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Fake date - Larcana Oneshot

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- You can see the future with your cards? - asked Larcade, surprised.

- Not only the future - answered Cana -. I can see the present too. But I can’t see specific names or people in it.

- What they say about me?

- Let’s see - Cana shuffled the cards and put them on the table -. There are three important men in your life. Those are your father, your uncle and your brother, right?

- Right.

- And two women. One is your mother, that’s for sure. You have a girlfriend?

- No. It’s Llum.

- Your pegasus?

- She was my only friend before joining Fairy Tail. She’s with me since I was very little.

- You made more friends here?

- It’s funnier than I thought, to have friends. What else they say?

- Eh? Oh, yes. You still have insecurities about yourself, but you are a great friend. And you are a romantic guy.

- You know this from the cards?

- It’s not true?

- It is. But I never fell in love or had a girlfriend, so I don’t know if the last one is true.

- You want to check it?

- What is your proposal?

- My hometown makes a festival. I go every year, and every year weird dudes try to seduce me.

- You weren’t born in Magnolia?

- I’m from a little town near here. I go every year to remember my mother. She died when I was very little.

- I’m sorry about that.

- Don’t worry. It happened a long time ago. So, my proposal is a fake date.

- A fake date?

- You come with me to the festival in my hometown, and I can enjoy it.

- And why you said “Fake date”? We can go as friends.

- Everyone will think you are my boyfriend, because I never went with a friend before.

- When?

- Tomorrow. I’ll wait for you in the station at 7am.

- I’ll be there.

Larcade explained that to one person, his mother.

- So… You have a date with Cana tomorrow? - asked Mavis.

- It’s a fake date, but yes. I can say that.

- Do you know something about dates?

- I’ve never been in one before.

- Me neither. I can’t help you with that.

- Don’t tell dad a thing about it. Don’t tell anyone.

- Promised.

- Cover me, mama.

- Don’t worry, Larcade. No one will know.

- Thank you, mama.

- Sleep well, my child. Tomorrow is an special day.

- Don’t say that, mama. Goodnight.

- Goodnight, Larcade.

When Larcade woke up the next morning, Mavis was awake, preparing some breakfast for him. When he left, Mavis hugged him, and kissed his cheek.

- Have a good day, my child.

- I will, mama.

Larcade went to the station and waited for Cana. She appeared 30 minutes later.

- Sorry, I’m late - said Cana.

- Yes, you are.

- You’re not supposed to say that.

- Sorry for being honest. It’s my nature.

- Well, it’s not really a date. I forgive you, but don’t do that in the first date.

- Why?

- Most of the girls don’t like honest boys. They get mad at them.

- Girls are strange.

- Well, let’s go.

Larcade fell asleep all the travel in train. Cana woke up him an hour later.

- We arrived, sleeping beauty - said Cana when he opened his eyes.

- Sorry, I fell asleep.

- Don’t worry about that. Let’s go.

Cana’s hometown was very small. But that day, it’s population multiplies.

- Normally, 4000 people live here - explained Cana to Larcade -. During the festival, we receive near 16000 visitors.

- That’s a lot of people. What do you celebrate?

- A long time ago, there was an ogre who ate people in this town. He was slayed by two children he tried to eat. This festival is in memory of that event.

- How did two children slay an ogre?

- Brain games. The youngest child distracted the ogre with them, while the oldest one searched something to cut the ogre’s throat. You’re not believing me, right?

- Not too much.

- That’s what the legend says.

- Not even their ages?

- No. Nothing else.

- And what do you do in this festival?

- Games.

- Why I asked?

- Not all games are mental games. There are also strenght games, and shoot games. And, at night, drink games.

- You come for the drink games, right?

- Not only for them.

Cana guided Larcade to one of the shooting games. She failed the three shoots she had, but Larcade…

- Choose one of the prizes - said Larcade after the first shoot.

- How did you do that?

- In Alvarez, they prohibited me this kind of games because of this.

- You still have two shoots.

- One for my mother, and the other for me.

Larcade didn’t fail the two shoots he still had. As prizes, Cana choose a big snake plushie, and Larcade a dragon and a fairy plushies.

- What’s next? - asked Larcade.

- Fishing ducks.

- Fishing ducks?

- Yes. I want to know what else you can do, besides of shooting.

- Fishing ducks?

