one time i posted a chart like this and someone told me i needed a hobby. now i realized fuck you this IS my hobby. t(UnU)t

tired of opening a thousand pics and guessing all the time i decided to compile all my needed homestuck colors in one very convenient place. Including blood-color tinted hair, dead eyes, and skin throughout various stages in troll life (6, 9, and “ancestor” sweeps). unfortunately, the species swap was rather made up on the fly, so idk if any of them actually even look good (except the ampora on is fine. amporas are why i added that category. >3> )

i’m posting this only to show you what i’ve been doing for the past 5 hours. OTL;;;

EDIT: The chart has been updated! Please see HERE for the new version! c:

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I’ve yet to find a complete inventory of every outfit in Homestuck, and anything that comes close always includes fanmade outfits as well. So I took it upon myself to compile every sprite that has appeared in Homestuck thus far, and give them all blank heads for ease of editing. I hope you all find this as helpful as I do!

Edit 9/18: Updated with Dirk’s Prince of Heart outfit!


So you want to start a fanadventure, yeah? Well, let’s see how I can help. We know for a fact that many characters across tons of universes have played SBURB or some version of it, so what’s to say another group of kids or trolls or whatever couldn’t have played the Game in a different doomed timeline? Not much, really. But the Medium is a complex place, and setting up a fansession could be kind of tricky. We’ll have to break things down a bit before we get started. Here’s what’s in store for part one:

 - Choosing Your Characters
     - How Many Is Too Many?
     - Names
     - Backstories, Interests, and More
     - Godtiers and Dreamers
     - Troll Blood Colors, Typing Quirks, and More

There’t a lot I want to cover in this guide, so forgive me if I get a bit wordy. All parts of this guide will be an overview of a basic SBURB playthrough, and I’ll also try to cover a bit about good storytelling here and there. In a fansession, you have total control over almost everything in the story, and creating the worlds your characters will spend however long in is an adventure in and of itself! So let your imagination expand, and go write!

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How to Write Cronus Ampora

Looks to me like you want some tips on writing one CRONUS AMPORA, eh? Well, let’s see what I can do. 

Like most of the dancestors, Cronus’s appearance in the comic doesn’t last long. With somewhere around one-hundred-and-thirty lines of dialogue and only two actual appearances (in the second Meenah walkaround and the big Halloween face-off), we’re not given much to go on. In this guide, I’ll cover the basics, and leave the rest up to you.

  • Cronus’s Personality
  • How Cronus Interacts with Others
  • Two Things People Forget About Cronus
  • How Cronus Speaks
  • Writing Cronus in Prose (i.e. How to Write a Stutter)
  • Two 1950’s Lingo Dictionaries

I hope you’re ready to get with it, cats, ‘cause we’re about to really grill this royal-blooded radioactive subterranean. (See “Slang of the 1950’s” for translation)

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[part 1 here]

I ripped the backgrounds from the Felt intermission by stitching together several pages (up to ten) and reconstruction the parts that were fully obscured by sprites.

If you use them, crediting would be great, fixing the pages was a lot of work uvu

Full view for those that tumblr shrunk down:

Vault [here]

Stitch workshop [ver A] [ver A animated] [ver B] [ver B animated]


Room that was too obscured to reconstruct [here]

To give you a feeling of how much I had to manually fix - the black spots are completely missing because they were hidden behind sprites:

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How to Write Kankri Vantas

And by healing, I mean overly-informing you on as many aspects of Kankri as I can. As the dancestor with the third-most lines of dialogue (behind only Meenah and Aranea) and possibly the most verbose of all of them, this troll Jesus reincarnation gives us a lot to work with. But don’t freak out–I’ll break it down.

  • Kankri’s Personality
  • Kankri’s Beliefs and Why He Believes Them (Including Feminism)
  • Two Things People Forget About Kankri
  • How Kankri Speaks
  • Five Kankri-Style Social Justice Resources

Now, before we get started, I have to add a few things: #tw:long-winded explanations #tw:alien cultures #verbosity #words #the color red #tw:social justice #tw:kankri vantas.

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If you’re like me, you have a hard time with talksprites. Mostly the part with the moving jaw. So that’s what this is for! It’s not perfect but I haven’t seen any alternatives that do it. I’m not sure if this is too big or not, but hopefully it can help someone!

Feel free to use! Credit would be nice but honestly you don’t have to.

So I have noticed a rather upsetting lack of 320x240 Homestuck wallpapers! Thus, I have taken matters into my own hands, and also threw in some 100x100 icons for good measure.

Trickster God Tiers: (design from jizzybro)




Canon Alpha Kid trickster modes:




God Tiers:


Alpha Trolls:

All symbols from digitalLibrarian!

How to Write Rufioh Nitram

Hey, doll–so you want some help writing that pretty dope Rufioh guy, yeah? Seems like that’s something I can do! And we’ve got a lot to work with, because everyone’s favorite winged weeaboo likes to talk about himself. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • Rufioh’s Personality
  • A Quick Recap of the Soap Opera That Is Rufioh’s Love Life
  • Two Things People Forget About Rufioh Nitram
  • How Rufioh Talks

Let’s get started, then! 

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anonymous asked:

Can you make a recon corps cloak for snkstuck?

sure thing, anon!

I’ve made a version with light fabric draping and one without, depending on what you like the look of. Included Terezi and John in here just to show how each of the cloaks look on full characters. Feel free to use these if you like!

(links to my original snkstuck sprites and snkstuck sprite bases)

How to Write Calliope

I hope you’re doing well today! Seems like you want to know a bit about writing dear, sweet Calliope, yeah? Well, let’s see what I can do to help you out! This little cherub’s quite the interesting character, so let’s take this one step at a time:

  • Calliope’s Personality
  • How Calliope Speaks
  • Three “How to Write a British Accent” Resources

She’s still a major player in recent canon events, but I’ll try to make this as relevant as possible! Happy reading!

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