hometown philly


@transgenim tagged me, love you nerd butt 😘

rules: just answer the questions, and tag up to 10 people
a / age: 18
b / biggest fear: that i won’t amount to anything and the people i love will leave bc i don’t
c / current time: 5:05 pm
d / drink you last had: a capri sun
e / everyday starts with: waking up to crushing anxiety
f / favorite song: pursuit of happiness kid cudi
g / ghosts, are they real: i believe in spirits. is that the same thing?
h / hometown: Cheltenham/Philly
i/ In love with: hyungwon
j / jealous of: people who aren’t sensitive
k / killed someone: lol no?
l / last time you cried: this morning
m / middle name: denae
n / number of siblings: four (4)
o / one wish: to get the job i want
p / person I last called/texted: my weedman lol q / question you’re always asked: “why you so damn ugly?“
r / reason to smile: bc i’m about to eat
s / song you played: chum - earl sweatshirt
t / time you woke up: around 10:30 idk
u / underwear color: white
v / vacation destination: mexico or hong kong w / worst habit: apologizing too much
x / x-rays you’ve had: shoulder, ankle, knee, wrist, and multiple fingers
y / your favorite food: pasta alfredo with chicken and shrimp
z/ zodiac sign: gemini
i’m tagging: @palisadesmalls @plantski @westafricanempress @arie-34