- Fishing ducks.

Fishing bath ducks with a plastic fishing rod was really easy. Find the duck with the big prize, not that easy.

- I got a fourth prize. What about you, Larcade?

- I told you I was banned from this games in Alvarez.

Larcade showed her the duck with the first prize. Then he showed it to the manager of the game, who gave him his prize.

Games and more games. And, for every game, Larcade won the first prize. He even let people seal his magic, and won anyway.

- What are you searching in your cards? - asked Larcade while they were eating.

- An explanation for all your wins - answered Cana -. There are no patterns for those games.

- I’m good at shooting, and a good observant.

- I don’t think you are prepared for the last game.

- The drinking one?

- It’s a competition. I’ve been winner every year, except those years where I was gone in Tenroujima.

- I listened that story from uncle Natsu. A competition, you say? It will be fun.

- No one wins me at drinking.

- We will see that.

After eating, they continued playing all the games. And Larcade won in every single one.

And when the night fell, the cold weather came with it. Cana wasn’t prepared for it, and she was freezing. But, suddenly, someone put a jacket in her shoulders.

- I wanted to buy it for me, but you need it more. Take it, it’s yours now.

- You didn’t need to do that, Larcade. If you want-

- I don’t accept devolutions for this one. Just take it.

Larcade didn’t look at Cana during the rest of the day, until both got drunk enough in the drink competition. They were the last ones inside the competition. Larcade was winning but, suddenly, he took all the beer on the table, like 15 jars, and drank everything. He collapsed before finishing all, making Cana win the competition.

- And the winner is… Cana Alberona! - announced the judge, approaching to them -. Congratulations, dear.

- I’m recovering my old glory! - yelled Cana, totally drunk.

- Your boyfriend doesn’t seem to share your strenght.

- He’s not my boyfriend! He’s… The son of my guildmaster… And a gentleman…

- Oh… Of course.

- Can you make me a favor and take us home? I don’t think we will arrive to Magnolia awake.

- If the champion wants, I can’t reject that offer.

The judge take them home. Cana was right. She fell asleep in the train, and Larcade woke up a moment just to look at him and fell asleep.

Both wake up in their beds the next afternoon, with the worst hangover they ever had. They couldn’t get out of bed. Every sound was really loud in their heads. But there was a thing they couldn’t get out of their heads.

- Larcade, do you need something? - asked Mavis, entering at Larcade’s room.

- I need silence, mama. Just silence - answered Larcade, with his face covered with his pillow.

- Are you okay?

- No, my head hurts like it’s going to explode.

- I tell the boys to be silent.

- Thank you, mama.

Mavis left the room. Larcade put the pillow behind his head an covered his ears with it.

- Why I can’t take her out of my head?

Cana was in a similar situation. She couldn’t take Larcade off his head. She was sitting in her bed with the jacket on and hugging the snake.

- What’s the matter with me? I’m turning crazy.

The next day, Cana went to the guild with the jacket on. The girls asked her how the festival was.

- Good, I think.

- Did you won the drinking contest? - asked Mirajane.

- Uh… Yes…

- What’s happening, Cana? - asked Lucy.

- I don’t know. I’ve been strange recently.

- When did you buy that jacket? - asked Erza -. You didn’t have anything like this before.

- I didn’t. Larcade bought it to me.

- Larcade!? - yelled the girls -. You were in a date with Larcade!?

- It wasn’t exactly a date. I just didn’t want to be bothered by any of those weird guys, like every year.

- But if he bought it to you, it wasn’t a date? - asked Juvia.

- It was a fake date. I needed someone to scare those weird guys, and he wanted to check a thing my cards told him. I didn’t shuffle them since that day.

- And what they say about him?

- Well, they say…

- No, Cana. We want to know what you didn’t tell him.

Cana put the cards on the table, showing every single one of them to the girls.

- He will find love soon…

- I think he already found it - said Mirajane.

- I hope Gildarts doesn’t find this.

It was late. Gildarts was in Natsu’s house. Zeref was the one who opened the door.

- Which are your son’s issues with my daughter? - asked Gildarts.

- My son’s issues? I don’t have any information about that - answered Zeref -. In any case, what are your daughter’s issues with my son?

- Are you trying to insult my daughter?

- I should ask the same.

