My track art for lofam4

Radness is a rad song so it needed a rad track art and what is more rad than alpha dave soaring through space on unreal air? but there’s also a bit of playfulness to the song which is why I added those shitty statues of liberty. Imagine dave with pockets full of shitty statues of liberty just tossing them down on the planet as he flies by.


Oh, I didn’t post this for you guys to see!

Here’s a Homestuck-inspired music video I did on After Effects for my Screen Design class. The prompt is to animate using only shapes, and you are not allowed to create characters or tell a story. You simply have to entertain.

i know this isnt what youre looking for. but please share

idk how to start this so im just gona do it

@br0kenhallelujah is a pedophile. his tumblr says he is 18. two years ago he told me he was 19 years old. who knows how old he really was.

at the time i was 13 years old. i was stupid. he told me he understood stuff, depression, self harm, anxiety, etc.

eventually he got confident. too confident. i was becoming smaller under his pressure and forwardness.

“youre such a pretty thing, youve seriously never had sex?”
“maybe i can help”

i never let him touch me and for that i am so proud. but he said things to me that i couldnt understand, and i didnt know how to handle. for fucks sake i was 13. he was talking to me about–god i hate talking abt this– he was talking to me about kinks and just. telling me what he would do to me and how much i would like it

13 years old.

he said he was 19.

that was 2 years ago. now his description says hes 18. theres a problem here.

please protect yourself from this man. please. i know i got out just in time and i know that hes done this to other girls. and i know a lot of those girls didnt get out in time.

Nick is a pedophile.

i prefer to keep this anonymous.

please. please protect yourself.