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Language Barrier - Jesse Puljujärvi

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Notes: this little Finnish angel is precious and I lOVE HIM. I’m so bad at incorporating language barriers into imagines, so I hope I didn’t do too bad with him. Hope you guys enjoy!!

Warnings: Google translated Finnish

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Teaser: A wide smile broke out on the Finn’s face, his happiness evident. “My English… very not good. I need… time.”

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Andre Villas Boas and The Tale of Benjamin ‘Lefty’ Ruggiero

By Aniefiok Ekpoudom

Whilst many spend decades finding their calling in life, both Andre Villas Boas and Benjamin Ruggiero embarked on their career paths relatively early. The former, born in Portugal’s second city Porto, originated as a covert scout compiling dossiers on the intricacies of local rivals for hometown manager Bobby Robson; the latter arose as a fleet footed street soldier on the pavings of New York; his bond with the Bonnano crime Family moulded by the time his twenties had swung onto the horizon.

A chasm of 50 years existed between the two; Ruggiero passed away in 1994. Villas-Boas was only 17 at the time and plying his efforts in a field far removed from that of the Mob. Yet as events in North London reached their unavoidable conclusion earlier this month; striking similarities led to parallel end credits.

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