How to Write Rufioh Nitram

Hey, doll–so you want some help writing that pretty dope Rufioh guy, yeah? Seems like that’s something I can do! And we’ve got a lot to work with, because everyone’s favorite winged weeaboo likes to talk about himself. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • Rufioh’s Personality
  • A Quick Recap of the Soap Opera That Is Rufioh’s Love Life
  • Two Things People Forget About Rufioh Nitram
  • How Rufioh Talks

Let’s get started, then! 

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anonymous asked:

Hello. I have recently come across your interpretation of the Homestuck titles and found it to be quite informative. If it is not too much trouble, would you mind explaining the abilities of the Heir of Space and Star of Light?

An Heir of Space would be defined as one who has massive latent powers in matters of the physical plane and genesis!  The Heir might be a revolutionist, inspiring others to bring about new things.  The Heir might be able to shrink themselves down in a crisis, or possibly even shrink their enemies!

A Star of Light, meanwhile, would be one who draws attention to themselves using knowledge, fortune, and vision. The Star could possibly inspire envy due to their great fortune and foresight, as well as touting some pretty impressive knowledge! Also, when their powers are fully realized, they might be able to literally use light to draw attention, which means that they could surround themselves with light and literally glow bright as a star!

anonymous asked:

Can you make a recon corps cloak for snkstuck?

sure thing, anon!

I’ve made a version with light fabric draping and one without, depending on what you like the look of. Included Terezi and John in here just to show how each of the cloaks look on full characters. Feel free to use these if you like!

(links to my original snkstuck sprites and snkstuck sprite bases)


If you’re like me, you have a hard time with talksprites. Mostly the part with the moving jaw. So that’s what this is for! It’s not perfect but I haven’t seen any alternatives that do it. I’m not sure if this is too big or not, but hopefully it can help someone!

Feel free to use! Credit would be nice but honestly you don’t have to.

spoiledchestnut said:

Thought you might like this one! I was goofing around yesterday and finished it this morning. ^-^

Oh, wow! This is fantastic and absolutely adorable! Thank you so much!! Gosh, look at these cute little things. ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ

Ladies and gents, an awesome Homestuck tiled background! Remember to give spoiledchestnut credit if you decide to use it!

star-stine  asked:

Hi! I'm working on this Ancestors of Beforus thing (i.e. Karkat & Co. on Beforus). Most of them I have kinda sketched out, but I'm a little at loss with the infrastructure of Beforan society and what roles/jobs they might have. What responsibility would the highbloods have and what would the lowbloods be "allowed" to do? I'm struggling a little with finding their roles in society (esp. Terezi and Karkat). Would you have any thoughts on what society would demand or the roles they might take on?

Beforun society was actually really interesting. I just finished putting together a guide on Kankri, and learned a lot about it (as well as came to a few of my own conclusions) in the process. 

Beforus, like Alternia, was based largely on the hemospectrum caste system. The few notable differences between the two were that

  • adult trolls were present on Beforus, while they were not present on Alternia
  • killing for sport wasn’t a thing, so FLARPing probably didn’t exist, or, if it did, it wasn’t as intense as Alternian FLARPing
  • similarly, the culling of lowblood, mutant, and disabled trolls unable to perform their duties didn’t involve killing them

I’ll touch on the culling thing first, because the other two are pretty self-explanatory. 

On Beforus, “culling” had a very different meaning than on Alternia, because Feferi was Empress rather than Meenah. A culled troll on Beforus would be placed in the care of a highblood and coddled extensively for the rest of his/her life—something that Kankri always hoped to avoid. Spoiledchestnut explains it well when she says:

In Beforan culture, something that is different is seen as inferior, something that must be looked after, a “lesser” thing. The highbloods have to look after them because they clearly can’t do it for themselves.

To Kankri, almost any attention is good attention, because he’s likely never been given much of any. He probably spent most of his early life being patted on the head and told as condescendingly as possible that it was “okay” that he wasn’t as “good” or “normal” as everyone else, because there would always be someone around to take care of him. Kankri wants to be able to stand on his own two feet—something he is perfectly capable of doing, but few people can get past the color of his blood long enough to actually see that. 

Both Beforus and Alternia, though very different in instinctual interpersonal inclinations (that is, aggression vs. pampering), functioned on the basis of what Kankri refers to as a vi9lent, lethal class struggle between the three major blood groups. 

The highblood-over-lowblood hierarchy began, according to Kankri, because trolls with bluer blood lived longer and could thereby gain lasting power over governmental systems. This is why fuscia-blooded trolls were able to secure the Imperial seat—both because no one lived long enough to oppose them, and because they were rare enough that there was often not any competition for the spot. 

