I just read this shit.

It is really hard to sit and watch someone blow something this hard.


Especially when I ship this.

And then, to make it worse, she turns it right around into this…

And this

And maybe somma this <3

And I’m just sitting there like

while she destroys it.

I’m not gay, 


I  DO  have a new found appreciation for gay ships.

they are kind of hot.

I’d also like to point out that this is my longest post.

The new fandom.

Homestuck was always a pretty loud rambunctious fandom. When he first came to be, a lot of other fandoms hated him, but soon,many made friends with this funny little fandom. He always had a lot to say, theories that usually turned out wrong for him, and sometimes just plain out scary things. But this made people love him, and love him alot. Hetalia became his moirail and the both of them were stuck that way ever since.

But recently, the once loud fandom slowly started to go silent, not really talking as much as he used to. People slowly started to not talk to him as much due to this. Of course other little fandoms came around, like Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe. But in the fandoms world, things weren’t as loud as they used to be, that was, until September 15th.

This day, a new, loud, and ready to take on the world, fandom came to be. A cousin of Homestuck actually, and  easily you can see how closely related they are. 

Undertale is just as Homestuck was, loud, slightly annoying, and pretty rambunctious. As the others were missing thier once loud friend, this new fandom quickly took to them, many running to Undertale for the fact of his similarity in Homestuck’s personality.

Now as the days go on, homestuck may one day try to be loud again, but with the new fandom, Undertale, when homestuck speaks again, no one may respond to his call.

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