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Book Headboard | Design Every Day

I always get a little nervous when I post any DIY that involves altering books in anyway because I inevitably get a lot of comments/reblogs, etc of people saying ‘Sacrilege! Book destroyer! Gah!’. These bum me out but I also know that there are a ton of people who love these. I see it more as celebrating books and how much they mean to me than destroying them. These books would probably sit in a bin in an op shop before being chucked in the rubbish, so in a way you are saving them! I truly love this idea, though I don’t think I dust enough to justify having one! The beauty of this is that it’s also a statement piece so you’re not going to need a lot more decoration in your room. Just make sure you secure the books as directed or you might end up with your head in a book…literally!


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