…c99ler castes… have 6een a6le t9 use their tremend9us lifespans 9ver the millenia t9 gain a strangleh9ld 9ver the s9cial 9rder, have 6een a6le t9 c9mpletely dictate 9ur s9cietal ev9luti9n 6y ensuring 9nly their cultural agendas and narratives receive the dial9gue’s air supply, assuring the c9dificati9n 9f th9se resultant ideals and deciding what “n9rmalcy” entails…

While we don’t have much to go on in terms of the consequences lowbloods had to face for being on their end of the hemospectrum, we know that they were treated poorly. My best guesses for Alternia and Beforus, respectively, would be brutal, violent oppression (Alternia) and maybe a kind of pet-like treatment (Beforus). Again, that is completely my opinion. Both are not favorable in the least. One is a reflection of feudal lower-class conditions while the other would be akin to the treatment of perfectly capable adults like barely-functioning five-year-olds at best. 

(those are a few scattered quotes from the the depths of my massive Kankri guide so you don’t have to go digging)

So basically, trolls that would have been killed on Alternia were shooshed and shunned and silenced on Beforus in a different way. The methods weren’t the same, but the results were. 

Everyday society on Beforus could really be whatever you decide to make it. It was an older time, much like the time the Ancestors on Alternia lived, so you could try to do a technology-infused medieval-esque society or an actual medieval-esque society, both of which were likely post-plague in that kings and lords (i.e. highbloods) would still hold large amounts of power,  but guildsmen and tradesmen–the working middle class who either owned his/her own land or sold items in shops–were also a developing group in society (i.e. midbloods). Lower class workers would have worked for lords/kings to till the land, and the occasional guild may have one or two to perform odd jobs or hands-on work. Tradesmen and middle class citizens who owned their own land might have one to help them, as well. Lowbloods would have essentially been indentured servants, insanely low-paid workers, or serf-like workers.

As for the trolls’ roles on Beforus, most would likely have had similar responsibilities to the Alternian ancestors.

For instance, Terezi would have probably still worked in the justice system, but rather than focus on the death of mutants she may have been in charge of the relocation and discipline of culled trolls who got out of line or stepped out of bounds. Maybe she was in charge of a dystopian mutant boot camp or rehabilitation center. (That is, one that looks happy and fluffy from the outside, but is actually horribly confining on the inside. Something that basically turns culled trolls into obedient zombies.) Of course, she could have also been in charge of tracking down criminals just like Redglare. Every society, falsely peaceful or otherwise, has people willing to commit illegal acts. That’s a fact of life. On the other hand, you could also argue that Terezi’s blindness made her a candidate for culling, and she could have been placed in the care of a highblood troll.  

Many of the highbloods like Equius, Vriska, Gamzee, and Eridan would have been put in charge of one or more culled troll. That’s an important thing to keep in mind. Equius would probably have been an inventor of some kind, Eridan probably would have worked for Feferi on a close level, and might have also worked for the Empress. Gamzee probably would not have held a high political position, and might have kept to himself. Equius, Vriska, and Eridan probably would have treated their culled charges very badly. Not violently, mind you, but more like dogs or hamsters than real people. Gamzee would probably have given his charges a bit more freedom. 

Tavros and Karkat would have definitely been culled, thereby placing them in the direct care of a highblood troll. They would not have been able to actively participate in society, and would have had no real role on Beforus. Which would have sucked a lot. 

Sollux and Aradia are lowbloods, but they are fully-functioning. Their place would have likely been lower working class at best. Depending on how you’re approaching the technology, etc. of Beforus, Sollux could have either been a technology-based factory worker or programmer, or owned a small technology shop. Aradia would have likely had a field job or something that involved direct hands-on outdoor labor because she was as low as a functioning member of society could be on the hemospectrum. 

Nepeta and Kanaya, as midbloods, would have help higher positions. Kanaya could have held any number of positions, from fashion-based to a political mediator in the justice system (because of her tendency to  auspisticize). Like Terezi, though, if you’re planning on writing her as a rainbow drinker it’s important to think about whether Beforuns would have considered that a mutation and therefore grounds for culling. As for Nepeta, it’s hard to say. She could either have been an active member of society as a franklin (a medieval term for someone who own his/her own land and makes a livelihood from what it produces) or a self-imposed outcast like she was on Alternia, living in the woods off the land.  

I think I answered all of your questions! If not, feel free to pop back in and ask again! I really, really hope this helps, and I’m really interested in reading your story! You’ll have to send me a link. Keep in mind that this is mostly my own personal speculation and opinion, with points based on what we know from canon both by the Alternian Ancestors and from what we learn from the dancestors. Feel free to take them or leave them! (:

Thanks for stopping by!! Happy writing, and good luck!