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student stereotypes
  • the "general step-mom": very organised, does things ASAP, constantly reminds you of the work you need to do, loves to say i told you so when your stupid ass keeps on postponing said homework until it's almost too late, also checks in to make sure that you managed on time. quote: "have you started on the homework yet?"
  • the "head-in-the-clouds genius": never knows what the fuck is going on, doesn't come to most classes, always has to get reminded about homework and deadlines (repeatedly for the same thing as well), always manages to pass all the exams with pretty high grades in the end. quote: "homework?????? what homework?????"
  • the "duty-bound procrastinator": knows exactly what the fuck is going on, does nothing about the things that need to be done, always finds something else to do instead, feels anxious for postponing all of it, does everything the last second and says it's never going to happen again (a lie). quote: "fuck, homework. i'll, uh, start right after i finish with this movie marathon."

Everyone procrastinates. You, me, him,

Thing is, you must never stay in that state for more than you should. 
If you have overstayed, pack up your goddamn bags and leave, pronto.

Even if your body trembles with hesitation or fear, always remember

you are a conqueror
mighty kings and queens
jack of all trades, masters of
well, some. 

Get up, friend. You were born ready. Do it.

Do it now.


me on sunday vs on monday

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  • Teacher: Where is your homework?
  • Student: Written in the stars...
  • Teacher: Where's that?
  • Student: A million miles away... A message to the main...
  • Teacher: What are you talking about?!
  • Student: Seasons come and go, but I will never change...
  • Teacher: To the head's office now!
  • Student: I'm on my waaaaayy