Okay, so I was looking at this frame and said to myself “We’ve got a 1, a 3, and a 4. Where’s the 2?” Next, “Oh hey, the only suit missing is hearts. The missing card here must be the 2 of hearts!”

Then I remembered this pic going around (courtesy of mementomoryo) about something blue travelling through time and space…






Remember the prophet Isaiah?

Let’s look at some stuff about him.

  • Considered the “prince” of the prophets
  • Delivered a message of hope for the Israelites
  • Saw angels in his visions
  • Prophesied the coming of the Lord
  • Cut in half by a saw

Sound familiar?

Okay, so, Karkat’s probably not going to stay dead, but there are a few ways he can come back.

1. Jane brings him back. Simple enough, it’s just an intimidation tactic and nothing really happens besides him maybe shutting up for a bit.

2. John gives him the Ring of Life. Either John goes and gets it and brings it back, risking getting caught to save Karkat’s life. Or he takes Karkat with him to his house to put it on him, and then there’s no Knight on LOFAF.

3. John grabs him and transports him to his quest bed and he becomes a God Tier. So he becomes an actual Knight of Blood and gets his God Tier powers, and can only die a heroic or just death.

Or Hussie could just mess with us and leave him dead, I guess. Though, then he can join the ghost army and be Meenah’s threshecutioner. Or maybe he’ll do that in the time between this update and whenever he’s revived.

I would like to see some Meerkat panels.

… Or we could have some Johnkat if John decides to try to kiss him back to life? Hmm. 

We’ll see.


Gamzee is bard of rage. That means rage will kill him or he will allow rage to die. What if Karkat is rage? Or if not Karkat what if rage is Caliborn?

will Karkat kill Gamzee or will Gamzee let Karkat die? or will Caliborn kill gamzee because i doubt gamzee could kill Caliborn?

ARANEA: While their romance is endlessly captiv8ting, leprechaun reproduction may 8e the most interesting su8ject of all. Particularly from a perspective of detailed anatomical study, which I will get to shortly. 8ut first it 8ears pointing out that while for humans reproductive relationships are exclusively heterosexual, and for trolls they are 8isexual, for leprechauns they- 

Unfortunately for Aranea, Vriska interrupted her at a seemingly important bit of her exposition.

From the text above, one can conclude that leprechaun reproduction is neither heterosexual nor bisexual.

Possibility #1: Leprechaun reproduction is exclusively homosexual.

There don’t seem to be any female leprechauns shown in-canon. Also, Slick and the other members of the Midnight Crew refer to the members of the Felt (excluding Snowman, of course) as “he”. 

Possibility #2: Leprechaun reproduction is asexual.

They could reproduce via mitotic division, but that’s kind of iffy. Since leprechauns are green, they could behave like plants (green color = chlorophyll), and some plants reproduce asexually.

Side note: Leprechauns may also have some special arrangement, like the trolls with their Mother Grub. Leprechauns resemble carapacians, so it’s possible that they also lack genitalia, and reproduce some other way.