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How I have managed to survive writing a crap ton of essays and research papers without dying this year:
  • do not do it the night before
  • yeah you’re probably going to procrastinate anyway, but I finally did it once and I found out it was addicting to turn in a paper early
  • you should do it at least once, to feel like the most accomplished, put-together human being on the planet
  • research papers: get three times the amount of sources you are required to use, because you will find most of them probably don’t help
  • find most-interesting topic you can within the prompt guidelines; you’re more likely to actually form an essay your professor wants to read
  • they have to read hundreds of essays a year probably; make yours count
  • you’re probably on an A/B schedule like me so finish all your homework for the next two days if possible so that you have a homework free day (obviously depends on how much you have, but try to do as much as possible)
  • next day’s your writing day - a day without pressure that your other homework is going to come back to haunt you
  • major rule: write all the body paragraphs on the same day, so that you actually have some coherence; otherwise you’ll forget and lose your flow
  • do not lose the flow
  • intro and conclusion are written last (also, some essays - depending on the prof and prompt - may not require them, especially if they’re shorter. Check before to save yourself five hours)
  • if you can, write the conclusion when you write your body paragraphs (if your brain hasn’t shut down yet) cause you’ll be able to sum up yourself best then
  • strong conclusion = mic drop
  • know your tiredness level and when it goes from creativity-tired to crap-tired
  • add in little inside jokes, they will make you feel alive
  • look, your name is going to be on this thing so own it
  • celebrate your completion with a cookie or ice cream or an hour binge watching youtube videos
  • just celebrate cause you wrote an essay and didn’t die

Hi @aedrienagreste! I’m your backup gifter for @mlsecretsanta 2016!  You mentioned you like the Love Square, especially Adrienette (same here) and bed-sharing.  Hope you enjoy this and have been having a lovely holiday season :) 

(I’m sorry for the lateness too!)


Title: Inevitable

Summary: Post-reveal, Marinette is really soft and Adrien just wants to touch her.  Alternatively titled “Adrien tries to get Marinette into bed”.

Rating: T


It had all started, as most things did, with a particularly nasty akuma attack.  Exhausted and chilled to the bone from the constant onslaughts of sleet and wind, the pair tumbled through the open trapdoor and onto Marinette’s bed.  There, the most sensible thing to do was to get warm and dry.

Marinette took the lead that time, de-transforming and placing an exhausted Tikki on a small pillow nearby before turning down the covers of the bed and practically shoving Chat – now Adrien – under with her.  

Her bed was small, but cozy.  Filled with blankets and pillows, Adrien curled up to enjoy the comfort of her bed and his hand landed on something smooth and soft, which was very pleasant to pet.  

“Adrien,” Marinette coughed nervously as he was drifting off to sleep.  “Adrien, that’s my butt.”

His eyes shot open and a sudden tightness gripped his chest.  “I’m so sorry,” he whispered, shrinking back.  Hands held stiffly against his stomach, his heart thumped so loud in his chest he was sure Marinette could hear.

“It’s okay,” Marinette assured him, as if she knew what he was thinking.  Oh, what had he been thinking?  What was she thinking?  “No harm done, really.”  And then, more quietly and staring at his chin: “You can stay.”

“Really?”  She nodded.  Feeling infinitely more daring and experienced than several minutes ago, Adrien allowed his hands to migrate back to Marinette’s softness, using the opportunity to pull them closer together.

“Maybe you can even do it again sometime,” she said as he slowly closed his eyes.  “It’s kind of inevitable when we have to share a bed.”


Adrien’s next chance came just a few weeks later.  

For some time afterward, Adrien called the circumstances surrounding the opportunity “The Great December Flood”.  It wasn’t particularly devastating – halfway up his calves at its deepest and slowly rising – but it made his father think twice about letting Adrien and Marinette walk back to her house.  Marinette had to stay for the foreseeable future and for that reason, it was great.

They spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling on the couch, watching movies, and finding the worst Ladybug/Chat Noir fanfiction they could to giggle over.  Adrien wondered vaguely about the sleeping arrangements – would she insist on taking the bed alone?  His heart sped hopefully at the thought that they might share.

Marinette began dozing off on his shoulder late in the evening. They dragged themselves reluctantly off the couch and Adrien figured now was as good a time as any to bring it up.  “Oh no, there’s only one bed,” he said blandly, trying to sound at least somewhat troubled.

