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A view toward center field in Connie Mack Stadium, Philadelphia as the grounds crew wets down the infield prior to a baseball game between the hometown Phillies and visiting St. Louis Cardinals in 1959. 

Like Forbes Field, Connie Mack Stadium opened in 1909 and was demolished after the 1970 season.  It was replaced by Veterans Stadium, one of several stadiums of similar style utilizing artificial turf.  When several Phillies players succumbed to brain cancer, questions arose about their long-term exposure to the stadium’s synthetic surface.  More here.

Photo from the deleted Flickr account of actionlog.

A-Z of Me

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A-Z of me 

Age?- 16
Biggest fear?- finding out everything I’ve ever believed is a lie
Current time?- 9:19 pm
Drink?- Mountain Dew or coffee with a shit ton of half and half and sugar
Everyday starts with?- A reluctant moan
Fav song?- Hmm…. I can’t pick just one, sorry :(
Ghosts?- Nah my dude they don’t exist. Except Slimer is lit af (please smack me for say lit)
Hometown?- Close to Philly (not gonna give out my actual hometown)
I?- I am confused by this question #cryptic lol
Jealous of?- people who can rap well and who have nice hair and aren’t pale fucks like me
Killed someone?- I ripped the head off a Ken doll does that count?
Last time you cried?- Well I cried when I was sneezing cuz my eyes teared up, but for real, one week ago
Middle name?- It starts with a V, but I don’t wanna give it out. and no it’s not vagina you fucking twats :P
Number of siblings?- 1 (little brother)

One wish?- true love (cliche I know)
Person you last called/texted?- @xxbrokenglassxx (btw I’m tagging you to do this)
Question you’re always asked?- What is wrong with you?/CAN YOU STOP IT WITH THE INNUENDOS PLEASE?
Reasons to smile?- My dog, music, books, and friends/family

Song you last sang?- Uh I can’t remember, either Tainted Love or House of Gold

Time you woke up?- 11:47
Underwear color?- technically I am not wearing any atm, but the shorts I have under my jeans are black
Vacation destination?- New Hampshire please :)
Worst habit?- aggressively scratching my wrist when nervous, and also peeling skin off of my lip
X-Rays you’ve had?- normal dental ones, and one on my left hand when I broke my middle finger in kindergarten (I flipped many people off accidently when they put the splint on because I wanted to show it off. Dark times)
Your favorite food?- any pasta dish
Zodiac sign?- Leo








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(note: these questions aren’t mine, I just copied them from the person who tagged me. Idk where they originated, sorry)

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A- Age: 27
B- Biggest fear: I’m terrifed of catching head lice.
C- Current time: 1:30 am
D- Last drink you had: Water
E- Everyday starts with: Walking dogs
F- Favorite song: Talk Tonight- Oasis
G- Ghosts, are they real:  Yes
H- Hometown: Philly
I- In love with: My damn self
J- Jealous of: People who wear what they want without feeling crippling anxiety over whether or not they look stupid.
K- Killed someone: lol no???
L- Last time you cried: Saturday was a rough day. 
M- Middle name: Patricia, Marguerite
N- Number of siblings: 1
O- One wish: For From Dusk Till Dawn to come back for a fucking season four
P- Person you last called or texted: My bff
Q- Questions you’re always asked: What do you put in your hair to make it so wavy and curly like that? Nothing. I never brush it. This birds nest is natural.
R- Reasons to smile: I’m meeting Ezra Miller next week. :DDDD
S-Song last sang: Pony- Ginuwine
T- Time you woke up: 6:30 am
U- Ugliest thing you own: I own a few ugly drawings I’ve done
V- Vacation destination: NYC
W- Worst habit: Dancing. It never stops. I can’t stop.
X- X-rays you’ve had done: Foot. I have a deformity and can’t bend my foot/ankle back towards myself like other people can. 
Y- Your favorite food: Candy
Z- Zodiac sign: Capricorn

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ABC's of Me...

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A - Age: 26
B - Biggest fear: Stranded in the ocean. Sharks man.
C - Current time: 5:17pm
D - Drink you last had: Arizona Sweet Tea
E - Every day starts with: getting the young one ready and off to school.
F - Favourite song: Picking just one is not an option.
G - Ghosts, are they real?: how would I know?
H - Hometown: Philly
I - In love with: John Wick, Logan, my acoustic guitar and other thangss.
J - Jealous of: The idea that there are people out there that are completely stable in their everyday lives.
K - Killed someone: Only in a rage induced fantasy duh.
L - Last time you cried: A few days ago.
M - Middle name: Noell
N - Number of siblings: 1 sister
P - Person you last called/texted: Sister
Q - Questions you’re always asked: “Why?“ "What just happened?” “Can you stop?”
R - Reasons to smile: my son Lo turns 6 in March!!
S - Song last sang: Human - Rag'n'Bone Man
T - Time you woke up: 7am
U - Underwear color: Purple-ish Grey?
V - Vacation destination: Scotland, Ireland or Tokyo
W - Worst habit: Cracking my knuckles or stretching my fingers out cause I’m double jointed
X - X-rays you’ve had: Less than a handful of times
Y - Your favourite food: Boy blue burger from Grub
Z - Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

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