Google Chrome has this nifty app where you can make your own chrome themes, so I decided to make a few with my patterns for you guys to use!

[ Trickster Roxy ]

[ Dirk Strider ] 

[ Dave Strider ]

[ Heart Aspect ] 

[ Space Aspect ] 

[ Derse ]

You can make them yourself with any of my patterns or any other image you might want to use. It’s really cool. If you make any using my patterns, feel free to share them! Just tag the post with #cairovercoat. (Because I am super enthusiastic about this and I want to see what people are doing, haha.)

IMPORTANT: There are a few things you have to do in order to get my pixel patterns to tile correctly. After you upload the image, click “adjust position” and then “tile Image”. Exit out of the menu. THEN, go to “image effects”, scroll down, and click “posterized”! If you don’t posterize the image, it will come out blurry. After that, pick the colors for the tabs and toolbars, and download your new theme!

Witch of Hope

Alrighty, so since we know about both witches, AND hope, let’s jump right in.

So for a witch of hope, I’m thinking they could instill the literal idea of hope In her allies, or take it away from her enemies.

Bluh these are getting short because I’ve explained a lot of what goes into them in previous posts, so ill try to spice it up and make them longer.

You know, I really was going to go to sleep.

But then I began thinking about all the poor, poor JakeDirk shippers. I feel your plight, my brothers.

Here’s a little something that might ease the pain. Or heighten it.

I’ll make better ones later but here u go

credit me or I will sneak into your house and slip breadcrumbs beneath all of your computer keys.

all of them.