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pairing; seventeen s.coups x reader

genre; smut, dom!seungcheol, over-stimulation, tied up

synopsis; your parents had to settle business affairs overseas, and they’d be gone for three days. they didn’t trust you to stay out of trouble alone, so they dropped you off at seungcheol’s, expecting him to take good care of you for those three days. seungcheol couldn’t contain his needs anymore at this point of time — so he did what he had been wanting to do for months.

word count; 2090 words

✎a/n; oh god what did i just write i need holy water // this is my first time writing hardcore smut so please excuse parts that aren’t smooth-flowing! hope you guys enjoyed this ;)

“Seriously, Mom. I don’t need to be sent anywhere!” you deadpanned. “Three days? I could stay alive for those 72 hours!”

“Really, can you?” your mother sighed, stuffing her last few pieces of needed clothing into her luggage. “The last time I remembered, you nearly burnt down our house and the neighbors had to call us and we spent a shitload of money on that overseas phone call.”

You grumbled. “It’s not exactly my fault that the stove decided to get possessed on that day.”

“Anyway, you’ll stay at Seungcheol’s place for the time being,” your father told you, walking down the stairs while carrying his luggage. “You two are close, so it’ll be fun.”

Your mindset changed almost immediately. Staying at Seungcheol’s place wouldn’t be that bad. You thought they were going to get some babysitter to babysit you. 

“Fine,” you relented. 

“Go get your belongings,” your mother said. “We’ll be leaving at 6 to drop you off first.”

“Wait, I’m not sending you guys off at the airport?” you asked quizzically.

“Nope. Our other business partners will be there, so I don’t think it’d be comfortable for you.”

“Oh, okay then. It’ll just be awkward if I went,”  you cut in, and your mother nodded.

You let out a tired a sigh, before going upstairs to your room to pack some clothes. You then changed out of your homewear into more decent-looking clothes, aka a pullover and jeans.

You slung your backpack over your shoulder and went downstairs after you were done, and it was 5:55pm. How precise.

“You ready?” your parents asked you.


The three of you headed out, and your father started the car, driving off to Seungcheol’s place which was a fifteen-minute drive away.

After arriving at Seungcheol’s place, your father got off the car with you while your mother stayed inside. 

The both of you walked up to the front door, and your father knocked thrice. The door opened almost immediately. 

“Hello, Mr. Y/SN,” Seungcheol greeted politely. Your father smiled and greeted him back.

“Take good care of Y/N, alright? We’ll be back to pick her up in a few days,” your father said. 

“Of course,” Seungcheol assured. With that, you bid your father goodbye and waved to your mother who was still in the car, and entered Seungcheol’s house. 

It was exactly the same as the last time you came — still clean and neat. 

“C’mon,” Seungcheol said, nodding towards the stairs. “You can go park your stuff in your room.”

You smiled. “Yeah.”

You had been at his place so many times, it’s like your second home. You knew every nook and cranny well, and you’ve stayed over so often that you basically claimed the guest room as yours. 

You soon noticed the absence of his parents.

“Where’s your parents?” you asked as you went upstairs, trailing behind Seungcheol. 

“Overseas for this whole month,” he told you. “For work.”


He followed you to your room, and leaned on the door frame as you went in and put your bag on your bed. 

“Hey, can I take a quick shower?” you asked. “I haven’t bathed today.”

“Of course,” Seungcheol shrugged. “The shower downstairs is kinda broken, though. You’re gonna have to use the one in my room.”

“Sure,” you said easily, grabbing a loose T-shirt and shorts out of your backpack, trying to hide your undergarments in between them so that Seungcheol wouldn’t see it.

You brushed past Seungcheol and walked briskly to his room, getting into the bathroom and locking the door. 

You took a quick warm shower, relishing the warm water flowing down your skin. You quickly shampooed and soaped yourself, before rinsing off and drying yourself. You pulled on your white t-shirt which hung loosely around your body, and your black shorts.

