All these people saying “OMG have you listened to that song stressed out by 21 pilots???”

I’m like

“Bitch, first øff its twenty øne piløts, nøt the number, write that shit øut. Secønd, have yøu listened tø Fake Fan by Every Twenty Øne Piløts Fan?”

And they’re like

“Of course, that song is my jam!”

Then there’s me with a


“Fucking bandwagøners, listen tø anything that isn’t øn Blurryface and then cøme back tø talk business.”

Real meaning behind every song off of Blurryface
  • HeavyDirtySoul:yolo zombies are ironic
  • Stressed Out:candle making is how tyler relieves stress
  • Ride:we do reggae now
  • Fairly Local:we might have a thing for the radio
  • Tear in My Heart:fuck potholes
  • Lane Boy:don't trust Beyonce
  • The Judge:just never go outside
  • Doubt:we can pull off the repeated syllable thing
  • Polarize:we know so much spanish, like tres whole words
  • We Don't Believe What's On TV:we dont believe whats on tv
  • Message Man:you dont even know me!
  • Hometown:Inthedark, USA
  • Not Today:piano players are hardcore
  • Goner:blurryface was originally tyler screaming for 40 minutes with josh playing tambourine
Blurryface Themed Asks
  • Heavydirtysoul:What are you afraid of?
  • Stressed Out:What are you stressed about?
  • Ride:Whats your dream car?
  • Fairly Local:Favorite place?
  • Tear In My Heart:Are you single?
  • Lane Boy:Dream vacation?
  • The Judge:Do feel guilty about anything?
  • Doubt:Do you have any doubts?
  • Polarize:Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
  • We Don't Believe Whats On TV:Whats your favorite show?
  • Message Man:Last person you texted?
  • Hometown:Where are you from?
  • Not Today:Whens your birthday?
  • Goner:Do you miss anyone?