“It’s okay, kitty,” Marinette smiled.  “I’ll sleep on the floor.  It’s not like I was even supposed to be here anyway.”

Marinette, his lady – sleep on the floor?  That wouldn’t do.  “No, you should take the bed.  There’s no reason for a guest to be uncomfortable,” he insisted.

“I’ll be perfectly fine on the floor,” she said with a smile.

“We could share,” he said.  Marinette’s eyes widened, bright expanses of summer sky, and he thought for a moment he’d gone too far.

Then she beamed and it was just as lovely as touching her.  “I’d like that,” she told him.  With a grin to match hers, he tossed her a pair of pajamas, drew the curtains, and retreated to the bathroom to change.

“Kitty,” she choked out when he came back.  “Are these really…”

“Limited edition holiday Ladybug pajamas?” Adrien finished.  “Look, I have a matching Chat Noir set.”  He gestured to his chest, where the top featured the black-clad masked hero, tangled in real holiday lights sewn into the sweater and a bell at pajama-Chat Noir’s collar. The set he gave to Marinette was a similar scene – Ladybug using the holiday lights as a yoyo string, with bells attached to each pigtail and tinsel sewn into the top to depict her healing magic.  “And check this out,” he added, crossing the room to click something attached to her sweater.  “It all lights up!”  

It did indeed light up – the holiday lights, the middle of each tinsel firework, even the spots on Ladybug’s suit flashed different colors.

Marinette’s eyes widened and she seemed to be overcome by a sudden coughing fit.  “It’s beautiful,” she finally said once she could speak.  Adrien beamed.

“Bed?” he asked.

“Bed.”  She climbed in after he did and the space between them grew warm with the heat of nervous anticipation.

It was Marinette who had first leaned over to kiss him, he was pretty sure, then he’d flipped her onto her back and made his way down her neck.  Or maybe he had made the first move?

Regardless of who started, they were kissing and Adrien was finally, finally running his hands along Marinette’s soft smooth skin again until they fell asleep.

Adrien woke several times to find himself on the floor with no recollection of how he’d gotten there, only to find Marinette still on the bed, her limbs sprawled as far as she could reach.  Smiling, he climbed back into the bed and pulled her close.


There wasn’t much to do in bed that was innocent, Adrien quickly realized.  So when Marinette mentioned building blanket and pillow forts when she was little, it was a brilliant stroke of luck – and an idea.

“What did you want to do?” Marinette asked as he opened the door to his room the next time she came over.

“I thought we could build a blanket and pillow fort,” he told her as she began taking off her coat and scarf.

“Perfect!” Marinette said.  She bounced on the tips of her toes and scurried off, gathering blankets and pillows as she went.  “Well?” he heard a second later, from behind the mountain of bedding she was carrying.  “Aren’t you going to help?”

Ah, the one flaw in his plan.  “I, uh, don’t really know how,” he confessed.  “I’ve never done it before.”

Marinette dropped what she was carrying and her eyes widened, as if Adrien had just declared his undying love for Hawk Moth.  “I’m teaching you,” she declared, marching over to grab his wrist and drag him to the bedding.  They carried the mattress from Adrien’s bed to the middle of the floor and built the fort between his couch and some chairs, piling in blankets and pillows for a cozy hideaway.

It turned out that making a blanket fort was a lot of work, even for two trained superheroes.  Nathalie sent up two glasses of juice for the pair, with a small smile to Adrien that clearly said I won’t tell your father.  Adrien had just glanced down at his phone to text a thank-you to Nathalie, when he heard a squeak and found a wide-eyed Marinette with juice spilled down her front.  “I’m s-so…” she gasped, “so sorry, I’ll clean it up!  It just slipped.”

“It’s okay, I’ll just ask for more juice.  And we’ll put a towel down,” he ruffled his hair, trying not to stare at Marinette, whose white shirt was quickly becoming translucent.  “Maybe you should take your shirt off.”  Marinette blushed and Adrien knew this was it, he was done for. “I just meant, uh, your shirt is probably getting sticky and maybe you’d like to wear one of mine.”

Marinette’s face still resembled a tomato but she nodded silently and accepted his offered t-shirt on her way to change in the bathroom.

