my favorite thing

about homestuck

is that the original fandom meme was making john out to be the gayest character after his infamous “i am not a homosexual” line

but now, in canon, it’s not “i am only SAYING i’m not gay because i am in denial!” with john 

it’s, “literally everybody else that i have ever met is gay and i am very, very confused”

wait i just remembered one of my Favorite Homestuck Fandom memories

at some point, someone made a Really Cryptic Message that Sburb was real and that they made the game and the entire fandom was like “OH FUCK, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK GET READY EVERYONE”

and the link finally dropped, and everyone’s asscheeks are clenched UNBELIEVABLY tight at the prospect of this game,

and you opened it

and it was just a still image of this

but with a grey face and horns on it

i love when the jadetav tag updates

It’s so exciting because it’s rare when there’s a new post and it’s like “OH!! WE GOT ONE!!! GUYS WE!! WE GOT ONE” and you never know what it could be it could be like amazing art or written works and it’s just!!
really gr8

plus there definitely isn’t a lot of us following this tag

how are you all
would you like some tea
one or two lumps of jadetav
do you take milk

sleuthdiplomacy replied to your postliterally would love to see a…

I’M SORRY U ARE SICK BUT YEs i would like to hear the world must know these beautiful headcanons


John: Really fun actor, usually ends up getting comedic roles because he exaggerates a lot. He’s way more for regular acting than Musicals, but he’s a pretty good singer- alright dancer, sometimes he gets carried away with his own feet.

Rose: Likes to direct way more than be involved, but when she is, she strives for parts with broad ranges of emotion. Beautiful voice, has ballet dancer potential, but would rather not express either.

Dave: “”“"Ironically”“”“ does musicals but secretly LOVES the attention he gets onstage. Incredible dancer, awesome singer. Great actor as well, but tends to have some trouble with emotional scenes. When his potential’s unlocked though, woAH WATch out, buddy.

Jade: Loves singing and is REALLY good at it, very expressionistic onstage. Has a certain charm that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats and makes them want to be involved. Not too bad a dancer, either- better than John but not the most coordinated.

Karkat: Amazing, amazing, amazing actor. He always puts himself in his character’s shoes, and it shows. He can and will put an audience to tears. Only does Plays, and shows somewhat of a disdain for Musicals. Does not know how to dance, nor has he ever wanted to. He keeps it a secret, but he has a beautiful voice and could potentially get a big part in a Musical with it even if he couldn’t dance.

Aradia: Terrific dancer of all varieties, always alluring in what she does, ~*~her hips don’t lie~*~. She has a spell-binding, angelic voice to boot! Not the greatest actress, but always gets a part. Does both Plays and Musicals.

Tavros: Only does Plays, and is a fairly good actor, despite his nerves. Would love to do Musicals, but his dancing is pretty bad. Nice voice, again, once passed his nerves. Everyone knows he’s really a kick-ass actor once his potential’s unlocked though because the year he starred as Peter Pan? Forget it, the audience gave a huge standing ovation. Lots of talent that could be tapped into more.

Sollux: Tech and lighting and backstage manager. No way is he doing any of that acting pansy stuff, "iit2 ju2t not for me.” Doesn’t sing or dance at all, really. Always makes sure he’s there backstage when Aradia performs, or hits an extra spotlight on her.
(putting the rest in a readmore! READ THEM I worked so hard on them omg)

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cherubgirl  asked:

um ok i think they do a lot of dumb mushy couple things but are kinda private abt it? like movie nights and matching teeshirts and eskimo kisses but theyd prob both die if anyone found out(i imagine tho that daves eventually cool w is but kars still embarrassed) other than that they just act super married im trash

grab s my own face

oh my god yes. They were probably like SO SECRET about it at first. Like, also consider the fact that Karkat was the one who educated Dave about the quadrants and opened his eyes, so imagine how nervous Dave probably was about this whole new thing he was doing. I imagine that even though Dave is the one who’s a bit more open about their relationship, Karkat is the one who initiated and the lead initially. dave was probably a meSS

im really worried about rose

like. she probably feels an underlying pointlessness to herself. She feels like she’s figured all there is to figure out that’s important. I feel like she let her powers start to dictate what was important and what wasn’t, and in that, she started to lose sight of her own personal ability to analyze the grand scheme? she has this whole life crisis she’s facing in this timeline because she doesn’t have anything to distract her from it (like alcohol)

idfk rose defense squad i just want heR TO BE HAPPY WHAT THE FUCK

Okay about the Update

I dont understand;

People are saying that these new kids are actually The Guardians in their session but I don’t think that makes any sense;
1. It takes place in 2011
2. The letters from the penpal Jade had were from her Grandkid (confirmed to be Jake)
3. Jane was shown to be making ‘Liv Tyler’ in the flash that introduced her, which would mean this takes place in the future
4. Nanna’s life didn’t take place in 2011 obviously
5. Most importantly,
Nanna and Grandpa’s DNA made John and Jade
and Bro and Mom’s DNA made Rose and Dave

Which means it wouldn’t make any sense for the kids to be the parents/grandparents of these new ones.

At the same time, there are incredibley uncanny resemblences made to the Guardians, which I hope will be explained further or else I’m seriously going to throw myself out a window I don’t understand anything oh my god

Things I noticed about Jake:
- His last name is “English” which struck me right off the bat that there was going to be something obviously relating to LE
- It seemed to pop out in the last sentence that his title will have something to do with 'HOPE’
- There is something wrong with his leg that hasn’t been revealed yet
- He is 16 years old? “His name was etched when he turned 13 too, almost 3 years ago.”

Things I noticed about Jane:
- She seems to have attributes of all The Kids?
- Those Problem Sleuth posters omq
- Her last sentence ended with 'LIFE’ highlighted, so her title might have something to do with that

Will we get introduced to the other kids today?