IT IS TIME. (Prom Court 'o clock, specifically.)

The annunciation has come upon us from the heavens. The people have spoken. The 2014 Homestuck Prom Court has been chosen!

After a long and brutal campaign period, three noble souls have been chosen to ascend to their rightful thrones as Homestuck Prom royalty. And the three on which this divine right hath been bestowed are…

Your Prom Queen, octagonexplorer!

Your Prom King, broadway-feferi!

And your Mayor of Prom Town, highjinkx!

Congratulations to all three winners! In honor of your victory, you’ll each receive a fabulous pixel crown (designed by Captoring, who is v. talented, and also just an excellent human) so that you may demonstrate your nobility to the peon masses.

In any case, it was a really close race near the end. I’m talking winning by literally one vote. Truly thrilling. It is for this reason that we, of course, must acknowledge our RUNNERS-UP~

Your Prom Princess, little-shota-prince!

Your Prom Prince, diabolicalprince! (So many princes…)

And your Deputy Mayor of Prom Town, davexsollux!


We were so impressed with the incredible submissions and campaigns submitted to us (by far the best we’ve ever gotten, WOW, you guys are talented), that we felt it was only fair to do something we have never done before and…extend the court. That’s right.  14 new thrones have been added to these hallowed halls to accomodate 14 new royals. You guys deserve it~

Presenting the Newest Members of the 2014 Homestuck Prom Court…

kingdom-harsh - “Prom Diva”

misuse-of-fandom - “Prom Governor”

lyricallyicarus - “Prom Duchess”

ladyaugustabracknell - “Prom Marquess”

thatonelesbiangirl - “Ethereal Prom Goddess”

vesand - “Prom President”

that-one-smart-kid-named-david - “Prom Sultan”

inkslug - “Prom Baron”

thedstrider - “Prom Duke”

spencerofspace - “Mister Prom Universe”

dickbuttthebrave - “Secretary of Prom Town”

zealousgrasp - “Treasurer of Prom Town”

homestuck-iswheretheheartis -  Head Administrative Officer of Prom Town

Congratul8ions to all of you and thanks to everyone for participating! ENJOY THE REST OF PROM!!

Homestuck Prom 2014: THE BEGINNING OF THE END.






Dearest, darling, sweet precious Homestucks. You’ve been waiting. And waiting. And waiting some more. For half a year now. Waiting for the gigapause to end. Waiting for the game to be released. In fact, it seems like all you do is wait, and quite frankly, you’re tired of waiting. 

Lo, your wait is over. 

                                   Homestuck Prom 2014

The prom season is upon us once more, and with it comes the long-awaited “Senior Year” of Tumblr Homestuck Prom! We’re back again, for our third consecutive year running, with more SICK PROM SHENANIGANS to tickle your fancy than ever before. And why? As you may have noticed, we’re currently in limbo. One huge pause before it all goes down and our beloved webcomic comes to an end. The metaphorical calm before the veritable shitstorm. So why not throw the BIGGEST, RADDEST HOMESTUCK PROM YET, so as to welcome the IMPENDING END with a hearty “Bring. It. On.”!

WHERE IS IT?: Here on Tumblr, of course! Homestuckprom is a primarily online event, and this blog is the epicenter of the festivities. However, you’re free to celebrate in any means IRL you choose? Wanna’ grab a few friends and host a chatroom on prom night? Do that! Thinking of going full out and organizing an entire meet? That’s cool too! Your Homestuck Prom experience is totally up to you, but all the action is going to go down right here~ WHEN IS IT?: This year’s Prom will the place on Friday, the 23rd of May, @ 6:00 PM, Central TimeWHAT THE FUCK IS HOMESTUCK PROM?: What’s that you say? You’re not familiar with Homestuck Prom? Well, it’s simple really. Homestuck Prom is an annual online event where users don their snazziest Homestuck cosplays and formal finery, and take to the internet for a night of games, and chatrooms, and GENERAL PROM-TIME SHENANIGANS. This year we’re introducing even more RAD STUFF, like an official stream room, and voting for “Cutest Quadrants”! Still hopelessly confused in the thinkpan? Don’t you even worry about it friend, we’ve got you covered. 
We made you a whole about page for that express purpose. You’re welcome. 

Follow to find out more, track #homestuckprom for news, announcements & upd8s on PROM COURT, the annual DANCE-OFF, and MORE COOL STUFF, and don’t forget to reblog and spread the word! We’re back, kids. And…                                        THE END IS NIGH.

Do you like Homestuck? Do you like to dance?


If you’re feeling the urge to bust a groove and would like to do so by entering the 2nd ANNUAL HOMESTUCK PROM DANCE OFF™ start by sending us a video!

Here’s some rules:

  • The video must be of you dancing. Pretty self explanatory. 
  • Your video must be set to…whatever music you want this year!(See section below for explanation). 
  • You can shoot this with a webcam, have someone film you, or whatever else you want, it doesn’t matter to us. The point is, you’ll probably have to get filmed somehow in order for this video to exist. 
  • Got a dance partner? A crew? A twerk team? You can enter in pairs or groups as well if you so choose! The more the merrier, right?
  • Your in-video attire must be Homestuck-cosplay related in some way. Mind you, you don’t have to break it down in your full ball gown, or your finest pair of Summoner horns (although that would be pretty impressive).  Partial cosplays, genderbends, AUs, and fan-based anythings are perfectly fine. You don’t need to be dressed to the nines, or anything, but at the very least, wear a t-shirt. This is a Homestuck event, after all~

You have until May 19th to submit your video!

