Homestuck Prom 2014: THE BEGINNING OF THE END.






Dearest, darling, sweet precious Homestucks. You’ve been waiting. And waiting. And waiting some more. For half a year now. Waiting for the gigapause to end. Waiting for the game to be released. In fact, it seems like all you do is wait, and quite frankly, you’re tired of waiting. 

Lo, your wait is over. 

                                   Homestuck Prom 2014

The prom season is upon us once more, and with it comes the long-awaited “Senior Year” of Tumblr Homestuck Prom! We’re back again, for our third consecutive year running, with more SICK PROM SHENANIGANS to tickle your fancy than ever before. And why? As you may have noticed, we’re currently in limbo. One huge pause before it all goes down and our beloved webcomic comes to an end. The metaphorical calm before the veritable shitstorm. So why not throw the BIGGEST, RADDEST HOMESTUCK PROM YET, so as to welcome the IMPENDING END with a hearty “Bring. It. On.”!

WHERE IS IT?: Here on Tumblr, of course! Homestuckprom is a primarily online event, and this blog is the epicenter of the festivities. However, you’re free to celebrate in any means IRL you choose? Wanna’ grab a few friends and host a chatroom on prom night? Do that! Thinking of going full out and organizing an entire meet? That’s cool too! Your Homestuck Prom experience is totally up to you, but all the action is going to go down right here~ WHEN IS IT?: This year’s Prom will the place on Friday, the 23rd of May, @ 6:00 PM, Central TimeWHAT THE FUCK IS HOMESTUCK PROM?: What’s that you say? You’re not familiar with Homestuck Prom? Well, it’s simple really. Homestuck Prom is an annual online event where users don their snazziest Homestuck cosplays and formal finery, and take to the internet for a night of games, and chatrooms, and GENERAL PROM-TIME SHENANIGANS. This year we’re introducing even more RAD STUFF, like an official stream room, and voting for “Cutest Quadrants”! Still hopelessly confused in the thinkpan? Don’t you even worry about it friend, we’ve got you covered. 
We made you a whole about page for that express purpose. You’re welcome. 

Follow to find out more, track #homestuckprom for news, announcements & upd8s on PROM COURT, the annual DANCE-OFF, and MORE COOL STUFF, and don’t forget to reblog and spread the word! We’re back, kids. And…                                        THE END IS NIGH.

Simply pick additions menu and add simple marker to get started :D Spread the word guys! Get all the fans in on it! even if you live the same place a kid lives please don t use their name. dont mark a place nobody lives or exists. mark YOUR place!!! do not mark a location that isn t yours. be careful that you aren t accidently cloning your entry. check that by looking at the list on the far right on this symbol << enter the minimum amount of information you feel comfortable sharing even just initials and a marker will do :) giving ALL your information is DISCOURAGED!!!! for safety guys :) respect your fellow homestucks!!!! your entry is yours don t fool around with anyone else s

Hello again, kids, Mod R. here to attempt to lend a helping hand in times of trouble. I’ve notice that while the interest for IRL meetups is there, there seems to be difficulty in actually locating one another in close proximity. So I found this, to try and make things a little easier. 

It’s a map. A Homestuck map. A map of Homestucks.

It’s simple to use. All you have to do is pinpoint your general location, and tag it with a colored dot and a label with your name, URL, whatever. That way you can actually visualize all of the other Homestucks in your area, and hit up others nearby for a chumdate or to try and get shit organized in the vicinity for a meet up!

Sound good?

Hopefully this’ll drum up some activity~ Happy hunting. 

New flyer, guys! Remember to keep reblogging!

GIVEAWAY: In order to promote this event, I’m going to be giving away some blog features!

The more times you reblog this flyer, the more entries you get! Likes count!

When I release the prom King and Queen winners, I will also use a random number generator to pick out 5 people and feature their cosplays/blogs/art/whatever you want in the form of a prom court! I’ll feature all 5 giveaway winners in their own individual posts in which they can write out whatever they want to promote their own blogs! (see the prom king/queen rules page for more details)

Good luck everyone, and enjoy homestuck prom!

Help spread the word!

At the moment it’s looking like tickets will be £10, though the more people who show interest, the cheaper they will be! It’s on the Sunday after Telford MCM Expo.

Once we have a good idea for numbers and therefore prices, the tickets will go on sale online. More details will come soon!

Facebook event page - please join to get updates and make things easier on the admins!


Looking for a date for Homestuck Prom 2014? Need someone to relish in babedom with on the 24th? Want to try your luck at being voted “Cutest Quadrant”? Just looking for a new platonic palhoncho to spend the night with? If the answer to any of these very important questions is yes, you’re in the right place. The Homestuck Prom date blog is now officially open for the 2014 season! 

Submit date pleas and companionship requests here by letting us know:
-Who are you? Introduce yourself! Pictures help! Make sure to include your name, age, and URL in your submission.
-Who’ll you be? (Cosplaying? Who’re you planning on going as? )
-Water you looking for? (A new homie to call your own? A specific character to go with?) 

Need inspiration for your submission? Here are a bunch of good examples from last year~

Get your scope on and browse through pages upon pages of eligible singlestucks. Looking for a date? Check out the Master Tag List
Because we love you, we’ve added shiny new “seeking:” tags this year~ Going as Meenah, and need an Aranea by your side? Tag “seeking:aranea” in your submission. Going as Dave and trying to find a date with strider-fever? Head over to “tagged/seeking:dave~ Pretty simple, right? 

Once you’ve got a potential hottie in your sights, channel your inner high-schooler (or current, external high-schooler if, you know, that’s the life you’re livin’) by hitting people up in their askboxes and asking them to Prom~ Just, remember to let us know when you’ve gotten a date so we can cross you off the list!

Get —EXCIT—ED, kids~ Happy hunting!