Preview Pic’s for Katsucon’s What Panel? A Homestuck Choose Your Own Adventure.

So here are the preview pictures for Dave and Rel’s panel. It was so great and if you missed your chance to see it you can live it by watching archie’s video when he posts and looking through the pictures I took. The full album and official post with link will be available Friday evening. For now enjoy the pictures here.

John - PJ
Rose - Rel
Dave - Joey
Jade - Karin
Tavros - Adam
Karkat - Lindsay
Nepeta - Alphie
Kanaya - Ashley
Terezi - Alex
Vriska - Dave
Equius - Josh
Gamzee - Laura
Eridan - Mary
Feferi - Meaghan
Jane - Sara
Jake - Maddy
Roxy - Sammy
Dirk - Tara
Mituna - Pitch
Kankri - Mur
Hussie - Tim
Panel Videographer - Archie
Panel Photographer - Jenny


Nekocon 2013 - Make Them Pay Panel


This is definitely one of the best panels at Nekocon this year. I suggest anyone who’s a fan of Homestuck to watch it.

Here is the list of the actors/contributors for the panel (This list is also up on the Youtube video’s description):















Script: ,


Press [ENTER] ==> A Homestuck Choose Your Own Adventure was a long-form improv panel performed in one hour at Metrocon 2013 in Tampa, Florida. The panel was organized and casted by Ashley Craig, a.k.a. Seerofsarcasm Cosplay, and a load of fun to put on. It is brought to you in part by Enter Command and What Panel?, both fantastic Choose Your Own Adventure Panels by Dave (boxed-hobo) and Rel (awkwanaut).

Here are the credits for cast and video, all usernames are for and are current as of 7/30/13.
Andrew Hussie/Panel Director - seerofsarcasm
Caliborn - toppledcards
Roxy - jaimons-le-bon-vin
Rose - cancerously 
Jake - rainbow-ashe
John - circusdreamerr
Jade - doloroasted
Jane - heirofshota
Karkat - thepattywagon
Vriska - yesthisiskenzie
Kanaya - burritoki
Nepeta - sportygirlfriends 
Gamzee - wooandwoe
Terezi - saterema
Sollux - toxicvisage
Aranea - nephata
Meulin - theolivescribe
Videographer - turntechskullkid

The click through of the video should take you to a playlist of all five videos that compromise the panel. If it doesn’t, here is a link to the playlist!


For a panel I’ll be doing come fall, I need funny, crazy, or just plain wtf stories about con goers experiences with Homestuck fans. My panel is going over the do’s and don'ts of Homestuck, mainly aimed at cosplayers in hopes of educating the younger kids in the fandom. At some point in my panel, I want to go over stories about our odd encounters with other homestuck cosplayers and how that effected us or others at the convention. If the members or ex-members of the fandom could do me a huge solid, send me your bad homestuck testimonies. Thanks for the help!

-Van (coffeecupthellama)

From the folks who brought you What Panel and Enter Command:

So- since it is my belief that there’s no such thing as being over-prepared, and that it’s never too early to start on a new project, I’d like to happily announce that Dave and I are planning on running another Homestuck Choose Your Own Adventure Panel at Katsucon 2014, and that we will begin accepting auditions immediately.

Some info about the panel:
Being as that we we just applied for the panel today, I cannot at this point say that the panel will necessarily be accepted.  There is indeed a possibility that it will be denied.  That said, let us hope for the best!

Secondly, this panel is mostly improvised!  We are looking foremost and firstly for excellent actors and improvisers.  When you audition, please be prepared for this!

Approval pending, this panel will be held on Saturday, February 15th, 2014.  We have requested morning and afternoon slots, and also to not be scheduled during the same time as the Masquerade.

So, what characters can you audition for?  Any of them.  Literally, actually, any character that appears in Homestuck.  We will not be accepting any AU or genderbent versions of characters, but other than that, the Skaia’s the limit!  We will accept and review any and all auditions for canon characters.  In addition, you may audition for as many characters as you like.

How to audition:
There are two parts to the audition- the email, and the video call.  If you are interested in auditioning, please send an email to .  Your email should include the following:

  • Your name
  • Which character(s) you are auditioning for
  • Your availability regarding the panel
  • Your availability for rehearsals
  • Your Skype handle
  • Any experience you may have regarding panels, acting, improvisation, or any other performing experience
  • One or more images of your cosplay that allow for a full view of the character
  • The subject line should read: “Select Character Audition”

The deadline for sending in emails is 11:59 pm EST, December 31st 2013.

We will begin scheduling the video call portion of the auditions in December.  You must be 18 or older by February 15, 2014 in order to audition.  We hope to have our cast selections solidified by early January!

I look forward very much to seeing everyone’s auditions!


This Is Stupid: Homestuck Oscars 

This was a fantastic panel you guys congratulations 


> Enter Panel - The Nekocon Homestuck Ask Panel

The video is finally up! Please note that it was a super last minute video situation, we’d just found a videographer that day, and didn’t have a tripod. But overall, it’s relatively quality.

John [x] | Dave [x] | Jade [x] | Rose [x]

Jane [x] | Jake [x] | Roxy [x] | Dirk [x]

Karkat [x] | Aradia [x] | Tavros [x] | Sollux [x] | Nepeta [x] | Kanaya [x] | Terezi [x] | Vriska [x] | Equius [x] | Gamzee [x] | Eridan [x] | Feferi [x]

Potential Choose Your Own Adventure Homestuck Panel for Ohayocon

Hi! The title says it all, but I’ll definitely go more into depth about it now. I’ll be hosting an R rated panel for Ohayocon. As many homestucks probably know, Ohayocon doesn’t do Q&A panels, but they do do choose your own adventure. To even apply for a panel we need to have all our cast so I’m starting this early. I will make a list of characters below and if you’re interested, click read more!

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