Rose Lalonde Shipping in 2009: She’s a spooky girl who likes otherworldly monstrosities, but which of these regular human boys will she settle for?

Rose Lalonde Shipping in 2016: She’s an honorary alien after finally marrying her vampire GF. They have a million insect babies

Okay, there’s something that’s been on my mind lately - and fair warning, it’s about Homestuck.

Still there?

Okay: remember that period of like a year where the whole Equius/Nepeta thing turned into this fandom icon of the perfect tragic love? Like, there were maudlin music videos on YouTube and piles of angstfic on AO3 and and people having public breakdowns on Tumblr when they got to That Part, the whole nine yards.

Explain something to me.

How the hell did that happen?

We are talking about a couple of tertiary joke characters who receive scarcely enough characterisation between them to fill an index card, and most of that characterisation depicts them both as kinda creepy and gross.

What was it about the zeitgeist of the fandom in that time and place that turned them into, well, what they became?


You see this? You see this shit right here? 

On initial glance it looks like the black hole that the dead Calliope made right? That’s what I thought at least. But if that’s the case, then why is most of the panel white? I mean black holes suck in light, so why is it so damn bright in this panel? 

But more importantly, why is it in the new universe? Because you have to remember here, they aren’t on a new planet, or even a new galaxy, they’re in an entirely new universe completely separated from their old one.

You see this? You see this shit right here? 

This is a white hole. It’s completely theoretical, but it’s supposedly the other end of a black hole. Rather than sucking in everything near it, it spits everything out. Into Another Fucking Universe.

They aren’t being sucked in. They’re being spit out.

In Defense of CallieRoxy

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and if you don’t like the ship that’s alright. But I’ve seen people genuinely pissed off about Callie being shipped romantically with anyone in canon, and I would like to add a few things on the matter.

First of all, some have been talking about Callie being too young for Roxy, since she’s ‘11′ in canon. What these people dismiss is that she’s 11 Units old. With Units being an unknown Cherub way of counting time. Like Troll Sweeps which are a 6-13 relation, it is very likely that this 11 is on a 11-15/16 relation, as Hussie kinda did the whole 3-year trip to equalise everyone’s age. So chances are Callie is the same age as everyone else, lifespan-wise. Maybe even older, considering she has spent time in the Furthest Ring as a Soul.

Another argument against this has been Aranea saying Cherubs can only perceive Romance in a black sense. So if you take her word, yeah, she’s right, this couldn’t happen and make sense in canon… Except Aranea is talking by the book and not actually describing any specific case.

When Aranea mentions Cherub stuff, she quickly starts to talk about their mating habits too, as well as the whole Leprechaun stuff. It is likely this perception of “Black Romance” comes from a Concupiscent point of view, and she’s talking how Cherub REPRODUCTION happens because black feelings are the trigger of the Snake transformation stuff.

But let’s consider she wasn’t just talking about hot giant snake bloody egg-laying sex. Let’s imagine there’s a book on the subject that says that Cherubs’ only quadrant is Black, for romance as well. Specially because Callie (and maybe Caliborn?) mentions something about not being able to feel Red. There’s a LOT of contradictions with this.

Callie has always been a deviant from her species. Not predominating, but brought back. Enjoying herself as a Troll more than a Cherub. She’s also a bit of a theorist with all her talk about Classpects and trying to decipher Rose’s book, and Caliborn is an asshole, so any statement from the two of them on the issue should be taken with a grain of salt. Callie has always seemed not too comfortable with her Cherub heritage to say the least, and she’s shown to be caring and loving and sociable even when they’re supposedly lonesome creatures by nature.

The biggest flaw of this argument, however, comes from other inter-specific relationships however. The Disciple and The Signless had a relationship that ‘Trascended Quadrants’. Hussie mentions about the much more complex and rich Troll Romance system, and it is said in various points Humans don’t quite understand it- Yet John is capable of, without even realise, black-flirt with Terezi in a rather successful manner, and let’s be honest, everyone in the Fandom absolutely understands these as anything very Human-like. One could argue too that Dave and Karkat having settled together and the whole confusion about their Quadrant could be a comment on how Karkat, much like the Signless, is kinda going past Quadrants and went for a more Human Relationship.

What I’m trying to say is it’s been shown again and again that Romantic Feelings of all kinds blossom between characters in ways they’re supposedly not being able to be felt. Aranea’s talks are very textbook-like. Like she read the stuff and memorised the facts. Her plan, too, was very experimental based on what she knew of her powers. She’d go to the Session, get rid of everyone, then use her Light powers to turn it into the Alpha. She’s very theoretical, but when it comes to practice, she gets her neck snapped and thrown into the fire. So whether it is yet another Hussie Jape about everyone being able of various kinds of relationships, or Callie herself being a different kind of Cherub, it is a possibility.

I’m getting a bit ahead with the explanations though, let me get back to one of the conversations that’s sparked the most controversy about the CallieRoxy ship as far as I’ve seen.

Here we see Roxy 1- Not interested in Callie, and 2- Callie saying she can’t feel Red. 

As I’ve said, Callie is a bit of a deviant Cherub. She’s fascinated about Red relationships, she’s very social, she likes her friends a lot, but feels, because she’s a Cherub, that she can’t love. This was over 4 years ago from Callie’s perspective, though. Getting in a group with people, growing to be happy on Earth C, feeling the care of those around her, if not finding out she CAN feel red for people, would it be so crazy to think Callie might actually be interested in TRYING at least? Trying to see what a Human Date is, fascinated about what goes on. This could also tie in with Callie being so nonchalant about inviting Jane over as well, naivety about the situation, further interest in how things would go with more people… Either way, there’s a lot of reasons why Calliope COULD be in a relationship with Roxy, or trying at the very least, and returning the affection in some way.

Now, the Roxy thing. Most people are saying about Callie not being able to like Roxy, but a few have also said about Roxy not being attracted to Callie. And… I mean. Come on. In that same conversation, Roxy says that she hardly knows anything about Callie, not even her name.

Callie was a good friend, she was cute, cheery, made lovely art, and I’m sure she helped Roxy through a lot! But at the same time, she was reclusive. The rules made with Caliborn, their game, omission of things to avoid temporal spoilers, they left her shrouded in a mysterious aura. Roxy say about how people around her are hot, but when it comes to relationship stuff she’s more careful. So of course she wouldn’t want to come across as loving Calliope when she didn’t even know her name and get her hopes up.

Now, this good friend she has had dies because of her abusive asshole ‘brother’. He starts harassing everyone, and they try to call out for Callie. Roxy manages to meet her in her dreams and becomes determined to find and rescue her. She manages to find her and bring her back from the dead, with her help they get the Matriorb to let the Troll Species live on. Callie feels comfort and physical affection for the first time. The scene with Roxy and Callie on Jade’s Land. The hug post-battle. Living as Queens of the Carapacian Kingdom, presumably together, for 4 years.

I mean that sounds like a very likely set of events for Rox to want to love Callie with all she’s got.

Either way, all of this isn’t trying to say that, “THEY ARE A COUPLE SHUT UP”, but rather try to get people who are being mean that it could happen and there’s no need to get up in arms about it, jeez. Just be nice to each other and enjoy your ships. All of them are canon after all remember?

;) *wonk*

When your friend has been committing acts far past your moral boundaries and now she intends to fight an all-powerful being in the slight chance she will win however she is more likely to get everyone killed so you agree on a coin flip to decide if she should leave and as it drops it dawns upon you she will twist the fortune in her favour and that for once in your life you’re seeing more perspectives past the good and bad = black and white narrative while debating if it’d be morally right to sacrifice her life in place of the others that would live.