Q: But…didn’t we all have to dance to the same song last year?

A: So, back in 2013, a number of people took issue with the fact that they had to dance to a set song last year (even though Ke$ha’s “Die Young” is both a musical masterpiece, and hilariously relevant to the plot of Homestuck), to the point where their (deeply misguided) aversion to the music selection prevented them from entering altogether. But that’s not cool, and that shit just ain’t gonna’ fly this year. We want you guys to have fun with this! So here’s what I propose for the 2nd ANNUAL HOMESTUCK PROM DANCE-OFF™. Instead of forcing everyong to film themselves dancing to the same song, this year you can dance to whatever the fuck you want to! Yeah. Go wild. Submit your dance-off entries to us, and we’ll post them on prom night. In addition, we’ll also be compiling these submissions into a single, “official” dance-off video like last year’s. The video will be set to a song that you guys’ll get to choose via poll. That way everyone’s happy~ But, by all means, if you still want to dance to the selected song, go right ahead! 

Anyone and everyone can enter regardless of skill level or ability, so don’t be discouraged or shy! Flail those limbs confidently. Jump wildly. Pelvic thrust proudly. And most importantly, have fun! You don’t have to be an exceptional dancer, heck, you don’t even have to be a serious dancer. Bring your sickest moves and show us what you’ve got!

We’ll see you on the dance floor~


Because Homestuck prom is today and I actually have something to contribute!

Ok, to be honest… I just wanted an excuse for wearing my old prom dress again (or, well.. the Finnish equivalent for prom since it’s not the same here but close enough). It doesn’t exactly fit the theme since it’s orange and gold and Aradia is a Derse dreamer… Whatever, my dress matches my horns and makeup :’D

Aradia: Lapini

Sollux: Sven

Gamzee: Taisto

Feferi: Lirlys

….my ship is showing again

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, denizens of Homestuck Prom!

The time has come once more for that most ancient and noblest of ceremonies to commence. The time has come once more…to begin the race for Prom Court. Do you have what it takes to reign supreme over the Homestuck Prom masses? Do you want to be ROYALS? (royals).

Of course you do. So let me tell you about PROM COURT

As with any prom worth its weight in streamers and star-shaped confetti, starting today, prom-goers are asked to send in their nominations for the coveted positions of Homestuck Prom 2014 Prom Queen, Prom King, and Mayor of Prom Town

On May 9th, we’ll open the official Prom Court polls, and users will be able to vote for their candidates-of-choice to have a shot at honour, glory, some  hella’ $weet prizes, and a seat on the throne~ But before the final ballots go up, we’ve got to have a nomination period. Duh. ___________________________

Nominating a User:

  • To make a nomination, just toss an ask in our inbox with the URL of the user you’d like to nominate, and the Prom Court position that you’re nominating them for~ 
  • Once a nominee has ten nominations, they’ve made it onto the ballot, and are officially in the running for Homestuck Prom Court 2014!
  • You may not nominate more than one user for each position. What you may do, is send us multiple nominations for multiple positions at once. We can dig that. 
  • You can’t run for more than one Prom Court position. Don’t try to be sneaky. We watch you.
  • You can run as yourself, or in character! It’s up to you.
  • We  aren’t at all fussed about gender and conventions, man, if you want to run for King or Queen regardless of what you are or aren’t, you go for it, little homie. Follow ur dreams. Last year one of the contenders for Prom Queen ran as Karkat in a dress, and it was beautiful. 
  • Nominating yourself is totally allowed~
  • WE CAN’T ACCEPT ANONYMOUS NOMINATIONS. Please don’t send them to us.

Once a user’s made it onto the ballot, we’ll send them a message letting them know that they can kick their campaign into high gear. (Of course, you’re free to start a hardcore campaign before you’re on the ballot. Enthusiasm is always welcome~) From that point on, it’s campaigns all the way down, man. 

What do we mean by campaigns? 
Easy: users who make it into the official running are asked to hop on the campaign-train and figuratively duke it out for the throne that way~ How you do this is pretty much up to you though.

One thing you’ll need to do is make us a campaign video (or slideshow, or expository textpost, etc.),showcasing why you’re the hottest shit of all, and why you should win the honour of ascending to Prom Tier~Send it to us, and we’ll post it up on the blog so everyone else can check you out and bask in your excellence, and be all, “Oh man, that is totally who I am gonna’ vote for.”

Confused by all this information? Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have~


Q: Wait! I still want to run for Prom Court, but what if I’m not male or female or I just don’t want to run for a gendered position? 
A: Shoooshh. We know, friend. We hear you. That’s what the position of Mayor of Prom Town is for~

Q: How will I know that I’ve made it onto the ballot?
A: We’ll send you a message letting you know once you’re in the running, so you can start working on your campaign shit~

Q: I made it onto the ballot, but I don’t really want to make a video…
A: A campaign video isn’t a necessity, we just find it’s the most fun~ You could just as easily make one of those nifty powerpoints, or maybe even, like…a flowchart, or something. Get creative~

Q: Help. How do campaign?
A: Here is a painfully lengthy permalink about Prom Court campaigns and video protocol. You’re welcome. 

-–We interrupt this preposterously lengthy expository post to bring you the following short PSA on Prom Court nomination etiquette—

Great. Perfect. Totally acceptable. Keep on keeping on. 

Wrong. No. Incorrect. Stop. 

How dare you bring this filth into my house. 

—We now return you to your scheduled programming.—

May 7th is the last day for nominations. The nominations will be tallied and the official Prom Court ballot for 2014 announced on the 8th, and voting will begin on May 9th! Good luck!