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Quick Pick: Favorite Female FCs

For women’s day, here’s a random quick pick list. Here’s some of my favorite female FCs, most of them ones I wish people would use more often! Most of these women are in marginalized groups, too.

Not all of the FCs here have icons on the blog. If one interests you and you don’t see anything in the tag of their name, send me an ask and I’ll look/make some!

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Your name is… actually you don’t know what your name is right now.

You actually don’t know anything, you’re mind has gone completely blank, zilch, zero, nada. You’ve got nothing in that thinkpan of yours.

>Try to remember something.

You try to remember something. Anything. You know more than what you do right now. Geese, you’re 116 sweeps and you can’t even remember what you ate for your first meal. 

Actually, you just remembered your age, thats pretty darn impressive you old thing you. What’s next? Oh, right, today is docking day and you’re with your Commander. You have a very important job to do today. What was that again? Darnit why can’t you remember. Something really important.

You realise you feel very scared, very very very scared. Something is putting you off balance, what is it?

Right, an engine, you were looking for an engine, for the ship, for the giant metal boat you live in, for the thing that needs to function, because you need one, you mean that the ship needs one, right.

Wow are you a mental mess right now.

Troll Ancestor. I can tell you that her cloak is gray and hooded and that the accents are most likely gray as well. She hides from the Condesce and is all about starting a revolution. As a joke, I will be calling her a Graeylue until appropriate name is made.

Draw yourself as:

Normal outfit
Alchemized outfit
God Tier
Troll Ancestor
In your land
With your weapon
With an Alchemized weapon
On your Quest Bed