You stepped out of the shower and ruffled your damp hair with a towel in an attempt to dry it. 

“Seungcheol?” you called out randomly, but to your surprise, there was no reply. He’s probably downstairs, you thought.

After a few minutes of drying your hair, you hung the wet towel on the rack on the toilet wall. You walked towards the door of the room, but before you could get out, Seungcheol barges in, making you stumble a few steps backwards in surprise. 

“Jesus Christ,” you sputtered. “What is it?”

Seungcheol slammed the door shut behind him, making you flinch. What the hell?

“Ar-Are you mad?” you asked cautiously, confused. You just bathed, what the heck was going on?

You looked up at Seungcheol, and that was when you noticed the aura in his eyes. His usually soft eyes were now filled with dark lust. 

You became a nervous wreck. You could easily tell what was going on now. He wanted you. No doubt, you yourself had been having dirty fantasies about you and Seungcheol, too. You had imagined what it would be like you have Seungcheol all over you, his cock slamming in and out of you as you screamed his name. You two have been extremely close since young, but it never got anywhere. You liked him way more as a friend, but nothing was ever said about that, and you had been doing a fairly good job at pretending you felt nothing for him.

Seungcheol’s breathing was heavy. You eyed him hesitantly.


“I’m so sorry, but I can’t hold it back anymore,” he grumbled. Before you could comprehend what he said, he swiftly closed in on you. You let out a surprised yelp as he caged you against the wall, his muscular arms on both sides of you. 

“What the hell, Seungcheol?!” you exclaimed. He smirked. 

“Language, babe,” he purred. 

You placed your palms on his chest as you attempted to push him off, but to no avail. This wasn’t right, you kept telling yourself.

“Seungcheol, get back,” you told him, pushing him once again. In one swift move, he grabbed both your wrists, pinning them onto the wall by your side. 

“Don’t tell me this isn’t what you want,” he says in a low tone, sending shivers down your spine. 

“It isn’t,” you affirmed, keeping your voice as steady as possible.

“Your body says otherwise, baby,” he husked. 

You knew he was right. Your knees were already becoming weak, and you were clenching your thighs together to hold down the arousal you were feeling. 

You didn’t respond, you just tried freeing your arms from his grip. That only resulted in him holding onto you tighter, his nails almost digging into your skin, and you knew it was going to leave marks.

“Let go off me, I swear,” you said sternly, wriggling your arms. 

“Don’t try to act innocent now, Y/N.” Seungcheol leaned in to my ear. “Hiding your fantasies in your unlocked phone isn’t a very safe idea.”


“That’s an invasion of privacy!” you retorted. 

“You know you want this,” Seungcheol whispers seductively into your ear, totally ignoring whatever you said. He loosened his grip on one of your wrists, and you took that chance to pull away from him, escaping from the cage between him and the wall.

You were sweating now, your knees wobbly from how turned on you were. You were way beyond horny and needy. But you knew this wasn’t right. 

Seungcheol slowly turns to face you, who was now a panting mess. 

He grins. “Looks like I have to tie you up so that you won’t run.”


He takes two large strides towards you and pushes you down onto the bed, easily holding both your wrists in one hand. Struggling did nothing but drain your energy. He grabs rope from under his bed and coils them around your wrist before tying it to the headboard. 

“Fuck, Seungcheol!” you exclaimed. “Untie me!”

“No can do, princess,” Seungcheol says, hovering over you. “You haven’t been a good girl.”

You gulped. Seungcheol went right for your neck, sucking on your skin as you bit your lips, holding back the moans which threatened to spill out from your mouth. He grabs your thin shirt and rips it, throwing it aside. He unclasps your bra too, and it joins your shirt on the floor.

His hand slithered down to your shorts, swiftly removing it. His fingers rubbed against your clothed heat, immediately feeling the moisture. You whimpered, feeling him smirk against your skin.

“So wet already, huh?” he teased, pushing your panties aside as he forced two digits into you without warning.

