so i drew equius putting vriska’s robo-arm together and figured i needed to do tav too! so here he is. (i got a little carried away lmao)

the signs as vintage homestuck Discourse™
  • aries: Will His Name Be Dick (ALT: dirk and jake's matching tattoos)
  • taurus: hussie is a misogynist because caliborn is a misogynist and therefore this entire comic is misogynistic
  • gemini: what if rosemary is actually a kismessitude (ALT: dirk's sexuality)
  • cancer: angry feminist bro strider
  • leo: did hussie use all $2,485,506 of the kickstarter money to buy a grand royal family white horse
  • virgo: EB: i am not a homosexual.
  • libra: dante basco liveblogging the entirety of homestuck while drinking and later becoming a fandom kingpin
  • scorpio: all those cosplayers sitting at the fancy restaurant and spitting in a bucket (ALT: fat vriska & the vriscourse)
  • sagittarius: tentabulges
  • capricorn: PEACHY!!!!!!!! (or "there's nothing wrong with having exclusively white kid headcanons, you racists!")
  • aquarius: is john homophobic for thinking it was gross when jake macked on dirk's decapitated head
  • pisces: cosplayers apparently leaving hotel bathtubs full of crusted dry grey paint and sealing their makeup with hairspray

He woke tho

why isn’t pale jakeroxy a popular ship tbh

roxy was the only alpha who really treated jake well and was there to comfort him when he was incredibly down while they were on their quest beds, while jake was also the only other alpha who treated roxy really well. jake obviously cares about roxy but was afraid that she would hate him on the platform, but roxy was really happy to see him. jake also comforted roxy a lot reassuring her that he believes in her stories of the future even if jane doesnt. they exchange a lot of sweet convos, jake calls roxy “smart and sassy” and she calls him “best dude”. they get along really well and all their pesterlogs are great, they’re just such wonderful friends and out of all the alphas they always got along the very best without any relationship drama going on between the two. they were just always sweet and nice to each other and were always there for each other and they’re both just so sweet. please give pale jakeroxy a chance.