At the moment Gildarts appeared, Natsu dragged Mavis into Larcade’s room and closed the door.

- Tell me what happened - requested Natsu.

- Larcade and Cana went on a fake date - explained Mavis.

- A fake date?

- Yes, it was fake - added Larcade -. Why?

- Gildarts is at the door arguing with Zeref.

- Gildarts?

- Cana’s father.

- Her father!?

- And not only that. Do you remember who took you home?

- I don’t know who was. I only remember a pair of green eyes.

- It was Acnologia. He was disguised, and hiding his magic very well, but I could recognize him. His green emerald eyes are not a thing you forget easily.

- But Acnologia’s hair is blue, and he has those marks in his body. That guy’s hair was black.

- He can hide his demon blood. And he’s your grandfather. And enjoys to see happy endings with two people in love. He’s probably watching you and Cana right now.

- But we… We…

- You what?

- We are not a couple, uncle Natsu. It was a fake date. It doesn’t count.

- Larcade, do you love her?

- I don’t know. How do you know that?

- All starts when you discover yourself staring at her with an smile in your face, and you hide when you two make eye contact. Your heart beats faster when you saw her, and when you think about her. She’s in your head all day and all night. You smile when you see something which reminds you of her. That feeling that there are butterflies in you stomach. Larcade, are you feeling one of those?

- What about wanting to hug her every time you see her sad face? Or do something for her when she’s down? Or wanting to wake up every morning at her side?

- Larcade, that’s love. And you only needed one day to fell in love with Cana.

- But… I can’t… I’m too old for her.

- No, you’re not. Zeref is 300 years older than Mavis. My father is 30 years younger than my mother. My uncle and my aunt have an age gap of 100 years. I’m 400 years older than Lucy… And it’s better if I don’t continue telling you about my grandparents and the dragon queen. We are immortals. If we look at those things, we will be alone forever.

- How big is the difference between my great-grandparents?

- Enough to not tell you. Go for her. She’s waiting for you, I’m sure.

- I can’t do that! I can’t…

Larcade walked around the room with his hands in his head, thinking in a way to forget all of that.

- Larcade… - said Mavis suddenly.

- Yes, mama?

- You need to tell her.

- I can’t do it. I need to forget all of this. It’s the only way.

- She will suffer, and you too.

- How do you know?

- I tried to do it, with your father. I tried to forget I love him, and he tried too, a long time ago. The more we tried, the more painful it turned. I couldn’t look at black things without remembering him. It turns easier when you stop trying to forget and tell the truth.

- I was a year far away from Lucy - explained Natsu -. How do you think it was for me? I couldn’t let Happy know how I was feeling. I had to hide my feelings for Lucy, and that was the worst thing I could do.

- But… I can’t tell her in front of everyone - said Larcade.

- Who said you have to do it in front of everyone? Take her away from everyone, and tell her the truth. Create the moment, Larcade.

- You did it, uncle Natsu?

- I didn’t. The moment came alone.

- Wish me luck, then.

Larcade jumped through the window and ran to the guild, trying to not be seen by Gildarts and Zeref. His heart beated faster when he saw Cana was wearing the jacket he bought for her, but got nervous when he saw all the girls with her.

- Okay, Larcade… Calm down. You can do it - said Larcade to himself.

Larcade approached to them. None of the girls saw him, and he could see the cards on the table. He recognized them.

- Are those my cards? - asked Larcade, scaring Cana -. The ones from two days ago?

- How long have you been here? - asked Cana, trying to hide her feelings -. They are, why?

- What do the other cards say?

- Nothing important!

- They say you will find love soon - answered Mirajane.

- Mira!

- Can you shuffle them again? - asked Larcade.

- Not now. I have things to do.

Cana took her cards and tried to leave, but Larcade took the cards from her purse and shuffled them himself. Then, he extended the cards at the table, in front of the girls.

- What do they say? - asked Larcade.

- Let’s see… - said Levy, taking a book about tarot -. Um…

- You found love, and that person loves you back - answered Cana -. Now, give me my cards.

- You do? - asked Larcade, looking at the cards to try to hide his face.

- I didn’t say that!

- That’s what you said.

- No! I didn’t!

- You did - said the girls.

- Absolutely not!

Cana took her cards and tried to leave, but Larcade hugged her from the back.

