D --> August Meet.

D –> Hello humans I was requested to make it known that there will be a gathering held on the twenty-ninth of August, 2015.

D –> The location whereabouts : 

((Oakey Blvd west of Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89117))

This will be held over by the commonly known bridge during 1pm-5pm. Please understand that the admins do not feel like staying past the posted times unless necessary. If you plan on coming at a later time that is fine but do realize the admins do not feel like staying at the park all day seeing as they arrive earlier and stick around until their designated time is over.

D –> We will e%press STRONG hospitality by providing drinks and snacks. You may bring along anything e%tra if you w001d like to do so.

D –> Small activities and games will also be provided. Cosplay is allowed seeing as you w001d like to imagine yourselves worthy of such e%quisite beings but please be sure to follow all of the rules stated on the page. If there are any questions feel free to ask. You may contact one of the admins personally here :


D –> Thank you for all of your e%cellent cooperation. I plan on seeing many of you there.

P. S. B100 team rules

-Equius, signing off-

Christmas stuck

I would like to invite everyone interested to a homestuck meet on december 7th at disney’s hollywood studios. We’ll meet outside the park from 10-11 giving everyone a chance to get there and meet up with everyone. Chances are we’ll stay to close, especially with the spectacle of lights going on in the evening. As far as cosplaying goes, most outfits should be ok, and symbol shirts should be fine as well as small horns. I would however entirely avoid face paint, and large props lest security kick us out. Small props like say a rose diary should be just fine though. You should all know the rest, always act mature and obey the park rules. FYI you do need a pass to get in unless me or a kind person can help get free tickets to those who need them.

Event Page

Homestucks: Congreg8! (again!)

Just an announcement to those of you who don’t follow our Facebook group: we will be having another of our mini-meets this weekend at Old Mill Park (weather permitting!)

We will be meeting at around 1pm and we’re doing kind of a fun homestuck-themed picnic thing, so if you would like to bring a snack for the group that would be awesome. I think a few people are doing closet cosplays, but we’re kind of discouraging super duper all-out for realsies cosplays since this is just a small meet-n-greet in a public place.

Check our event page for more details! I will probably message some of you individually since I know not all of you are on the Facebook/Skype group. :)

Nevada homestucks! !

There will be a meet up being held on August 1 at woofter park (right next to Kats elementary) it will be held from 1:30 - 4:00 it is a pot luck so it would be nice if you could bring some snacks or drinks cosplay is of course welcome (if you wanna bring a swim suite you can there is a small area you can run threw water) we do hope to see you there we have a fresh and easy and Albertsons near by if you need anything once again we hope to see you there! !!!

Details for Meetup

Someone mentioned the event page link wasn’t working? It is working fine from my end but Facebook is pretty much a madhouse you never know what it’s going to do.

At any rate, I put a link up on our actual Facebook group page, maybe you can get to it from there? Whimsy has been in charge of coordinating the event on FB so I don’t know what to tell you lol.

ANYWAY Here is some more detailed information for those who are having trouble accessing the page:


Homestucks from the Central Arkansas area, or anyone who feels like making the trek to Little Rock for the afternoon!


An awesome day in the park! We’re having a rad picnic so bring your favorite Homestuck-themed snack. Message us either here or on FB to let us know what you plan to bring, coz it’d suck to have like eighty cases of Faygo and nothing to go with it.


The beautiful Old Mill Park in North Little Rock! It is tricky to find directions to the place online but it is located on Lakeshore Drive at Fairway Avenue. If you exit 67 at McCain Blvd going west towards JFK, you’ll see a green sign on your left pointing you to the Old Mill. Going down this road will take you to the parking area! The actual Old Mill is a bit further down the road and we will go check it out and take cool pictures and stuff, but the park and picnic area are beside the parking lot.


1:00 PM on Saturday, March 24th. The official end-time on the FB page is 4pm, but I imagine that people will stay later than that. The park closes at sunset.


Because you guys are beautiful and we want to meet your faces.