Sucker love is heaven sent.
You pucker up, our passion’s spent.
My hearts a tart, your body’s rent.
My body’s broken, yours is bent. […]

All alone in space and time.
There’s nothing here but what here’s mine.

this is something i drew some days ago after reading some really cool theories about dave becoming a puppet/ marionette thing. and since dave tends to break stuff, i guess it’s only fair that he gets broken himself.

Listen up everybody

So theres theories in the Homestuck fandom that Karkat’s blood is actually lime, or that if he werent a mutant his blood would be lime and etc. etc. the reason so many people think this is because when Karkat was calming Gamzee down from his murder rampage (starting here) his text was lime. Not red, like his blood, or grey, like the sign on his shirt. It was lime.

It is totally plausible that Karkat’s blood would be lime if he werent a mutant because:

if were were just to-

This fits quite nicely.

However: while Gamzee was being papped by Kar, we got to see both of their texts.

and if we were to put them side by side

and then invert the colors

Here we have basically the exact same colors. Why are they opposites? you may ask. Well.

Gamzee was about to go on a rampage and start killing the rest of the surviving trolls. Karkat was not going to let this happen. Gam is on one side of the spectrum in his actions, and Karkat is on the opposite side.

OR this could be because Gamzee’s sign Capricorn, is the opposite of Karkat’s, Cancer. (Im talkin real astrology here)


As a Cronus enthusiast I am severely disappointed in myself for only figuring this out now.

10/25/14 upd8

So this is what I think of the upd8 so you are henceforth forewarned of spoilers.

Let’s take stock, shall we?

Jake is dead (Heroic)

Jane is dead (Just)

Jade is dead (Just)

Gamzee is dead

Kanaya is dead (again)

Karkat’s fucking dead (agAIN)

Terezi’s on her way out (probably dying or at least mortally wounded 

I think I just won dead Dave bingo (Heroic)

Rose is dead (or dying) (undeclared)

Dirk is probs an hour or two away

John just beat the shit out of Caliborn and zapped out

Condy and Aranea are screaming at each other

Roxy absconded into a void with Rose.

Bec Noir and Bec Mail Lady are still alive and are hoping that Jade will be revived on her questbed

The alpha kids’ session’s Jack is kinda just hovering in the void being useless.

Alright, that appears to be everyone.

Let me start off by saying that upd8 was both amazing and horrifying. We all knew Hussie was probably going to pull something like this and when the title of the flash read “GAME OVER” i knew it wasn’t gunna be good. So for all of you who are still crying and in hysterics over everyone’s death, this is for you so you have some kind of hope to cling to until A6A6I3 is put up.

Who do we know is alive? Dirk, Roxy, John, Aranea, and Condy. Caliborn is also alive but for the fact that he’s not actually in their session we’re going to kindly put him aside until he becomes of more relevant importance to the other characters while not being Lord English. 

First off, Let’s start with Roxy.

As we all just saw, Roxy took hold of Rose and disappeared with her into a void space before they both became barbequed kanaya all over again. There are many theories as to what a player of Void’s powers actually are but what is most speculated is that Roxy, being a rogue, can “steal” something from nothing, a.k.a. from void. This is false. That is what a Thief player does. Rogue’s are similar but that is not what they do. Thief’s steal for themselves, Rogue’s steal for others. I think we all remember that Condy was originally trying to get Roxy to recreate the Mother Grub egg, which was previously destroyed by Eridan three years prior. Roxy’s powers as a Rogue of Void is to “Recover that which was lost”. What did we just lose? About 6 of our favorite characters. Who’s still alive? Roxy.

Now before you all get your panties in a twist in either excitement/hope or denial, let me remind you that Roxy is not a fully realized Rogue of Void, and has yet to successfully create the Mother Grub egg. That being said, where did she just end up? In a protected space in void. Does anyone remember where that is? Yes, you in the back. Correct! The last place we remember there being a protected space in void is with our good friend Calliope. Having both been there once before, That’s probably where Roxy has, either purposefully or accidentally, taken herself and Rose.

I’m just going to put a pin in this for now and we’ll possibly come back to it later.