You let out a yelp, your back arching. “Fuck! Seungcheol, please!” you cried out. 

Seungcheol’s lips leaves your skin as he sits up, a satisfied grin plastered on his face. “Please what?”

You groaned loudly as he quickened his pace, his long, slender fingers pushing in and out of you like there’s no tomorrow. 

You cummed and Seungcheol pulls his fingers out of you, which were now coated with your juices. He licks them clean.

“You taste heavenly.”

You squeezed your eyes shut, feeling utterly empty already. Your tied up hands fumbled around for something to hold onto, but when there was nothing, you clenched your fists together instead. Seungcheol sat there, smirking, staring.

“Seu-Seungcheol,” you rasped. “Don’t fucking stop like that.”

Seungcheol grins. “I thought you didn’t want it.” His fingers ghosted over your naked body. 

“Well, now I do,” you said. 

“You what?” he teases again, and you pressed your thighs against each other, trying to create friction. 

“I fucking want you, Seungcheol!” you shout out, desperate for his touch at your throbbing clit.

Seungcheol smirks. “Now that’s a good girl. But you’re going to have to be patient.”

His fingers goes back to your heat, and he plays around with your entrance. You whimpered. “Please.”

“So nice to see you so vulnerable like this,” he grins. “Literally begging for me.”

He removes his shirt and shorts, pulling down his underwear. His large member springs out, already hard. He positions it in front of your mouth before pushing it in. His cock hits the back of your mouth, and you gag. The vibrations made him let out a moan. 

“Fuck, yes, just like that,” he growled, his hand fisting in your hair as he continued thrusting in your mouth. You felt his cock twitch, and his seeds spilled out into your mouth. You choked.

“Swallow it all, baby,” he orders, and you do. The bitter aftertaste wasn’t pleasant.

“Good girl,” he compliments. “Now let’s get to business.”

You eagerly nod as he positions himself at your entrance, before slamming into you at full force. There was no time to slowly get used to his size. Seungcheol repeatedly thrusted into you, his member hitting your g-spot every single time. You let out a loud strangled moan, your back arching as your arms clawed at nothing but air. You wanted so desperately to free yourself so that you could touch him. 

Seungcheol started sucking on your sweet spot again, not slowing down his pace.

“FUCK!” you cried, your orgasm hitting you like a wave. However, Seungcheol was far from being done. He continued.

After what felt like an eternity, Seungcheol cummed again inside of you, and you were suddenly aware of the fact that he wasn’t wearing a condom. Lucky you were on the pill. 

Seungcheol pulled out of you, and you tried to control your ragged breathing. You were extremely sensitive, and you felt like you were seeing stars. 

“C-can you untie me now?” you stuttered unsteadily. Two orgasms in a row was not easily to handle for you. 

Seungcheol shakes his head. “My baby can handle one more, right?”

You widen your eyes. Seungcheol places his mouth right in front of your entrance as his tongue teasingly flicks in and out. You moan. 

“No more, please,” you beg. “I can’t take anymore.”

“Sure you can,” he says, pressing his tongue flat on your heat, giving it a long lick. You cried out, whimpering from the immense pleasure. 

Seungcheol stuck three digits in this time, and started pumping. Your legs struggled to keep themselves still and your body jolted as Seungcheol increased his pace quickly. 

“How does my baby like this, huh?” he says, and your response was a loud scream of his name. Seungcheol smiles smugly. “No one else can make you scream like that.”

You came for the third time, and this time you could really no longer feel your body. Seungcheol unties your wrists, and you let them fall limply to your sides as you curled up into a ball.

“That must’ve hurt, sorry,” Seungcheol says apologetically, noticing the harsh red marks on your skin. He was back to his usual caring self. 

You shook your head, smiling lightly  although you were dead-tired. Seungcheol grabs the sheets and pulls them over you, before lying beside you. 

“Sweet dreams, princess,” he coos, wrapping you in a tight hug. 

Aftercare tomorrow was gonna be long. 

