High School Study Group!

Inspired by erzastudyblr’s group, I have decided to make a study group for highs school students!


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  • must be in (or going into) high school
  • must fill out this application
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What to gain?

  • Study and homework help
  • New friends and followers
  • Fun group blog and chats
  • Motivation
  • Tips for studying and note taking
  • 8tracks study playlists
  • Option to talk about the college search and application process

This is going to be really fun, I am going to construct a group blog and I have a lot of great ideas for it! Meet new friends, study, stay motivated, get help, and share tips! Talk high school school, work, life, and organization. 

Hope you have a great day!


Ok so this is mega SUPER belated but I graduated in May from MICA with a BFA in Illustration and this was my commencement exhibition! My 1st semester thesis was a cartoon pitch packet based on my webcomic THIS IS NOT FICTION (pictured) and my 2nd semester thesis was an exploration in perspective/composition/stylization based around a monster theme! For my exhibition I covered my entire wall space with pencil drawings of monsters :’D I haven’t posted my thesis works here yet, so I’ll try to soon!

A lot of my friends helped me set this up + helped me shop for things I needed, so make sure to check out their arts, too! ♥ Mickey, Xanthe, Lasha, Niki, Tzippora, and Frances! ILU all and I would have crashed and burned w/o you… XOXO


I just posted another video on my YouTube channel. This might be helpful to some of the beginners who want to start developing their Judo game early.
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7.16.2015 // four days later and I’m finally listening to my online lectures on the civil rights movement. I have about 10 hours to catch up on (oops?). I’ve been thinking a lot about my disastrously low self-esteem and how it’s affected my studying. I might do a personal advice series in the next week explaining the importance of believing you’re a capable and smart person. ✨ also HOT TIP: next time you’re at Starbucks, order a Trenta iced tea (I do a black tea with 2 pumps raspberry instead of sweetener). After you’re finished, fill it up with iced water. Drink three full cups and you have consumed the recommended amount per day! No need to buy a fancy water bottle or constantly refill your tiny lil mason jar cup ✨

Descriptive words for book reviews, essays and other things

“I liked it / it was nice”

  • lovely
  • delightful
  • pleasant
  • fair
  • pleasurable
  • approved
  • fine
  • satisfying
  • excellent
  • amazing
  • great
  • pleasing
  • sound
  • rad
  • worthy
  • superb

“It was complex in a good way/ it really grabbed my attention”

  • fascinating
  • intriguing
  • thought provoking
  • captivating
  • alluring
  • stimulating
  • intricate
  • sophisticated
  • labyrinthine
  • baroque

“It was complicated in a negative way / I didn’t quite understand it”

  • troublesome
  • inconvenient
  • difficult
  • vexing
  • tricky
  • puzzling
  • confusing
  • disorganised
  • obscure
  • far-fetched
  • strange

“It wasn’t very interesting / not very exciting”

  • boring
  • tedious
  • dull
  • unpleasant
  • mundane
  • stuffy
  • lifeless
  • repetitive
  • drudging
  • flat
  • tiresome
  • tame
  • depthless

“It made me a bit emotional/gave me the feels”

  • sentimental
  • emotional
  • moving
  • heartwarming
  • tear-jerking
  • affecting
  • heating
  • poignant
  • passionate
  • touching

“I’m not crazy about it / it was okay”

  • okay
  • passable
  • so-so
  • not bad
  • tolerable
  • adequate
  • middling
  • all-right
  • moderately pleasing

“Best thing ever”

  • fantastic
  • exceptional
  • marvelous
  • first-class
  • splendid
  • astounding
  • astonishing
  • extraordinary
  • phenomenal
  • wonderful

comparing things / “It was better than this other thing”

  • superior
  • favourable
  • preferable
  • more advanced
  • of higher rank
  • exceeding
  • distinguished
  • a cut above
  • more desirable
  • more valuable
  • improved
  • higher/better quality
  • more useful
  • surpassing
  • sharpened
  • more sophisticated

“It wasn’t good I didn’t like it”

  • bad
  • disagreeable
  • nasty
  • unrefined
  • horrible
  • unlikeable
  • coarse
  • imprecise
  • vexing
  • problematic
  • unimportant

“It was really bad”

  • terrible
  • repulsive
  • atrocious
  • disturbing
  • disastrous
  • revolting
  • rotten
  • loathsome
  • gruesome
  • appaling
  • abhorrent
  • dreadful
  • horrifying
  • poor
  • offensive
  • dire
  • awful
  • ghastly