- Your father is at my house arguing with mine, because of our fake date - said Larcade.

- I can’t do anything with that. He won’t listen.

- Do you want to avoid them a little and go to a true date?

- I don’t think it’s a good idea.

- Cana, please. Let me do it.

- It’s the worst idea you ever had.

- Maybe, but your worst idea was coming here with this jacket on.

- And where you will take me?

- I don’t know Ishgar or Fiore. Choose you.

- Okay, but we go on your pegasus.

Larcade only had to whistle to take Llum at the door of the guild. He helped Cana to get on the pegasus, and then jumped behind her. Then, the three flew away. At that moment, Natsu and Mavis entered at the guild singing “Accidentally in love” by Counting Crows. Immediately, all the guild knew what was happening because of an uncle and a mother who builded a really good friendship.

So I have some pretty intense feelings about plants, and trees in particular.

Did you know that there are Christmas tree farms all over my state?

Little trees, small enough to fit inside your house, grown for death and to be shipped all over the east coast of the United States.

Grown in North Carolina, a state that is part of the kudzu invasion, where vines swallow buildings and lots whole.

In soil that fuels the sakura’s redneck cousin, the Bartlett pear tree that bears no fruit and fucks the breathing of those with allergies to hell and gone.

In my hometown, there’s a festival dedicated to azaleas.

I cannot think of a street I’ve ever ridden on in this state that doesn’t eventually have a magnolia or five.

There are apples in the mountains, and grasses are all that holds the sea back from eating the coast.

Down in Gaffney, there’s that water tower, a monument to the fact that there are more peaches in South Carolina than in Georgia, just so you know.

Christmas trees are the veal of the tree world. I enjoy meat, I’m not saying that as a value judgment, I’m just saying.


ace discourse post yay

gonna say a slightly controversial thing: i believe there’s plenty of room in the queer community for asexuals. However, the community at large needs to do a better examination of functions of oppression. Aces AND everybody else. 

All queer people face systemic oppression. This is part of what it means to be lgbtqia. but not all oppression acts the same or has the same source. 

queer people tend to be victims of state violence. stonewall itself was a riot against state violence. just this year at my hometown’s pride festival, QPOC were arrested for asking for a moment of silence for philandro castile. that tends to be a characterizing factor, but it’s not a solid definition and it would be rather undialectical to imagine that the queer experience of oppression boils down to that. 

cisgender heteroromantic* asexuals do not experience state oppression. they’ve never been legislated against or specifically targeted by state arms of violence like police or the prison system. but like i said, that isn’t a singular definition of queer oppression. 

(*it’s a mischaracterization to assume all asexuals are cishet, or even a majority of them, but it’s the most common example used to distance aces as a whole from the queer community, so that’s what i’m using right now. we should keep in mind that it’s quite likely that “cishet” aces actually make up a minority of asexual people.)

That said, asexuals are at a rather high risk for personal, individual violence. there’s a lot of sexual expectations that exist in cisheteronormative society, as we all know, and aces no matter what their other orientations are much less likely to be able to conform to those expectations. Sex is expected in relationships, and as the continued assault of women in society tells us, many people get pushy and violent when told “no.” This is not just a coincidence or a minor factor of being asexual. This is a cisheteronormative expectation of society being subverted by the existence of an asexual person. This is queerness.**

(**notice I say ‘cisheteronormative expectation’ as opposed to sexual expectation, a difference that, when missed, leads to a lot of people like pedophiles being able to ‘fit into the definition’ of queerness just by semantics. pedophiles are not queer in any way, shape, or form, and actually conform to many cisheteronormative power structures and expectations. But that’s another post.)

The reason I’m saying all of this is because I think a lot of the contention between aces and the rest of the queer community is a lack of understanding of the functions and sources of oppression on both sides (and just a lot of malicious terf rhetoric that people are accidentally believing). And i think we can actually use a lot of this petty bickering to fuel a decent conversation about how our individual experiences characterize what it means to be queer and what it means in relation to society as a whole. Aces don’t have to pretend to be victims of state violence in order to fit into the queer community, and Ls, Gs, Bs, and Ts don’t have to pretend that obvious state violence is the only factor in oppression or define oppression so narrowly as to exclude asexuals. 


