay,” Derek repeats. “It’s late. You can sleep on the couch. I’ll wake you up in time for class.”

Stiles looks hesitant, backpack already hoisted onto his shoulder. He’s practically halfway out the door already, and Derek watches him calmly. “I shouldn’t,” he tries.

“I don’t want to be alone,” Derek states, the words echoing sharp and blunt through the loft. It’s the most truth either of them have spoken to each other about this situation in the months it’s been going on, and Stiles stares at him, eyes wide. “Please. Stay.”

Stiles hitches in a breath, and it’s a little shaky, but after a moment, he lets his backpack slip off his shoulder and land back on the floor with a quiet thud. He nods, his lips quirking in a barely there smile as Derek’s shoulders relax a little. He was expecting Stiles to leave anyway, and Stiles can tell.

“I don’t want to be alone, either,” Stiles concedes quietly, eying Derek. He breaks their gaze after a moment, looking down at the couch, and then back. “But if you want me to stay the night, I’m gonna need a real pillow, dude. And a blanket.”

Derek snorts, smile tight lipped. “You got it.”