[S] Attempt rare and highly dangerous 5x SHOWDOWN COMBO.

It was always one of my fav flashes. I had this drawing unfinished since the last time i asked you for ideas for Karezi, sorry i was so tired. I am now because i am studying english and japanese at the same time and i have to be out of my house almost all day, but i always think of my otp’s even if i’m occupied by life UwU
I was really lazy doing this, sorry : ( i promised myself i would be doing better but it’s been hard but i don’t give up! I’m like Ochako!


I’ve never seen anyone drawing this scene before so here~ a not so Karezi moment (:
It’s super cute how funny their faces are even thought both of them just lose really important friends. Context is super great, i love Homestuck so much.


Happy 413.

My comic for the HS fan zine :’) I’ve started loving homestuck when I was the same age as the kids. Over the years I grew older than them, but now that Homestuck’s over, the kids are once again older than me (oh the irony). I’ve had a great time in the fandom, and I’ve met a lot of good people along the way so, thanks Homestuck.

Hope everyone had a good 4/13! Can’t believe Homestuck’s finally over.

(Ps: there’s more down below.)

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a random soulmate au idea i had, where a person has a mark/tattoo on their arm to represent their soulmate and it spreads as they grow up to incorporate different things that represent the person or have some significance to them and eventually you have a full sleeve tattoo and it’s neato.

(and just think of the potential shenanigans from people trying to interpret their tattoos. like “goddammit is this dog supposed to represent loyalty or do they just really fuckin love dogs??”)

the duality of man
  • Me: I love homestuck so much, it is so good, it is a wonderful thing, I'm so glad I decided to read it, I'm so glad it's 4/13, I'm so happy that this beautiful work of art is in my life.
  • Also Me: Ah, yes. One year since Andrew "fucking" Hussie came into my house and personally kicked me in the nads.