It’s Spring festival season here in Tsubame to mark the rice planting season. I got to attend a beautiful festival local to Tsubame, Niigata which is my mom’s hometown. This festival is connected to Ise-Shrine in Mie Prefecture so it had a very traditional edo feel to it. The dancers and singers went door to door, including our home and performed a dance at our doorway as a blessing. It was really important for me to witness this festival because I feel like I have a deeper understanding and connection to my mother’s upbringing and the history of her town. 

Possibly the only good thing about the Souther US (other than the nature, you can’t fuck up the nature) is the towns that have these festivals that no one can really remember WHY they do it.

My hometown does the Fall Festival, and barely 30 people attend. And that’s the whole town.

The town about 15 min from there has the Watermelon Festival. We just, sit around eating watermelon once it shows up at sunset. it’s never earlier unless you brought your own. We just listen to music and take up the whole park with shit waiting for The Watermelon

the city i live in probably does something but fuck if i know i’ve never been in this town long enough nor have i really cared.

Roommates Part 19 - Home Sweet Home

What happen back in the reader´s home town?

Read the other Parts here: Part 1,Part 2, Part 3,Part 4,Part 5, Part 6,Part 7,Part 8, Part 9,Part 10, Part 11,Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18

I have to warn you though, this is going to be full of clichés, weird coincidences and all in all the flufflyest fluff in the world of fluff, paired with the occasional smut.
If that´s your thing, than have fun reading Room D103

When you arrive at college, everything is supposed to change. You want to become a new person, leave behind the things that happened to you in your hometown and try to make some new friends and fit in.
But what happens if you end up with a roommate, who is not only a guy, but also a handsome football player/most annoying jerk on the whole planet?

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 1000 ish

Warnings: none

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The meeting between Dean and your parents had gone relatively well.
Of course your dad had eyed him suspiciously at first (he was still half afraid what happened to you once, would happen to you again), but after they somehow got talking about football and Dean´s scholarship and stuff, everything was fine.
While your Dad and Dean were discussing tactics, your Mum pulled you into a deep hug:
“I missed you so much”, she said and you heard in her voice that she was trying really hard not to cry, which made you choke a little bit too.
You hugged her back tightly: “I missed you too Mum. How have things… been.”
The two  of you let go of each other and you knew that your Mum knew what you were talking about.
Suddenly she was awkward and you knew it was because she didn´t like talking about the fact, that half of the town had seen you naked and the other half who hadn´t seen it, still thought you had done the whole thing deliberately.
Sometimes you wished your parents would just move away too, get away from all the hurtful things people were thinking and saying in their faces or behind their backs.
But they loved this house and your Dad had grown up here, so that probably wasn´t going to happen.
“The whole thing… has cooled down a little I guess. With you and your classmates all off to college, there was no one around anymore to talk about it and the ones who did grew tired of it.
There was something that was bothering her, obviously, and you frowned: “But what?”
Your Mom sighed and glanced back at Dean: “Does he treat you right?”
“Of course he does, Mom, please tell me what´s going on”, you begged.
She locked eyes with you: “Todd´s back in town. I saw him this morning at the grocery store. I guess he´s spending Christmas with his parents too.”
Hearing his name was, as always, like being punched in the gut. You looked at Dean, who was smiling at your Dad.
“Oh. Okay”, was all you managed to say and even remained relatively calm on the outside, even though your insides were boiling.

For the first time in months, you didn´t woke up in the same room as Dean.

He had decided to stay in the guestroom, to avoid making your parents feel uncomfortable.
You appreciated the gesture but still missed him when you looked around your childhood bedroom on christmas eve.
You knew that your parents wouldn´t have had complained if Dean had stayed in your room, but on the other hand you hadn´t even told them that you were living with him out of fear they wouldn´t like it, so maybe it was for the best.
The room was still exactly as you had left it and you even had some left over clothes in your closet that weren´t in your dorm or in your bag.
You used the chance to enjoy the luxury of a private bathroom and took a long shower before changing into a warm woolen sweater and blue Jeans and applying a little bit of natural make up.
By the time you made it downstairs, it was already past ten am and everyone else was already sitting at the breakfast table.
“Good Morning”, you said and gave Dean a quick kiss on the cheek while sitting down.
Your parents were smiling: “Good Morning, sleeping beauty”, your Dad joked and you rolled your eyes but laughed.
You had really, really missed your parents and you hadn´t even realized how much until you had seen them again yesterday.
The breakfast was chatty and pleasant and you stuffed your stomach with bagels and scrambled eggs that were already a little cold but still tasty.
It seemed to be the perfect morning until Dean asked: “Okay, so are you going to show me a little around your hometown before the festivities?”
You looked at him and saw that he was genuinely interested in the circumstances you had grown up under, but as nice as that was, you really didn´t feel like leaving the house.
“I don´t know… Isn´t it super cozy in here? We could stay in and watch movies all day”, you suggested lamely and all of  a sudden he seemed to get why you didn´t like the idea and stroked over your leg under the tablecloth: “Oh common, one peaceful walk.”
He emphasized the word peaceful and you decided that you were going to give it a try.
What were the odds of running into Todd anyway?