Who else is alive? Let’s see… ah yes, John.

Y'all can give John all the shit for being a complete and utter dunderfuck dumbass but he can kick ass alright? He defeated Dave’s denizen (or what I would assume is his denizen) back in Cascade when trying to start the scratch. He just beat the shit out of Caiborn, who, may I remind you, just blew up twelve planets that got increasingly difficult to do so and in case you DIDN’T NOTICE, Caliborn has ascended to god tier. So yeah, John’s pretty kick ass.

That being said, he just did the zappy thing and zapped the fuck out of there. He’s been doing this for a while, previously being caught in Homostuck. What have we experienced with John’s zappy powers? That is can affect timelines. He once got in between Jade and Dave arguing and that causde it to become a doomed timeline because it was not supposed to happen like that. So we know that depending on where and when John zaps to, he can change the timeline. Now if Roxy fails to do her thing as Rogue of Void, John can probably use his zappy powers to go back to before this shit happened and rewrite the timeline so that no one dies or so that it can be fixed later by someone who’s more experience in fixing timelines. When did John just do his zappy thing? At the end of the upd8, which means the next panel is probably going to have something to do with John and where the fuck he ended up this time.

Another pin right there.

Now let’s go back to Rose and Roxy.

As far as I understand it, Rose did not die trying to save someone else, thus creating a heroic death, nor was she killed as a result of doing something evil, which creates a just death. So I think she’s going to be revived via god tier powers. Now, Rose is a seer of light, correct? Seers generally know how to best use their aspect to help others or themselves realize things that are important for their success. Rose’s aspect is light and being a seer of light, she generally holds a shitload of power of knowledge and realization Now assuming my theory about her death being neither heroic nor just and that she’s going to be revived, she’ll wake up and talk with Roxy. Being Rose, who’s had three years to get a handle on her god tier powers, she’s very likely to help Roxy reach her full potential in a very short amount of time. This could prove my previous theory that Roxy is going to “reclaim what was lost”, a.k.a. the lives of Kanaya, Karkat, Jane, Jake, Dave, and Jade. Or she may just recreate their bodies, being as Karkat and Kanaya are toast, since I think her aspect only covers the physical aspect of things and not the spiritual.

This is where Dirk comes in.

Dirk is Prince of Heart. Heart is the aspect that deals with the soul. Now after our little Prince shows up to the party two hours late with Starbucks and realizes all his friends are dead, he’s probably going to freak on Condy and Aranea. 


Seeing as Roxy just disappeared into the void, he could run into her and and Rose. Who then drag him away to where they were going, which is probably Calliope’s safe haven. 

Now, Dirk’s class is one that destroys, so you may be thinking “how the hell is he going to create/bring back life if he’s a destroyer?” Well, we all saw what he was doing to Aranea; he was physically ripping her soul from her body, and that wasn’t even a real dirk, it was an imaginary one created by Jake in his hyped up state. My theory is that since he was able to physically rip thos two aspects of a person apart, could he not do the same to, say, this life and the next? He could destroy the very boundary between the world were a body exists and the space in which the soul exists.

Thus, Roxy recreates Karkat and Kanayas bodies and Dirk can rip their souls from the other world a.k.a. dream bubbles and put them back into their bodies. Thus bringing them back to life..

Are you all following so far? Cool. Let’s quickly look at Aranea and Condy.

Theyre screaming at each other. Or rather, Condy is screaming at Aranea who is screaming in fear from Condy. It also looks like she’s being choked by the emperess. Now we all know that Aranea is only alive right now because of the un-prototyped ring. 

Back to Roxy now.

Roxy can, again, “recover that which was lost”. Technically, she lost the ring when she was in trixter mode and she knows what it does so she could possibly recreate that first. 

The ring brings back the dead.

Who else brings back the dead?


Who is she gunna put the ring on to bring back?


Then Jane is going to revive everyone that her powers work on, so this excludes Karkat. Yes I know, all of you want your precious krabkrab back, but as I explained before, there are other methods for that to happen. 

