okay but there is literally no possible way that rebecca sugar / anyone working on steven universe isnt a homestuck??

- the existence of sour cream in general. hes dirk. he has big pointy hair, he DJs, he has a chill and collected vibe, and he has a little brother, not to mention ive seen several posts on how baby sour cream is baby dave or baby dirk and it’s only been a few hours since greg the babysitter aired when im posting this.

- peridot is a short, loud, character who masks her emotions with an angry persona. not only is she green, shes LIME green, which is what most of the hs fandom agrees on what karkat’s blood color would be if he wasn’t mutated.

- the parallels between pearl and kanaya. both are lesbians who are attracted to a character named rose. both regenerate after being punctured in the stomach with a ribbon around where the injury was. they have very similar aesthetics and mannerisms as well.

SUSPENSE, a guide by Andrew Hussie:

  1. Make “don’t turn your back on the body” an in-story meme
  2. Show a body in several different shots and perspectives
  3. Have it conspicuously missing in the last shot, in a way the characters themselves don’t acknowledge and only super attentive readers will recognize
  4. Sit back as frightened readers argue endlessly over why it vanished or whether or not it was an art mistake
  5. Literally 250 pages later, make it turn out that one of the characters put the corpse in her magic inventory all along for super-innocuous reasons, with zero plot importance
  6. Laugh at everyone

TG: the moment i first saw that ring
TG: i was like in my head
TG: thinkin
TG: some day i want to give that ring to the person i marry
TG: whoever that is

JOHN: (i think some day i will use it to propose to *MY* girlfriend. what do you think about THAT, wise guy?)

> Andrew: Engage highly dangerous 3x romantic callback combo.