You showed Dean the pond that was frozen over, you explained to him that the church bells didn´t run on electricity and that they paid someone to ring them every hour from ten to six (it used to be six to six but people complained they couldn´t sleep), you showed him your favorite place behind a hedge that was shielding the creek from the street and you were so glad that you hadn´t met anyone you knew yet, that you could really enjoy the day.
“Are you hungry? If so, we could go to Joe´s. It´s a Pizza place but he somehow makes better Burger´s then the actual Burger place.”
Dean laughed at your statement: “That´s bizarre. This whole town is bizarre. But I like it. I like that you lived in one place long enough to learn all those little things about it.
With my fathers job, we were on the move all the time and never spent more than a year or sometimes a year and a half in one place.
I always tried not to get too attached to it.”
You had never thought about it that way and while you interlaced your fingers with Deans, you nodded: “I guess your right. I had almost forgotten how much I liked it here because of all the things that had happened to me. But I had a good time here most of my life.
Sadly it was that one year of hell that stuck.”
He kissed the top of your head as we walked up the stairs to Joe´s: “But it´s going to fine now, isn´t it.”
You were just about to tell him that with him by your side, everything was going to be fine, but then you opened the door to the restaurant and only two feet away from you, looking directly in to your eyes, was Todd.
No, no it isn´t, you thought.


Request: AU - 4, with Pan. Maybe the city is instead a village because the reader is homesick and wants to go to a local festival??

Prompt: 4. Going to the city because I love the city, but you hate it? Shit.

Warnings: none

You were in a funky mood. You’d been on Neverland for almost a year, and had never once acted funny. You were always down to play with the boys, mess around with them, and participate in their mad games. But suddenly you weren’t. You were instead in your tent all day, doing who knows what.

“Y/N, what have you been doing in here lately?” Peter asked, knocking. “What’s wrong with you?”

He came in, seeing your room decorated with all kinds of weird handmade things. He looked around, seeing signs and ribbons. Other things, too that you made. He never knew you were crafty.

“Whoa,” he mumbled.

“Sorry…” you looked down, another decoration in your lap, half finished. “It’s my town’s festival season. I love the festival.” A light smile formed on your lips as you looked at your decoration. You missed the festival a lot.

“Oh,” Peter said. “Well, I’m sorry that you’re missing it.” He didn’t catch your drift. You were hoping he’d take you back to the Mainland so you could go to the festival. You didn’t want to ask, but you might just have to.

Peter was about to leave, but you spoke up.

“Can you take me?”

He stopped, hand on the doorknob. “Excuse me? Y/N, you know I don’t like going out there. It’s why I live here.”

“I promise you’ll love the festival. It’s in this nice part of the city. Please? I love it, and it only come once a year.” You were begging, praying that he’d take you.

Peter thought about it. He hated the Mainland. That meant he had to deal with adults. He had to deal with the real world, and the people in it. He hated it with a burning passion.

“Get dressed in your regular. I’ll change into mine.” He simply said, then left.

You squealed in excitement, jumping up and down. You rushed over to your closet, pulling out the outfit you came to Neverland in. You were going back to your hometown to join the festival. You were beyond excited.

You switched out of your Lost Girl clothes and put on your old jeans and top. You slipped on your old shoes, ready to leave in under ten minutes. You were finished before Peter finished changing into more ‘city clothes’.

Once out, he mentioned to the Lost Boys where you and him were going. “Can we tag along, Pan?” They begged. Peter looked at all of them in disbelief. He was puzzled as to why they would want to go to the Mainland for some stupid festival. But thy kept begging and whining. It annoyed Peter, and he didn’t want to deal with it.