It’s your birthday!

You woke up to feel kisses being peppered across your shoulders. You lay on your front in bed, and hummed into your pillow. Jack traced his fingers softly down your naked back to your waist, slowly pulling the duvet off you.

“Goodmorning hennie”, he whispered, kissing you just below the ear.

“Mmm morning”. You rolled over, and Jack caught your smile in his lips.

“Happy birthday.”

You grinned, “Thanks baby”. You let him kiss you for a while, he touched your body with restrained hunger. You cupped his jaw in your dainty hands and pulled him back towards you whenever he tried to pull away.

“Okay, I’m gonnae go make ye some breakfast alrigh’?” he said, as you finally let him go.

You nodded, biting your lip, and you watched him as he pulled a pair of trackies on.

“Uh uh” you gently chastised as he went to get a t-shirt. He smirked and headed to the kitchen bare-chested.

You threw some knickers on and a baggy shirt, and wondered into the kitchen a little while later. You could smell the bacon before you heard it sizzling.

“Perfect timing!” Jack said as he dished the bacon onto two crowded plates. He’d made a full English breakfast, with sausage, fried egg, mushrooms, homemade potato rostis, the works. There was a pot of tea and orange juice waiting to be poured. You saw beside one plate a small present and a card with your name on the front. You sidled up behind Jack, threading your arms around his bare chest. You kissed his shoulder, as he had done to you earlier.

“Thank you for all this Jack, you’re a dream.”

“It’s no more than ye deserve on yer special day,” he said as he turned, pulling the oven gloves off, and kissed your forehead. “Come on, sit, eat, before it goes cold.”

You enjoyed your breakfast; it was delicious, (“Why don’t you cook more often, Jack?”), but you enjoyed your boyfriend’s company more. It was a rare treat to have him home on your birthday. Last year he had been away filming and you couldn’t see him at all. The year before you had gone to visit him on set for a few days, but it wasn’t quite the same as waking up in your own bed with him by your side.

“Are ye gonna open yer present then?” He asked, as he cleared the dishes away.

“Card first, or present?” you asked. He sat down again, scooting his chair a little closer.


You picked up the dainty little gift, wrapped carefully and tied with a bow. You pulled the paper off to reveal a fairly flat, dark blue velvet jewellery box. It seemed very old and a little worn. You glanced at Jack and saw him smiling excitedly. You opened the box and saw the most beautiful set of earrings and matching necklace. They were silver, with bright blue sapphire pendants ringed in diamonds, and were clearly vintage. Your hand flew to your mouth as you gasped.

“Oh Jack, they’re gorgeous!”

“They were my great grandmother’s. My great grandpa apparently saved up for three years to buy ‘em for her. They’ve been passed down through the family ever since.”

“But- I can’t accept them then Jack. They’re a family heirloom, I couldn’t-”

“I want you to have them, Y/N. I haven’t got any sisters. Calum hasn’t got anyone to give ‘em to, and it was mum’s idea in the first place. Yer part o’ the family now.”

Tears started to well in your eyes. Such a visceral display of his love and dedication to you was suddenly overwhelming. You threw your arms around him and hiccupped, “Thank you Jack.”

“Yer more than welcome. And I thought you could wear them tonight,” he said with a grin and a sparkle in his eye.

You knew he had something planned for tonight, but he had refused to tell you what it was.

“Open the card.”

It had two cartoon otters on the front, holding hands and said underneath, ‘I love you like no otter’. You giggled and opened it up, when two tickets fell out. They were for Phantom of the Opera, your favourite musical, with seats in the royal box.

“Oh my god, how the hell did you manage to get these! They must have cost you and arm and a leg!”

He chuckled. “Friends in all the right places, hen,” he said cryptically. You kissed him, hard, and whispered your thanks in his ear as he wrapped his arms around you.

“Only the best fer my girl,” holding on tightly to your thighs before carrying you to the bedroom.