Another way that they could bring back Jane is to go into a dream buble to find her, and put the ring on her soul form, which brings her back but her body is still stabbed through with Jake’s on LOFAF. So she could go around and bring everyone back to life and finally bring herself back to life so she disappears and reawakens in her own body.

Real quick here, I just thought of something. If Roxy recreates Karkat’s body then Jane’s “Once only” rule shouldn’t apply to him since it’s a new body and she should be able to bring him back. 

Now for the Becs and Terezi and that should be it.

The Becs just killed Dave and placed Jade on her quest bed. Both of them are dead and are not coming back without some help.So being loyal dogs, they’re either going to wait for Jade to revive on her bed (which we all know she won’t) or they’ll go out looking for a way to save her, possibly seek out Aranea since she was the cause of all this. Aranea is currently in Condy’s vice-grip so they’re going to have a brawl with them which ends in probably aranea dying, Condy dying, both of them dying, or neither of them dying and the Becs get killed. So there’s that.

As for Terezi, let’s face is, she had the absolute FUCK beaten out of her by Gamzee and then she stabs herself through the heart via Aranea. Honestly not looking too good for our little cockblock. Granted, she’ll probably watch shit go down or she’ll accidentally get caught in a crossfire and actually die and then be revived later on through one of my previously stated methods or one that I didn’t cover. 

Now I know you’re all freaking out. But you have to understand that this is not the end of Homestuck. Hussie has stated that there was this update, another one in November (which is probably another flash), and then “I will let you all know after that what my regular update schedule is going to be.” This is not the end, there is still more, there is still so much more so have hope that this is not the end of the line for our fallen 10/25/14 characters.

This has been a PSA from your local Homestuck.

oh-heckquius  asked:

My dude you are drawing all the good equius ships. Thank you. I'm happy that the horse boy is happy. ((Also if it's not too much to ask, would you possibly to able to draw a small equirezi?) If not that's fine! Feel free to ignore that request!)

how about a lil outfit swap ✌️👀

I really wind up with similar reactions to the Kindergartens in Steven Universe and the Brooding Caverns in Homestuck.

1) This seems a really disturbing way to grow up especially for beings that seem to need emotional care as much as humans even if their physical needs are quite different.

2) This seems very geared towards producing an expendable army quickly.

3) This cannot possibly be natural even for a race very different to humans, not if it involves buckets/drills.


I need to post this idea so it can of course be shot down in the wake of a dream.

Lets say for the hell of it Jake and Dirk do get the chance, everything goes great, and they hook up. Dirk is swooning, all is sparkles and shit. However Dirk is now ignoring uu. He won’t draw porn for him, doesn’t make the time for him, it’s done. As far as it seems, uu has something for Dirk. He’s mentioned a “Special Bond”, and also drew himself with Dirk. His kind can only have black feels, hence the full of hot air threats of killing Dirk. So basing more upon that, uu being rejected by the only person he really talks to, especially if he does kill Cali, he starts hating Jake. Hating Jake so much, he finds a way to get into their session and kill Jake English, there for assuming the new title as Lord English.

And it was all over Dirk.

Sort of like how Bec Noir fucked everything up just because Jade died.

Although, instead of killing, if he’s able to just keep Cali asleep, Roxy will ultimately be his downfall.

But he just wants some attention.. tender soft affections.. Damnit Dirk..

This is a long shot, but hey, it seems to have some points.

ok, stay with me here: hogwarts-stuck

dave & rose, being their snarky eleven year old asshole selves, convince each other slytherin is the coolest house

rose gets sorted into slytherin & throws dave a look as she passes like “Keep up, Strider”, dave is seething

dave gets sorted into hufflepuff & in horror catches rose’s eye across the hall who is grinning wickedly

she makes fun of him relentlessly for a while (huffpuff is the weak house, you just wanna be in a love cuddle with everyone, etc. etc.)

this quickly dies away though when rose realizes that everyone in her house is an insufferable prick (”But alas, I too am an insufferable prick, so I fit right in.”) & dave’s housemates are actually the best co-conspirators you could ask for who get them both in and out of shit so adequately that she can’t help but reevaluate what she thought about hufflepuffians