Purple SNS @ MinnCon!

Hey y’all.

The last song at the Saturday Night Special at Supernatural cons has been Prince’s “Purple Rain” since Phoenix.  To honor our hometown hero, we’ve decided to Purple-Out the concert, particularly when they sing the song.  My friends and I will be handing out at least 1000 purple glow bracelets and a number of purple glow sticks before the concert.

If you’d like to wear purple or bring some more purple glowing things to add it would make it even better!

(if you want to add more glow sticks, the cheapest option is either amazon or party city. if you’re flying in and don’t want to bring them on the plane, you can send them to me on amazon wish list and I’ll make sure you get them if you msg me)

Pokémon Gyms of the Roman Empire: Mantua
  • Founder: an Etruscan whose name is lost to history
  • Date Founded: ~late 8th Century BCE
  • Type Specialization: grass

History: Little is known about the origins of the Mantua gym except that it appears to have been established during the period of Etruscan expansion into the Po River valley. Control of the gym passed to the Gauls when they invaded and settled the region in 4th century BCE. Any written records from the Estrucan period were lost at this time and the cultural discontinuity eroded any notable oral traditions.

The Gauls of Mantua established grass type as the gym’s specialization, a preference typical of Celtic peoples dating back to the La Tène and Hallstatt cultures. This continued after the Roman conquest of Cisalpine Gaul.

Inevitably, any gym with a type specialization is vulnerable to obvious and easy counters. A famous incident from 52 BCE is recorded in which a young hometown hero set the all-time speed record for acquiring the Mantua gym’s badge. His party consisted of the following Pokemon:

  • Vespiquen
  • Beedrill
  • Combee
  • Combee
  • Combee
  • Combee

That trainer’s name? Publius Vergilius Maro.


PAPRIKA!!! Played by Kiko Mizuhara
(I can’t do any nice edits yet because I’m on mobile I just got so excited about this idea)

- a “dream walker” who can both travel between dreams and flow seamlessly through the subconscious dream state (if a dream shifts half way through, her form will change to match the new scenario). She can control (to an extent) the dreams she enters but always affirms that anyone can if they have enough willpower
- a Hometown Hero who makes a living interpreting people’s dreams or fighting the things causing nightmares
- she probably has something to do with the circus subplot TBH but I’m not sure what yet. Maybe despite her bright and happy exterior she plants things in outsiders dreams that make them feel drawn to Grimm and the circus so they never really leave? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there’s just a prevalent circus theme/FEEL to the film so I’d love to explore it!!
- she is a bubbly and extroverted person who loves helping people and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Almost everyone in town loves her and she loves them!
- she probs has a twin who is completely different and most visitors don’t even realize they’re related

adaline ‘addi’ radcliffe // hometown heroes // fairy

- a vet tech with a heart of gold raised in a large (mostly adopted) family and still trying to figure out what this whole fairy thing means when she’s nothing like any of the others she’s ever met

- currently working at pongo’s practice while she works on finishing her degree, after which she hopes to open up her own practice

- fairy whose dust helps speed up the healing process for ~minor injuries and who mostly uses it to ease the pain of the animals she works with

- owns her apartment thanks to her parents and frequently uses it as a crashpad for the neglected and broken of the world because addi is nothing if not a martyr

- sort of really in love with her boss/pongo , but too afraid to say anything thanks to the age difference and the fact that he’s her boss (plz make him for me!).

-it also doesn’t help that he has no idea she’s a fairy and she can’t imagine breaking that news to him when she thinks he’s a human (he moved to town around five or six years ago and doesn’t have to be human).

- instead she ignores the way he seems to be spending more and more nights on her couch after bringing her dinner and the glances that linger just a second too long.

- can’t imagine ever leaving grimm or the bubble her parents have built for her because she is absolutely spoiled and would have no idea what to do if they decided to stop supporting her.

- tl:dr addi is a quiet fairy who just wants to use her ~gifts for something good and who sort of wishes she didn’t have them at all. a spoiled girl entirely supported by parents who are probably far too indulgent of their youngest child.


”as far as I’m concerned, you needn’t worry about your old heel.”

  • lucy k. shepherd aka lady from lady and the tramp
  • hometown hero or comeback kid i haven’t decided yet rip
  • newly abled canine skinwalker, which also happens to be the reason she’s kicked out of her house atm
  • turns into a totally threatening, absolutely menacing cavalier spaniel :-/ 
  • may or may not be falling for the infamous tramp who saved her from being mauled by a rival gang
  • constantly internally screaming  
  • the kind of person that would take a hair brush to a desert island if she was only allowed one item
  • “average person eats 3 pounds of pasta a day" factoid actually  just statistical error. average person eats 0 pounds of pasta a day. lucy shepherd, who lives in cave & eats over 10,000 each day, is an outlier and should not have been counted
  • just wants to go home and stop smelling like wet dog
  • i’m thinkin her fam is probably pretty prominent in the feline skinwalker community (cue we are siamese if u pls song) 
  • i want her to have a lil brother she’s super protective of 
  • i’m really not sure where i’m taking her chara yet but i’m gonna have a lot of fun ruining her life c: 

“we best be keeping a sharp eye on this one, eh, morph?”

  • margo flint (aka morph from treasure planet)
  • hometown hero fairy with the ability to manipulate her appearance
  • can also manifest wings so she can buzz around and bug jem  
  • hard-core lives for dramatics
  • mostly makes her money via street art/performance
  • has a job on the side helping out at jack’s legacy
  • candy fiend
  • uses temporary dyes like nobody’s business
  • has been crashing at jack darner’s for a while now b/c she left home (don’t ask her why)
  • just a ray of goddamn sunshine despite how annoying she can be
  • sends random emojis to people
  • doesn’t want to leave grimm ever
  • ….but would leave with jack if he ever found a way around his curse b/c he’s the father she never had I’M FINE

there is no finer cat than i am.

  • suzette shepherd aka si or am from lady and the tramp!
  • hometown hero/feline skinwalker
  • hates you, hates your teacher, hates your dog, hates your mailman,
  • really only cares about her twin sister tbh 
  • “i don’t hate you because you’re a canine skinwalker, you’re a canine skinwalker because i hate you.”
  • from a really *~*prestigious*~*~ feline skinwalker family and she DEF believes she’s better than everyone because of it oops
  • listens to old music and calls it real music
  • very manipulative tbh!! like the only reason she would be nice to you is she has something to gain from it OR you’re from a prestigious family
  • has 10 aesthetic blogs
  • her everyday outfit costs more than your college tuition and she WILL tell you that
  • acts very innocent and sweet when it will benefit her and her sister
  • HELLA dependent on her twin sister, would fall apart if anything bad ever happened to her
  • (i’m going to request her later but if you’re interest……………..hmu……….)
  • basically the worst i’m sorry she exists!!!!!!! 

yoo so i really want a group of friends for my lilo (callie) with the vibe of the breakfast club/that 70′s show?? just a group of grimm’s misfit teens who all hang out together bc… nobody else really wants to. they’re gonna be super dorky and high probably 100% of the time and just!!  so much fun. they all met through getting detention in high school, but they’re all more recent grads so i’d like ages to stay between 18-21 pls!! any and all canons welcome, but the ones below the cut are my suggestions: 

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