At the sound of a knock, Adrien gratefully accepted the replacement juice from Nathalie, who raised an eyebrow at the blanket fort but said nothing.  Adrien grinned and waved her on.  Setting the juice down and picking up his stuffed ladybug doll, he made his way back to the bed where –

Marinette was on his mattress, snuggled in the blankets.  Marinette was wearing his shirt.  Adrien swallowed thickly and slid onto the pile of blankets next to her, willing his hands to stay safely by his sides.  “Let’s–let’s watch something,” he suggested and put on a random movie that he could focus on instead of the girl next to him.  Marinette curling up to him, settling her right leg between his and resting her head on his chest.  Their combined body heat more than warm enough, they pushed the covers aside and held each oother.  She was so close, and when she shifted, the hem of his shirt slipped gradually higher up her legs, almost showing…certain things.  The movie wasn’t helping at all.

Skin, skin, skin, the little voice inside Adrien’s head chanted, before the rest of his brain activity all but fizzled out.  “You can touch me, you know,” she whispered and his hands moved embarrassingly fast to her thighs.

Over the course of the movie, Adrien’s hands somehow migrated north.  The credits were rolling when it struck him that the cloth under her shirt, against his hands, was quite tight…and lacy.  “Is this – ” he cleared his thoat, “is this still okay?”

“More than okay,” Marinette softly replied.

Adrien’s heart stopped when she pushed him back into the mattress and slid her hands teasingly up his shirt.


The third time, it just sort of…happened.

It was May now, and summer was approaching in long strides.  The season promised sunlight-filled days and homework-free days, and time Adrien could spend with Alya, Nino, and Marinette!  Lovely Marinette, who had stolen his heart, was in a category all her own.

He’d planned a date for them today – lunch at her favorite restaurant, a quick ice cream stop, and a return to his place where, he hoped, they could cuddle.  Adrien arrived at the Dupain-Cheng bakery and began the trek up to Marinette’s room after confirming with her mother that, unsurprisingly, Marinette had not been downstairs all morning.

“Marinette!” he called as he let himself into her room and laid on her chaise.

His girlfriend woke with a start and, upon seeing him, stampeded downstairs with all the grace of a rhinoceros.  Before he could greet her, she managed to trip over the last step of the staircase and went skidding across the room.  Years of practice meant that she was prepared, hands out and prepared to make a gold medal landing on the nearby chaise.

Right onto Adrien.  Marinette squealed, Adrien squeaked, and he was pretty sure Plagg and Tikki were in hysterics.  “What.  Are you doing here?” she asked, sucking in huge gulps of air while Adrien set his hands on her waist to steady her.

“Your mom let me in.  We have a date today, remember?” Adrien smiled.  Grinning mischievously back, Marinette shifted her hips and Adrien gripped her waist for dear life as his jeans seemed to tighten.  “Marinette, you know we’ll never make it out of your room if we start – ”  Marinette rocked forward to kiss his cheek and he cut off his own admonishment with a soft groan.

“We could just go back to sleep,” she said sweetly, leaning forward to press soft kisses along his jaw.

That’s what you wanted! his brain tried to yell, overpowered unfortunately by another, much lower brain.

Even the most basic sentence seemed a struggle.  “I thought we were going to go – ” he tried.  “Date.”

“You, me, the bed…”  She had moved to his jaw now and was pressing open-mouthed kisses to his pulse point.  Adrien tilted his neck to give her better access.  “We could actually get some sleep.”

Wrapping his arms firmly around her waist, he flipped them both over and dragged his hands under her shirt and up her sides.  Her skin, soft and against his, was better than the smell after the rain or the warmth of a bonfire.  “Would we really?” Adrien asked with a smile.  Marinette shuddered under his touch as his hands wandered lower, teasing up the leg of her shorts.

She pressed herself back against his hands and kissed him, mouth open and soft and welcoming.  Her taste was the only thing on his mind when she stood and beckoned him with a single finger.

“We could get some sleep if only you’d let us, kitty,” she murmured, tapping his nose softly.  “Come on.”  And as was inevitable, Marinette led Adrien Agreste to bed.


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aug 30 | 2:32 || Just need to finish my history homework, and then I’ll be able to enjoy this restful day. I’m thinking about making Sundays a homework-free day of rest, so I’m going to have to rework my schedule to figure out to make that work… Also, I’m listening to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack so that’s pretty great