You both lay panting as you detached yourself from Jack. He groaned in protest as you headed towards the shower. “Come on, we’re meeting my family for lunch in an hour,” you giggled as he wrapped himself in the duvet.

Lunch was wonderful, with your family and a few close friends. You were inundated with gifts, mostly homewear and clothes, which you accepted gratefully. The food was gorgeous, the prosecco flowed freely, and you laughed until your cheeks ached. You spent most of the time hanging off Jack, giggling as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear and kissing him occasionally. You were probably sickening to watch. You weren’t usually one for public displays of affection, but it was your birthday – you could do what you liked.

The waiter brought out a cake your mum had made for you, and the whole restaurant stopped to sing, making you blush something fierce. You felt like you were twelve years old again.

After three hours, and with a very full stomach, you said your goodbyes and thanked everyone for their gifts and their company.

You walked back to your apartment, it being an unusually sunny afternoon, hand in hand with Jack. “Thank you for organising that, it was perfect.”

“Ah, it was nothing. We all wanted to show ye how much we love ye. Yer a very special lady, Y/N, ye know that righ’?”.

You smiled, “You tell me often enough.”

“Aye, I do. I’d tell ye every second of every day, if ye wouldn’t get sick of it.”

“I love you Jackie.”

“I love ye too, hen.”

“Right, come on then. We don’t want to be late,” you said as you shut the bedroom door behind you that evening. You had changed into a navy cocktail dress for your night at the theatre, and had your new matching jewellery on which glimmered against your skin so perfectly.

A smile instantly lit up Jack’s face when he saw you.

“You look stunnin’, love. What have I done to deserve you, huh?”

“You don’t scrub up so bad yourself,” you said, straightening his tie. He looked so handsome in a fitted navy suit with black lapels.

He held your waist as he kissed you, and you laughed once you’d pulled away: there was a bright red lipstick smear on his lips. You wiped it away with your finger, then took his offered elbow to let him escort you to the theatre.

It was the best birthday you could remember.

perceptor-and-brainstorms-child  asked:

Perceptor and First Aid?


smartest dude in the building

‘no I won’t do your taxes’

‘no I won’t figure out if buying all that juice in bulk is worth it’

‘I’m trying to science, Brainstorm go away’

‘I hope you have a license for those guns, Brainstorm there are police officers in this building’

apartment is full of beakers

‘don’t drink that Tailgate’

‘no I will not make superhero serum for you’

‘please don’t let a spider bite you for superpowers’


Very articulate 

sick of using small words for everyone else's sake

just leave him alone he wants peace and quiet

he just wants to science without being interrupted

(looking at you Brainstorm)

Still can’t figure out how Brainstorm is getting into his apartment

goes down to the gun range to blow off steam

great shot

sounds British

Is he British?

looks like he just stepped out of 1800 England

‘is that a monocle?’

First Aid

Precious nice doctor who works with Ratchet

his prodigy 

never takes his mask off at work

never takes the scarf he wraps around his mouth off at home

wears bright red big glasses

fluffy hair

nicest smile but no one ever gets to see it

obsessive collector of badges and old soft drink lids


And lots of freckles

wears lots of white vans

‘pretty sure I saw that red sweater in the women’s clothes section, First AId’

doesn’t care because what even is gender

sweet tooth

Keeps a diary

shit talks everyone in it

its where he keeps all his rage

‘and then that arsehole farmer demoted me what a fucking piece of shit. bird looking motherfucker.’

