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Perfectly Imperfect (Coffee, pt. 2)

Originally posted by sugagi

(Your first date isn’t exactly smooth-sailing, but somehow it’s just right.)

word count: 2,604
note: for a lovely anon who requested a part two of my previous yoongi scenario! sorry that this took so long, and very sorry that it’s probably not as good as part one - major writer’s block all throughout the process of writing this. but I hope you enjoy to some extent!

read part 1 here

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You can tell a lot about a person based on what kind of music they listen to.

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle. List the first ten songs that come up, then tag tenpeople.

  1. Torn Apart - Bastille
  2. Dead Man’s Party - Oingo Boingo (don’t judge me, it really works for the Skulduggery Pleasant series)
  3. Hometown Glory - Adele
  4. Oats in the Water - Ben Howard 
  5. Favorite Record - Fall Out Boy
  6. Starstruck - Lady Gaga
  7. Ride - twenty one pilots
  8. Levels - Avicii
  9. Ride - twenty one pilots
  10. Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey

i tag @shefollowedfires, @fandammit, @ofhouseadama, @zoemonroe, @skaihefamarcus, and @abbygkane

Characters: PCs, NPCs, and the odd comment from God

Dungeons and Discord has six main player characters and a couple of interesting NPCs. Here’s a quick rundown of the people so far:

First off, we have Temp Placeholder of the New Jersey Placeholders. He’s a wood elf monk who grew up in Saintshaven, and knows the town and its secrets (and its people) fairly well. He’s following the Way of the Open Hand, and his talents include smithing and armormaking.

Next up: Tiska Shepherd, the tiefling druid from a farming town. Abandoned at birth by her mother, Tiska was raised by a pair of lesbian farmers and really knows how to work with plants and animals, which naturally led to her being a druid of the circle of the land, of the forest. A good-natured being, she’ll always try and talk down natural enemies. She was driven out of her hometown by a series of unfortunate circumstances and some generic racism, and is currently on a search for her birth parents.

Third is Zackrow, the tabaxi Divination wizard. Zackrow spent his life learning things and going places, and is currently on a crusade to learn more about the planes of existence and write a book. He previously spent his time aboard a skyship courtesy of a couple of eccentric noble friends, learning about air magic. Zackrow’s true love is linguistics, however, and he wants to learn every language he possibly can, no matter where he has to go. He casts magic using a broken wristwatch as an arcane focus.

Brom Stouthammer is a fighter, and one of the last remaining members of his clan: a proud clan that was decimated while staging a surprise attack on a duregar fortress. They fell into a drow trap and were completely annihilated; Brom is following the lead of his lost brother, the only one not confirmed dead, and recieved information that this brother was seen in Saintshaven. Brom is a skilled gemcutter and smith, and seeks to find any vestiges of his clan that he possibly can.

Minato Virva is a human rogue from a backwater town to the southeast of Saintshaven. She’s a rogue looking to squeeze her way into business; she’s opportunistic and is searching for a way to make some money and perhaps a name for herself. She certainly didn’t sign up for a plane-hopping trip, but she’s happy to go along if there’s money to be made. She loves to study other cultures and practices magic.

Finally, Mir Elling. Mir, the granddaughter of the great kenku pirate Hana, has decided that her life needs more adventure, and is trying to seek it out. Her religion, the doctrine of the Celestial Family, dictates that she help as many people as possible; she’s a healer, a brilliant light, and a brave warrior to those around her. Closing down a dangerous rift is an all-in-one adventure for Mir, and she’s forging onwards with her beak held high.

A couple of important NPCs were revealed in the first session, including:

- Lorelai Riversong, an incredibly intelligent and talented (along with very enthusiastic) blue dragonborn wizard who leads the Rift research team
- Justin Riversong, Lorelai’s asherati brother, a healer and evocation wizard who accompanies Lorelai on her journeys.

More to come!


Hometown Glory - Chapter 2: Sanguine (reuploaded)

I hope this ends up being worth the wait for some of you.

in case you missed it


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 26

After all the party posts we stay at the night life. Why? Just because we wanted to post another photo with blinking lights and of course with long exposure.

On the first photo you can see the view on Breslauerplatz (in Cologne), taken at the station.

On the second photo you can see Prinzregentenstrasse and Luitpoldbrücke (Munich) taken at the “Angel Of Peace” statue.

Okay, I know, that’s not nightlife, only streets at night. But since we already showed the train-stations of our hometowns, this series missed the road traffic. Like in every city the arterial roads of Cologne and Munich are full with cars the whole day and only in the late hours it’s a bit more quiet on the streets.

This weeks praise to the cyclists.


Aller de L'avant x Misterkuyajay

A throw back.

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