“Fine. We can all go. None of you wreak any kind of havoc. This is the Mainland. Things have changed since you were all there last. No funny business. Understood?” They all nodded. Peter instructed them to remove all their gadgets and weapons before they all left. 

“You’re all going to love it, I promise.” You clasped your hands together, smiling so wide. Peter only growled lowly to himself. He really didn’t want to go.

Once everyone was ready, Peter took you and the Lost Boys over to your town’s festival. You all landed in the same spot, right inside. The entrance was behind your group. You could hear the music, hear the people laughing, and smell those familiar aromas you missed.

“We met back here in three hours. If you are not here at that time, then you’re left behind. Are we clear, boys?” 

Again, the Lost Boys all nodded. Peter told them to scattered, and they did so. They ran off like their life depended on it. Peter turned to you, arms folded over his chest. He glared at you. You only smiled at him.

“Come on, we’ve got three hours. No time to kill, let’s go.” You grabbed his hand, running over to your favorite part. The horse rides. You loved riding horses.

“Really?” Peter complained. “We can do this in Neverland.” He scoffed, pouting. You rolled your eyes.

“Lighten up, will you? We’re not in Neverland. Just have fun. Please? Do it for me.” Peter stared at you, a sharp look in his eyes. 


You got in line.

After the horses, you went on a few festival rides. That’s when Peter started having fun with you. He put his hands up while on the roller coaster, and screamed on the ride that spun you around. You introduced him to cotton candy, which he absolutely loved.

“What is this stuff? It’s so pink and fluffy. What do you do with it?”

You giggled. “You eat it, silly.”

“Eat it? That’s edible? Are you sure?” You nodded your head. You took a piece off, eating. Peter looked at it, mortified. He was staring at it like it was his worst nightmare. But he took a little piece off, placing it in his mouth. His eyes went wide.

“Oh my God, it just melted. It dissolved in my mouth! And it tasted sweet. How do they do that?”

You laughed again at his curiosity. “It’s literally just sugar and food coloring.”

He was so taken aback by how easy it was. He loved it. It didn’t taste like plain sugar. It was just something sweet. He couldn’t believe it. 


By the end of the three hours, Peter ended up loving the festival. There was so much to do. And all your little decorations looked so similar to the ones at the festival. 

“II told you you’d love the city festival,” you poked his chest.

“Oh hush. Where are those boys?” He mumbled, not wanting to admit he had harmless fun. 

The Lost Boys all came back, messier than ever. They had food stains and dirt all over their clothes and faces. But they were all back at the right time. They were also extremely hyper from all the sugar they consumed. They’d never had such fun in their lives.

“We have to do it again, Pan,” Felix grinned. “Every year.”

“Please?” A chorus of Lost Boys said. 

Peter looked at you. You nodded your head profusely, agreeing with the Lost Boys. He moaned, but agreed. “Fine. Every year we’ll come here for three hours. And that’s it. Now, let’s get going.”

You hugged Peter as he transported everyone back to Neverland. The Lost Boys scattered, running around to get their energy out. You stayed hugging Peter. You couldn’t thank him enough. That festival was the only good thing when you live there.

“Thank you so much,” you squeezed him.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

“I know you had fun,” you looked up at him, arms still around him. He was hugging you back, looking down at you.

“Maybe I did…” His mouth twitched into a half grin. You smiled wide, teeth showing.

“I had fun with you.” You told him before disappearing into your tent.

The artist who topped the Hottest 100 poll for 2013 had a little help from his friends today in his hometown Laneway Festival.

Crowd size: Epic. I actually couldn’t see where the sea of humans ended, there were so many of them packed in front of the Dean Turner Stage.

Singalongs: So many bro’s mouthing the words to set opener Emmy Lou. SNAG ALERT.

Moment my heart burst: Just before James (aka Vance) played “Red Eye” he looked out into that endless crowd, took a breath and sighed “this is awesome”. 

Set up on stage: Drums, organ, guitar and James on acoustic guitar. Pretty sure the keys player used something that resembled a toilet brush, for percussion, on stage. 

Highlight: Well “Riptide” of course. The huge crowd helped him singalong to the runaway ukelele hit, and dang it they knew every word. A great way to close.