bakes cupcakes

eats all the frosting before he can even put it on the cupcakes

~~~~ I’m making a tag for this so feel free to ask as many characters or head canons for it as you want lmao. My brain has created an offical au

It’s FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Today’s topic is another fantastic example about how fashion was a reflection of society. This is a particularly important example, though, because this fashion reflected the early seeds of feminism, as women fought for the right to an education in an age where they were only allowed to pursue domestic endeavors. We’re talking about dishabille.

(Sidenote: This was another section of my masters dissertation, where I also discussed how riding habits reflected another angle of the early feminist movement. You can read my Fact on that here.)

Dishabille, derived from the French word “déshabille” meaning “undressed,” has it’s origins as private homewear in the 17th century, yet it first became commonplace as a fashion to be seen when the banyan rose in popularity in men’s portraits (read here.) Not long after the style became popular for men, though, women began claiming the trend as their own.

There was a huge range of dishabille among women. It could mean anything from a disheveled look to undergarments and a robe. Sometimes stays were simply loosened, other times women went without stays altogether. A woman might wrap herself in a shawl, or wear an banyan and turban very similar to that worn by men. As with the men, these styles were intended to be worn in private, yet it became a common, and very meaningful, choice for portraits.

Some women may have wished to be depicted in dishabille because it seemed shocking and rebellious. More often, though, it appears as though women wished to display their own intelligence by wearing similar fashions to those worn by male scholars and intellectuals. Women strove to demonstrate that they embraced the pursuit of intellectual endeavors, and were fully capable of achieving academic accomplishments. As with men’s banyans, dishabille was a sign of function over fashion. This is emphasized by the fact that over half of all female dishabille portraits depict the sitter with a book in hand, or sometimes a pen. They also are often depicted with a pensive expression. Many of the top members of the Bluestocking Society, an organization which promoted the education of women, were depicted in dishabille. The look was also often melded with classical inspirations, as neoclassicism was simultaneously gaining popularity (read here).

It is important not to confuse dishabille in portraiture with boudoir or toilette genre paintings, which were also common at the time. Those genres were intended to either be seductive images or realistic depictions of everyday life. Dishabille was meant to imply a disregard for high fashion in lieu of more substantive and intelligent pursuits. Of course,  as the dishabille style gained popularity into the late 18th Century, women may have begun to choose to be portrayed in such a manner because it became the fashionable thing to do. Additionally, as it gained popularity in portraits, it also gained more popularity in real life. With the help of Marie Antoinette’s casual cotton chemise (read here) women began to wear mild forms of dishabille outside the house. Naturally, traditionalist were shocked and appalled by the loose, relaxed fashions. But as we know, the softer styles would eventually take over the formal rococo fashions, and by the end of the century, classicism reigned supreme.

Have a question about fashion history that you want answered in the next FRIDAY FASHION FACT? Just click the ASK button at the top of the page!

Marry You

Sinja AU Week day two: Harmony or chaos.

“Okay, Sinbad, you have to breathe. It’s not a big deal; you’re only going to propose. Don’t freak out.” Sinbad mumbled to himself, sitting in his car in the driveway of the house he shared with Ja’far.

‘But what if he says no?’ Whispered his thoughts.

Sinbad felt anxiety rising in him, hoping that didn’t happen. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

He just had to wait until the date was over, whisk Ja’far away to the park and propose during tonight’s meteor shower. Easy.

Except, life had different plans for them that night.

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Are you Fricken KIDDING me RN?!

TELLING GHOST STORIES TO ZOEY AND BRICK (how is he not panicking or something?!)


ok never min-


(that face tho) not actually something bad right? just cuddles.
HE SAID NO THO (thank god,like i NEED more love triangles -.-’)


NO- I- NO??
…SHE ..



Being married to Kai would include:
  • Him holding your hand when you go places
  • Texting you often
  • Being home at a good hour so you guys could have dinner together
  • Cuddling on the couch 
  • Him playing with his ring when he’s nervous
  • Wanting to get a pet together 
  • Wanting to have at least one child
  • Him singing to you randomly
  • Bad jokes at weird times
  • Being the only ones married out of your friends
  • Single friends wanting you to do things with them that you guys did when you were single but now you guys just want to stay home
  • Wearing whatever you want around each other and not carrying
  • Making dinner together some days 
  • Being in the bathroom at the same time getting ready for the day or night
  • Sleeping in late when he has a free day
  • Sex is never dull (it could be vanilla, rough, something new but always passionate)
  • Lame pet names