homestuck: the mango

Sup it’s been a year once more.

But I wanted to say good bye once last time, epecially since homestuck is now over. 

I know I fell out of homestuck a few years back, but about 90% of my highschool life really surrounded itself on homestuck and I think I need to give it some final words or something. 

Homestuck impacted mylife in so many things. I gained friends over tumblr that I probably wouldn’t have ever talked to, it inspired me to make fan art and grow as an artist, and hell, Aranea was the first cosplay i ever had the courage to cosplay! I started out a fan of homestuck as a sophmore in Highschool, and here I am, a sophmore in college looking back at this stuff.

God it was a ride, I remember going to cons and people recognized me and asked for my pictures and signatures it was insane! Peope told me how much this blog and my art actually inspired them and god it made me feel on top of the world!

Thank you so much Hussie and those who helped him for creating a comic that helped me branch out as a person and a n artist, and thank you everyone so much for supporting me and sticking around for so long.

It’s been a blast!